Are you a zombified crushed soul who submits to the status quo?  Nah.  Not if you're a nerd fan...

Are you a zombified, crushed soul who submits to the status quo? Nah. Not if you're a nerd fan...

Hey you,

It’s #2 fresh out of the dense jungle that is Formula 5 by Stompernet/Paul Lemberg.

Just finished plowing through 52 of the 70 videos in that program and all’s I can say is “God dammmmn, it nice to be done.”

Instead of planning things out and going about taking the notes incrementally like a “normal” person, I made it a last second marathon sprint to the deadline.

I hope you were one of the people who got a copy of this “Info/strategy/tactic Intense” guide on the cheap because after all that typing, re-typing, editing, designing 67 pages (3 of the 5 modules I worked on) of these notes… I was kinda pissed off that I’d agreed to let them go for so little.

Never again.

Yeah, I got paid to learn, but at the price the pre-order people got these for, I was compensated at the level public education teacher and this is no sub-standard text book bullshit.  This is more liken to the super common sense, not often thought about knowledge, Bill Gates has in his Leonardo DaVinci personal note collection that he paid millions for.

Yeah, I said it.  I compared these notes with the super intellect of DaVinci.  And I stand behind it.

If you can’t improve the 5 key segments of your business by 15% across each area with these notes, you have serious brain damage or you don’t want to succeed bad enough.

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Enough about that.

While typing these notes I kept thinking about you.  Thinking of how I been neglecting our relationship.  And it bugged the hell out of me.

So, I want to share with you a taste of the wisdom directly from the Formula 5 Guide, I’ve been chewing on for the last few days.

Have you ever felt like you were an outcast or a weirdo because you don’t like getting up at the crack of dawn and going to sleep at dusk?

I have.

Especially after listening to all the success audios that I have that say “People who succeed, are early to rise”.  Fuck that.

I’m one of those guys who loves sleeping yet hates the idea of going to bed.  You know what I’m talking about?  I dread waking up if it isn’t naturally and I’m rarely ever ready to call it a night.

And since I broke free from the “Normal, 9-5, Robotronic ” way society wants me to be, I’ve been a lot more productive and fulfilled.  Providing value in a way I actually enjoy.

While hanging out with Paul Lemberg in his Formula 5 Magnum Opus, he told me that I’m not “Broken” because I like to stay up late.  I’m just different.  And then he told me about the research on Chronotypes prove this.

What the hell is a Chronotype?  Let me show you through the notes from this section of the Formula 5 Guide…


Recognition is the first step to the road to recovery.

Everyone has natural chronotypes; energy alignment with the daily cycle of day and night

Based on what yours is, you perform better at that certain time of the day.

“Derrrrrrrr!  No duh, retard.”  I can sense you might be thinking that after reading that last sentence, but stay with me.  Paul’s gonna back this up with scientific research.

Scientists who study this call people who work better during the day larks and people who work better at night owls.

The dregs of society have trained you to think you’re nuts if you’re most productive 3 in the morning. You’re not. You’re just different

We all have cycles throughout the day which makes working a straight 8 hours impossible.  Paul actually talked earlier about a study that revealed that the majority of entrepreneurs only get 2 ½ hours of actual productive time out of the ten plus hours they spend “Working”.

A big contribution to this is fighting your natural chronotype.  Once you know what type you are you, can totally create your productivity around it.

Here’s how to determine the type you are…

Grab a pen and paper and write down the number that best fits you.

If you were entirely free to plan your evening and had no commitments the next

day, when would you choose to go to bed?

8PM to 9PM (5)

9PM to 10:15 PM (4)

10:15 PM to 12:30 AM (3)

12:30 AM to 1:45 AM (2)

1:45 AM to 3 AM (1)

You have to do two hours of physically hard work. If you could plan your day anyway you like, when would you do the work?

8 AM to 10 AM (4)

11 AM to 1 PM(3)

3 PM to 5 PM (2)

7 PM to 9 PM (1)

For some reason you have gone to bed several hours later than normal, but have

no need to get up at a particular time the next morning. Which of the following is

most likely?

Will wake up at the usual time and not fall asleep again (4)

Will wake up at the usual time and doze thereafter (3)

Will wake up at the usual time but will fall asleep again (2)

Will not wake up until later than usual (1)

You have to take a 2 hour test which you know will be mentally exhausting. If you can take the test whenever you like, when would that be?

8 AM to 10 AM (4)

11 AM to 1 PM (3)

3 PM to 5 PM (2)

7 PM to 9 PM (1)

If you had no commitments the next day of any kind, what time would you get up?

5 AM to 6:30 AM (5)

6:30 AM to 7:45 Am (4)

7:45 AM to 9:45 AM (3)

9:45 AM to 11 AM (2)

11 AM to 1 PM (1)

A friend has asked you to join her in the gym but the only time she can make it is

between 10pm – 11pm. Bearing nothing else in mind other than how you normally

feel at that time, how well do you think you will do in the gym?

