Is your business ready for the fame an appearance on Oprah can give it?

Is your business ready for the fame an appearance on Oprah can give it?

Hey you,

It’s #2 here with a question for you.

If you could meet the perfect influential customer, Joint Venture partner, the “Oprah” of your industry who would make you famous overnight, right now, would you want to?

I can’t think of business that wouldn’t benefit from saying they were on the “Oprah Show” but if I had to answer this question today, the answer would be no.

Someone I know went on vacation and one of the things they did was go horseback riding.

It was an interesting experience because they asked him if he’d ever ridden horses or not and his girlfriend said ‘No, I’ve never ridden a horse’ and he said, ‘Well, I’ve ridden a horse but it was a long time ago.’

And because he was so vague they took it like he was trying to be humble like ‘I used to ride horses but I haven’t in a long time’ when what he really meant was that he rode a horse once a long time ago.

He has the understanding that horses can read energy so he knows it’s important to get on the smoothly.  He swings and he gets on and the horse bolts over to these bushes and starts eating.

Right away, he said to himself, “You can’t ride this horse.”  And he doesn’t know about horses, but he knows the importance of the first impression and could feel and see this horse didn’t respect him.  He knew that trying to overcome a horrible first impression is a painful battle.

If he’d of stayed on that horse and said ‘NO, I want to master riding a horse that thinks I’m an idiot’ it would’ve been a disaster leading to embarrassment and maybe an injury.  Instead, he knew he should crush his ego and change horses.  Learning to ride horses would be the easier approach.

When the ranch hands saw what happened, they tell him, ‘Whoah, get off the horse’ and he’s happy to.  Now what happened there?  Did he get worse at riding horses?  I don’t think he did.  I think what happened is that when he rode the horse a couple of years ago, when they asked him if he’d ever ridden a horse, he said ‘No.’  And they gave him the easy horse.

And because he was on the easy horse, he formed the idea in his mind that he could ride horses.


Bullshit. He thought he could ride horses but he could only ride that horse.

Maybe this reveals a little of why I don’t want to meet my dream client today as a result of being on the Oprah show.

I’m open to opportunities with whoever I meet and I’m capable of giving lots of value.  More than 85% of people can, but I know more is possible.  I know there’s some destructive habits I have now that I need coaching through.

Nothing that’s gonna put me in the slammer or in rehab but destructive habits that left unchecked, can ruin my peace of mind, my evolution and contribution to the world nonetheless.

One of those habits is avoiding confrontation and tension.

I’ve conditioned myself to be extra cautious at the idea of disappointing people or doing anything that could possibly lead to embarrassment.

What’s crazy is that I can still remember going to 3rd grade in the ghetto with a bunch of pretty tough kids.  I can see in my mind the comment that Mrs. Cannon made on my report card… ‘M.G. is the life of the class.  He’s our class clown’ and putting a smiley face there to let my parents know she meant the clown part in a good way.

I was the guy who’d could make the room laugh.  Now, it’s hard for me to speak out in public.  What’s happened?

Well, my mom got evicted from our apartment, the power was shut off and so we ended up homeless for a few months crashing in one of her friends’ place.

My mom needed housing because she had the belief she couldn’t handle working for “The Man” due to her drug addiction and I guess overall laziness/unwillingness to get her shit in order.

For those of you who’ve never been on housing before, it’s a program where the government helps pay a part of your rent so that if you have little to no income, you still have a roof over your kids head.

Well, due to nice & peaceful communities wanting to stay nice & peaceful, 99.9% of the places you can get on housing, rest on the wrong side of the tracks.  By a stroke of luck, my mom ending up finding a “Wrong side of the tracks” place to live, in a decent middle class neighborhood.

I call it “The Dungeon”.  It was an old brick duplex with a rear basement entry.  The basement is where we lived for something like $200 bucks a month.  It had 2 bedrooms, one teeny & the other big enough for a queen bed, a dresser with a dresser with a few drawers that didn’t work and a T.V. stand.

The concrete walls were dressed in wood paneling and the floor draped in a maroon shag with no pad.  We loved it.

What was different for me was being surrounded by white people in this neighborhood and in school.  I adapted because I had the fear of not fitting in and having people like me. I stopped swearing, spitting and dressing “South Side” style.

Not my brother.  He was born a rebel.  This is a kid who was one year younger than me and went into 1st grade having the same teacher that absolutely adored me and yet made this woman’s school day  a living hell.

He infuriated this woman to the level where she gave this little 7 year old straight “U’s” on the part of his report card that rates not your grades, but your behavior.  If you’re one of my friends from across the ocean a “U” on our report cards is the worst assessment you could get.  It stands for “Unsatisfactory.”

Has this kind of Dr. Jekyl, Mr. Hyde dynamic happened in your family?

This would perplex teachers because they all talk to each other and they knew I was a dream kid to have because I was eager to please but no one wanted to have brother in their class.  In each & every grade thereafter he pretty much told any adult besides my mom & dad to go fuck themselves.

