9.12. 09 Trust is everything front coverHey you,

It’s #2.

I’ve got a gift for ya.  It’s actually a piece of the un-released bonus I put together for the studs and studettes in the super fantastic Ultra Product Launch program but first…

Can I ask you a personal question about your business?  Go ahead? O.K., here goes…

…Do people roll out the red carpet for almost any request you make of them on your landing/squeeze pages?  Or…

…Do the majority of people get kinda creeped out or bored to death and  bail outta your sites?

If the former applies to you, and like a Tellman Knudson, you’re getting a 53% opt in rate, you’re gonna love what I’ll be revealing today and…

…if you fall into the latter category, you’ll definitely want to give me a bear hug or a smooch after you’ve read this because I’m gonna show you how to fix this.

The landing pages that are kicking ass like the one I mentioned above are nothing more than a headline with a just a dribble of copy about what you can expect once you opt-in.

I know after watching the webinar last night where Carlton ripped Tellman’s second page offer (the place he sends people right after he gets the first name and email) a new A double S hole… that he could use what I’m dropping in your lap today.

It’s that solid.

Carlton didn’t want to even talk about the landing page because it’s converting so well but after you and I get finished talking today and from now on, you’ll be thinking to yourself…

“Most of The Bullet Copy I See Sucks,

Especially on Landing Pages”

Mark this 8 minute conversation we’re having down in your calendar as the day your bullets stopped being anything less than great.

Maybe not outstanding yet, but for sure great.

And not because I’m so awesome, but because the person I’ve learned this from is.  I’ve studied days & days worth of copywriting programs and I’ve yet to hear this explained the way this man has.

He’s not even a copywriter.  But he is one of the greatest salesman alive which is a pre-requisite to being great at influencing in print or pixel.

And who knows, maybe if you’re like Yann Vernier (Loyal Nerd Fan since day 1)  and study the hell out of copy and fly your ass across the ocean to learn at the hand of a master, our little talk today can take your game to a whole another level.

By the way, what I’m revealing today about bullets can improve what Carlton teaches and both of us know his lessons on bullet writing are the gold standard.

With that said, let’s go…

Old School, Yet Timeless

I’ve pulled today’s lesson off of a tape I must’ve listened to no less than 25 times riding back and forth to work in the Gremlin (Toyota Tercel named after it’s color which through years of snow and sun oxidation had morphed into a dull baby shit green).

The tape helped me go from being a high school drop out ex-construction laborer to the number one salesperson for a credit card company in just a matter of weeks.

It all began one winter when, once again the Chief Nerd stirred up an idea that would change my life.

You see for going on 6 years I been a laborer/apprentice carpenter for a commercial construction company in Salt Lake City, Utah.  We built banks, grocery stores (lots of them), baseball stadiums, everything but houses.

You had to be tough, gifted at working with tools or just stupid to be a lifer in this trade in that climate.  In Salt Lake, it’s blazing hot in the summer and in the winter it’s freezing (“Greatest Snow on Earth” is on every license plate there).

Around the six year mark of my toughing it out doing this “Man Work” I’d become homeless.  The Chief Nerd took me in and for all of those years I’d been taking the bus in the snow & heat everyday to work.

Not too long after I’d moved in, Chief sold me the Gremlin which had been left idle in his back yard for something like 3-4 years.

The Profession Everyone Uses Daily & Hardly Ever Masters

It was after I got the car running that he brought up the idea of me changing jobs & looking for a field where I could learn how to sell.

In his infinite wisdom he knew this was a skill no person should be without.

With absolutely zero office working or sales experience I applied to be a salesperson for Capital One Credit Card.  I was actually supposed to be a stealth salesman operating under the guise of a customer service person.

As you can probably remember happening in the not too distant past, I would answer any kind of questions people had about their accounts when they called in and was charged with responsibility of segueing into a pitch for a couple of services they offered.

Let’s just say that their sales training blew.

When the Chief Nerd put a tape from one of Jay Abraham’s Mastermind Marketing Seminar, the telemarketing session conducted by a business named MIT (Maximum Impact Telemarketing), I was floored.

At first, I thought, ‘Why the hell don’t my trainers know any of this stuff?’ and then I felt like the one eyed guy in a kingdom of blind people.

This along with Tony Robbin’s 1987 version “Power to Influence” sales program helped me go from broke ass construction worker who’s only sales experience was as a 9 year old, telemarketing with my dad to earn just enough money to buy an M.C. Hammer concert ticket (story I’ll tell you another time)  to the #1 salesperson on the entire floor off 95 salespeople.

My little Gremlin had a stock tape deck in it that worked surprisingly well.  And while the Chief Nerd would’ve freaked if I’d walked out of the house with his precious $200 Abraham tape, “Power to Influence” was laying dormant in the cars glove box.