Very well (1)

Reasonably well (2)

Poorly (3)

Very Poorly (4)

You’ve heard about ‘morning’ and ‘night’ types of people. Which of these types

do you consider yourself to be?

Definitely morning (5)

More Morning than evening (4)

More Evening than morning (2)

Definitely evening (0)

Lark – Owl Scale

Major Lark 32 – 28

Moderate Lark 27 – 23

Neither Lark nor Owl – 22 -16

Moderately Owl – 15 – 11

Major Owl – 10 – 6

What type are you?  My test revealed I’m in the “Moderately Owl” stage.

What you can do to get the most of what Chronotype you fall into?


  • Start work early in the day
  • Schedule most important work and meetings before noon
  • 6-8 hours after you wake up plan on some kind of 20-45 minute mid-afternoon nap or
  • meditation.
  • Use End of the day for B (moderately valuable) & C (support stuff) work
  • Forget about caffeine later in the day, it will totally thrash your sleep.


  • Start work day in the late morning or later
  • If forced to, do B (moderately valuable) and C (support stuff) work early
  • Schedule important meetings later in the day
  • Find Larks to cover you in the morning
  • If you have to start early a late afternoon snooze can re-charge you

Because you don’t want to seem abnormal, maybe you’ve defied your true nature of being a moderate or full blown owl.  Screw that.  Own what you are and at least test the suggestions above and see what kind of results you get.

Whatever you are, use the above guidelines to work around your chronotype to ensure maximum productivity.

How to Use an Energy Map to Find Out How to Best Plan Your Productivity

On a Excel spread sheet run the 24 hours of the day down the side of the page in half hour blocks (4:30, 5:00, 6:00).

Across the top, make tables for Monday through Sunday and below those two

boxes – one for Energy and one for Accomplish

After each 1/2 hour you log and note your energy level and creativity and/or your accomplishment.

During the past 1/2 hour evaluate whether your energy and and your creativity/accomplishment on a level of 1-3.

High is 3, Medium is 2, low is 1

Did you get a lot done?  -3 a lot, 2 is so,so,  -1 not very much

Were you very creative?

Very creative (3) So, so (2) Not very creative (1)

Stop Fighting Your Natural Chronotype and Trying To Do Important Work At Times When Your Naturally Drag Ass

Stop Fighting Your Natural Chronotype and Trying To Do Important Work At Times When Your Naturally Drag Ass

Log these stats for the time you’re working for a minimum of 5 days, optimally

3 weeks and it’s gonna shine a flood light on when you’re at your best and when you drag ass.

Look at the peak times and start scheduling all your prime time, most valuable activities during those times.

Make your schedule revolve around what you’ve discover here.  When you find where you crash, don’t ever try to warrior through that time unless it’s an absolute emergency.

Stop working and just dis-connect.

Take a nap, eat a light snack, exercise, meditate, Break away. Try re-charging by

doing 500 jumps on a mini trampoline like Paul does.

The philosophy of Chronotypes as a scientific studied art was new to me and it jives with my common sense.  It also can be magnificently adapted well to the Eben Pagan “Wake Up Productive” methodology.  If you don’t own the guide on this program that the chief nerd put together, get it.  Or just go buy the full system from Eben.  It’s outstanding.

In that program Eben tells you about the research discovered that reveals we have a rhythm within our body that makes our energy spike and plunge throughout the day.

Eben promotes what he calls 50-50-30’s.  These are blocks of time in which we would work, snack and rest.  The basic premise is that we work, uninterrupted on one single project through it’s completion or until we reach 50 minutes.

Then we’d take a 10 minute break to completely break our focus from work and zone out.

When 10 minutes is up we repeat another 50 minute stretch as above.  Then when the timer goes off, we take a 30 minute break to eat something light and healthy and then we can use this next part Paul Lemberg talks about in Formula 5…

Don’t underestimate the power of a nap

NASA has found that “An afternoon nap increases productivity and decision making ability by up to 50%”

This was research done with astronauts. And the research demonstrated that naps usually serve this purpose best if taken 6 – 9 hours after you’ve risen and that 20 – 45 minutes has proven to be refreshing.  Of course you want to experiment with how long of a snooze leaves you vital.

Team your Chronotype discovery along with the hours of productivity notes included in Module 5 of Formula 5, along with the “Wake Up Productive 50-50-30” and I don’t dare get in your way.  You big ole’ results producing machine.

I’m outta here.  Have a blast this weekend.

Talk to you again soon

Note Taking Nerd #2

P.S. I’d be interested to know what your results were in the Lark – Owl test.  Feel free to post ‘em below.

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