And eventually, he ended up telling my dad that too.

He was gonna do what he wanted, when he wanted.  I think he lived and lives to this day for adventure, for the excitement of un-certainty/surprise/the unknown.  If his attention were channeled towards creating value he’d be the poster boy for a Dan Kennedy’s Renegade Millionaire.  He’s driven to do the opposite of what “the establishment” wants him to.

I’d love his energy and maybe one day he can work with me but let’s just say he’s slightly detained for the time being, if you know what I mean.  We’re friends when we see each other but if we didn’t see each other it wouldn’t matter.  I hope to reach him & re-direct his focus in the future.

When we moved to the dungeon I was going into 4th grade.  To fit in through out my younger years I made a few total transformations.  Not baby bro.  Danny stayed the horse no one was going to ride.

I hope he does till the day he dies, only in way that gives him more freedom instead of less.  And until I get comfortable asserting myself any and everywhere I feel like I’ll squander opportunities that come before I’m ready and may very well be repelling money as I speak.

Do you guys see why I would turn Oprah down today? My business is in no shape to capitalize on this massive opportunity.  I’d totally piss away the chance of a lifetime.

It be the same for meeting the woman of my dreams.  If I had a choice to meet her today or in the future, I’d opt for later.  I’ve got issues I’m going to overcome that would spoil a great thing now.

But like my friend and his horse riding experience, I can ride the horse I’m on now but not the Oprah one.

So when the guy I was talking about gets a different horse he can control it so he knows he’s gonna have a good ride now.  But his girlfriend gets on her horse and it trots away from where she wants it to go and starts eating.  They’re telling her what to do and she keeps saying she can’t.

He thought to himself “She’s gonna have trouble the whole time riding the horse.”  And it was.  It was a constant struggle.

And on the way back, he was making fun of his girlfriend telling her how lame her horse was.  And the lead guide stopped him and said “You can’t talk about the horse”.

He was like “What?”

The guide says, “No, you put someone else on that horse and the horse will do anything.  It’s one of the fastest horses we’ve got.  This horse can jump over stuff in one leap.  Your horse can’t.”

The truth is, you can’t talk about the horse without talking about the rider.  You can’t separate the two.  Horses are like influential people in that with all the power they wield, they gotten great at making split second evaluations on you right when they very first interact with you.

They have to because so many people want something from them.  And those decisions affect all their future interactions with you.  Malcolm Gladwell talks about this in “Blink” quite a bit.  If you aren’t quick to make a person feel good about you, you have a huge problem.  You can’t ride that horse.  That’s it.  It’s that simple.

I don’t know about horses but I do know that if I get good with ‘em the horse will know right away.  The same is true for evolving as a person and becoming what the world re-known business philosopher Jim Rohn calls “A Person who’s glass is full”.

When you consistently focus on how to become more valuable and then put yourself in the flow of money and opportunity that’s when I believe you’ll attract everything you need and more.

If you turn your glass upside down and nothing can go into it because you already know everything, it’s gonna be a rough ride.

My expert opinion is that the majority of people don’t think their personal issues are holding their business hostage.  Now, let me ask you again… If you could meet the perfect influential customer, Joint Venture partner, the “Oprah” of your industry who would make you famous overnight, right now, would you want to?

Would the pressure of the flood of traffic coming to your business bury your production, shipping, customer service, etc. etc?

You have an opinion on this and I’m eager to hear it.  Tell me what you think when you finish reading.

I’ll never be perfect and I know that this journey isn’t about perfection.  It’s about progress.

In the back of my mind I know there’s a fuck load more stuff I’m capable of learning and doing which are going to lead me to experiences that are going to mature and wizen me to a whole new level.

This level of thinking might be holding me back but I don’t think so.  What’s holding me back is not facing my fears.   When I stop letting those fears hold me back, I know the floodgates will open.

Now, because you’re here, I know you’re someone who’s looking to grow, expand your influence and bring massive value to your customers, clients, friends, families universe.  I commend you for this.

And the next question you need to ask is…

“What kind of person do I get to transform into in order to fully maximize that opportunity?”

And then, keep coming back here.

Join me and the chief nerd on our mission to become this person.  Keep reading the blog and if you’ve got the money to do so buy the programs we rave about here.

If you already have the programs but haven’t made it through them yet, buy the notes we put together for the ones you own so at least you’ll have at-a-glance access to all the breakthroughs & potential currently trapped inside of that box sitting on your shelf.

And if you can’t afford to buy the programs do yourself a favor and give yourself the gift of getting a copy of the notes we put together for you.  They’re opportunity, simplified.

Kinda of like the difference between buying ready-to-eat chicken breasts at a restaurant vs. buying a whole chicken and going through all the rig-a-marole of de-boning, filleting, preparing and then cooking it.

I prefer ease and simplicity.  Maybe you do too.

Talk to you again soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

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