So, I jammed the hell out of it.  And this is what I learned to do…

Stack Trust, Believability, & Desire Into Your Bullets

What I’m sharing with you today is not about telemarketing but about the power to, as Frank Kern would say “Stack the Cool” anytime you state a benefit about what it is you sell.

These are adapted and updated notes of Tony presentation on how he did this.  Enjoy.

The only purpose of a presentation is to convince someone that we can meet their needs.

Until you know who your market is, until you know who your prospect is, until you have their interest and until they trust you, there’s no need to make a presentation.

When you create conviction, you give the person enough reasons to justify buying.

One way people use to try to create conviction is to give benefits.  Most salespeople like to share a lot of facts.  “The fact is our product is the #1 product in the whole U.S.”

Prospects don’t buy facts. They buy benefits.

The first thing you want to work on to help yourself create more conviction is your congruency.  Meaning that your voice, your body, and your mind are all basically saying the same thing.

What you’re saying on the outside is matching what you’re saying on the inside.

How do get congruency?  You gotta condition yourself to have absolute conviction about your product. You must absolutely feel in you gut that you are being a giver and not a taker.

You gotta walk in and feel and believe in your core that what you are offering is worth ten times what you asking back.

Selling is the transference of emotion.  People buy using emotion not logic.  People have to feel certain that what they are doing is going to give them what they want.

You can’t give to someone that which you do not have.

You can not influence someone unless you’ve been influenced.

“I Don’t Sell Face To Face”

I know.

If this is you, you might be interested to know that John Carlton (world famous salesman in print & pixel) talks about stalking the computer.  He will not key stroke a word of copy until he’s gotten himself all lathered up about what he’s gonna write about.

And it’s no wonder that whatever you read of his whether it’s an email, his blog posts or his website copy… it’s ALIVE and kicking like a 3 year old.

Website owners or salespeople lose their power because when they start they go out with all kinds of conviction and make all these sales but then they have some problems with their personal life, or they learn that they product isn’t perfect and these factors start chipping away at their belief in their product or service.

Or, they just talk about it so much that they get bored.

The law of familiarity.  If you’re around anything enough you begin to take it for granted.  Happens in almost anything in our life.  Same thing happens with your product.

Tony works everyday on creating conviction about the value of what he’s doing, otherwise it would just be words that go into your head and then out again.

Jim Rohn Unleashed The Power Within Tony Robbins

If you’ve heard Tony Robbins “Power to Influence” program, you know that Tony earned his keep as a salesman from very early on in his life.

And once the illustrious Jim Rohn, America’s foremost business philosopher, got a hold of him and instilled his philosophy into Tony, it was as Jim would put it, putting good seed to good soil.

Going back to the early 80’s Jim sold books and audios and was also hosting seminars.

Well, Jim made his fortune in Multi-Level Marketing so he naturally thought who better to sell your product & promote your seminars than the flock.

Tony being Tony at the hands of a master took some of his previous sales experience and fused it with the momentum he was building by actually using all the personal development stuff he was studying and…


Tony stepped on the scene as a teen with no money, minestrone soup acne, a two-piece leisure suit he got at the salvation army and a couple of fake gold chains and face to face… sold every single person Jim Rohn put him in front of for some period of time I can’t remember.

He ran out of leads and asked the other salespeople to give him theirs and he’d let them keep the commission. Of course, they see he’s on fire and accept his irresistible offer.

They started the funnel with tapes and were putting people into an evening seminar and then from there they’d pitch them on about $1,200 worth of programs.

Tony’s problem was that he hadn’t even been to some of these programs.

The Power Of the Conversation Going On In Your Head

To make up for all of his shortcomings, on the way to the appointment Tony’d drive himself into a frenzy of conviction doing incantations, pounding the shit out of his steering wheel yelling…

“I now command my subconscious mind to direct me in helping this person to better their life by giving me the strength, the emotion, the persuasion, the humor, the brevity, whatever it takes to show this person and get this person to invest in this product, today.”

He would say this over and over for 30 minutes screaming it at the top of his lungs while he was driving his little VW bug on the freeway.  By the time he got to the appointment it was like the guy didn’t have a chance.

This process generated more conviction in his little finger than the other guy had in his whole body.

If you’ve been to a Unleash the Power Weekend or any other of Tony’s seminars, you remember these feelings.  I hope you’ve carried this process into your everyday life so you keep on receiving the gift of experiencing these super human emotions.

If you don’t know about incantations, and it sounds like something you’d like to know more about, go get Tony’s “Power to Shape Your Destiny” program from Nightingale Connant.

In it, he does a whole session on incantations and tells the crowd flat out that if they aren’t using them, they’re not doing what he teaches and they can’t say “This Tony Robbins stuff doesn’t work.”

To this day he does a slight variation of the one he used as a kid selling Jim Rohn tapes every time before he goes on stage.

Witness The Presentation Of A Master

When two people meet & they discuss anything, the person who is most congruent and has the largest amount of conviction about what they’re saying will end up influencing the other person in the long term.

BEWARE: This principle can be used for good or for evil.  There’s a line from the movie “Scarface” that makes me think of this.

At one point in the movie someone’s confronting Tony Montana (Al Pacino’s legendary character in the movie).  Tony, being a no bullshit kinda guy, tells him “Jou callin’ me a liar?” And I can’t remember what happens after, only the immortal punch line that follows…

“I Always Tell Da Trut.  Even When I Lie.”

9.12.09 scarface4_2

Al Pacino as "Scarface" catching a liar in the act

Robert Ringer talks about this kind of person in “Winning Through Intimidation” or what some people know as the wussified, re-titled version “To Be or Not To Be Intimidated.  That Is the Question”.

In the book he tells the stories of his getting bludgeoned because he wasn’t able to read people who had this level of certainty in EVERYTHING they said.

Business people kept screwing him over because his good natured personality couldn’t comprehend someone being able to tell the “Bill Clinton, hell every politician, Big Lie” with a straight face.

I just might be the worst liar on the face of the planet.

I can’t do get away with shit.  I cringe at the thought of having to remember a story and put on an act to make it stick and it shows.  So, I avoid it all costs.

Some people must lie

It can be about stupid, insignificant stuff and they’d still lie.  Those are people I’m afraid of catching that new kind of AIDS from.

What kind is that you ask?  Hearing AIDS.  You get it from listening to assholes who run their mouth trying to prove themselves and get approval from others every second of their life.

Be on the lookout for people like this.  Trust your intuition when it starts churning in your gut, your back gets stiff or the hair raises on the back of your neck.

Your conviction is the single most powerful thing you can convey to another person. They need to feel certain that if they invest in your product they are gonna get what they want.

This technology can be used for good and evil.

But if you use it to screw people, I hope you roast in hell.  I trust you won’t but I just wanted to scare away the one random person reading this who might not be on the same page as you and I.

People need conviction to buy for their reasons, not yours

Ideally, people should relate that buying/opting in means a lot more pleasure than pain and that not buying/opting in will lead to pain and little or no pleasure.

Most people don’t wanna feel like they’re buying/opting in for emotional or sentimental reasons cause that’s not being intelligent for a lot of people.  Instead they wanna believe they’re doing it for logical reasons.

Here’s how to build what Tony calls a Unit of Conviction.

Big fat claim: State a fact or a feature. You immediately tell these people that you’re gonna be able to give them something they want.

Example computer system:

“Our computer system can save your accounting department over 30% efficiency immediately.”

Designed to grab their attention and to open up the buyers mind to a new possibility.

Then you gotta back it up and so then you use the word “because” and then you state a fact.

“Our computer system can increase you’re accounting departments efficiency by 30% immediately because we’ve done that for many companies and because of our patented xyz dumafludge microchip we use… which really means to you (state a benefit) that it’s gonna save you a lot of time and a lot of energy and you’ll be able to get the information you need a lot more rapidly and that really means that just like (specific companies or people), you’ll(state another benefit) stop wasting thousands of dollars and have an accounting department of people that are happy and are actually producing the results you want instead of getting caught up in the busy work.”

So what we’ve done is we’ve made a claim and then we backed it up with the word because and a fact and then we sold two benefits out of it.

Normally we just try to give a plain feature, a reason to buy and sometimes clients just turn it around on you.  Don’t just state facts and features.

A unit of conviction is this – You state a claim but then you back it up with two benefits.  Let’s say you’re product is more expensive than anybody else’s…

Do not try to avoid this feature.  You know it’s gonna come up. Use it as a way to convince them that this is the best product.

Our product is the most expensive out there and it’s also the best because we’ve spent and spared no expense in producing the finest materials.

This means you’re gonna get what you really pay for instead of having some piece of shit break down on you all the time.  Which really means you’re gonna make a lot more money on your investment and gonna get it back in a very short period of time.”

Make this real by giving them evidence of it.

And the evidence of it is that we done so with this company, that company and this company.” Specificity in results here will make it stick.

Now you add the permission question.  “Right now my only purpose is to get your answers to a few questions.  Would you be willing to do that for me?”

Here’s where the real conviction is created…

“In you’re opinion do you feel like being able to save that much money and have your people be that much happier would be worth looking into or making a commitment on?”

Now you’re beginning to create a commitment.

A Unit Of Conviction has 7 parts:

1. Claim

2. Fact to back up the claim

3. Benefit

4. Secondary benefit that really affects them personally and hopefully emotionally

5. Some evidence that’ll back up what we said

6. Permission to ask some questions

7. Start asking questions that by answering them get the customer to create and confirm commitment for themselves.

You’ve gotta chain link benefits so that it creates momentum and dimensionalize them so people feel like they’re really true.

Here’s how Tony did this selling 6 Jim Rohn cassettes and 2 workbooks for $295.

How the hell do you walk in and sell six pieces of plastic and some paper for $295?  You gotta believe the value is there which he did.

The Cost doesn’t matter.  Value does.  He got real clear on what those tapes could do for somebody because of what they were doing for him.

He took each tape and created two or three units of conviction for each one, reasons to buy now.

Pay Closer Attention Now…

“The diseases of attitude” was the title of one of the tapes.

Here’s the copy of a landing page I just opted-in for, not because I was compelled (as you’ll see below it’d be hard to be) but because I wanted to start getting his email to that account…

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn:

* A concrete roadmap to build a multi-million business in 5 years or less!

* How to magnify the value of your company so you can sell for millions!

* 12 suggestions to guard you cash flow and increase your bottom-line!

* 5 time mastery techniques to free up one full day a week to work on your business!

* 6 sources to fund your business startup or expansion!

Just below the copy was where you entered your info.  You might know who’s page this is because you’re on his list.

Maybe I don’t know shit and this page is killing it but I’d bet green money that if you’d wired each of those claims to a unit of conviction, you’d get a whole lot more opt-ins.

To me the copy above is about as smooth as Tony just saying “This is a really great tape and you’re gonna find it valuable.”

Instead Tony would say…

“The most important thing that you’re going to do in you’re life is learn to manage your emotions.  And if you don’t do that, every dream you have will be something that won’t come into reality.  You’ll eventually miss out on your dreams.

And the reason that I say that is because so many people think that their life is gonna work out, but it doesn’t.  And the reason it doesn’t is that these diseases of attitude stop them.

I say this because by using this tape, what it can mean to you is (benefit) that for the first time you’re really being able to create consistent attitudes that support you.

(Second benefit) Which really means to you money in your pocket as a sales person because if you don’t manage your state you and I both know that you’re gonna lose out on money don’t ya?

(Evidence) “Have there been times when you’ve done that?  When you’ve sabotaged yourself?”  (And then he gets their personal evidence from them.  Asking these question online still make a person answer them if they like what you promise)  Have there ever been times that you didn’t manage your state and it cost you money?  How much money did it cost you?”  And then they’d tell him.

The best evidence is when the customer gives it to you because you asked them a question that reveals what the truth is for them.

(Permission) My purpose right now is to get your answers to a few questions, is that o.k.?  In you’re opinion do you feel that if you were able to consistently be able to manage these attitudes that have stopped you that you would in fact be able to create the results that you’ve always dreamed about?

Difference between a test close (using a barometer, seeing how close they are now) and a close is that a closing question is basically by a person answering it means that they have or haven’t bought.

A test close is an opinion asking question. You can make anything a test close by adding “in you’re opinion, do you feel like…”

“What should you do?” is a close.

“In you’re opinion, do you think this would make a difference in you’re life or not, What do you think, generally?” Now it’s just an opinion and you’re more likely to give me more feedback.

Test closing is most important skill you have to help you know where you’re at and to help you know when to close. How to close is easy, when to close is the question.

(Using a service like clicktale.com that shows you where people are clicking or bailing on your site can tell you if these test closes are hitting or not)

“In your opinion do you feel making more money and having the opportunities that you want would really occur if you were able to consistently manage you’re state through a tape like this?

Well, how much do you think that would be worth in you’re life?  Do you think it worth a thousand dollars in you’re lifetime or the next couple of years, five thousand, ten thousand, twenty thousand?”

They’d usually say “Well I don’t know.”

“Well do you think it’d be worth at least one thousand?”

And they’d say “Sure.”

He’d ask, “Really, are you just saying that or is it really worth a thousand?” And they’d say “Of course it’d be worth a thousand.”

Now he has a unit of conviction that one tape is worth a thousand dollars by itself.

When he was done he would add up all the possible value these tapes could bring into their life and they’d have told him it’d be worth $12,000 dollars.

He’d ask them, “Realistically is that true?  He would get them to convince him.

And he’d close by saying, “Well guess what, it doesn’t cost $12,000, the tapes are only $295.”

If that isn’t salesmanship at it’s finest I don’t know what is.

This is where I gotta let you go today.  I’m running into my 12th page of a word document and I know you’ve stuff to like going and fixing your bullets with this formula I’ve handed over to you.

Talk to you again soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

P.S.  Announcement: As of today, I’ve decided to commit to spending at least One Hour of my time responding to any thoughtful question or comments made about posts I’ve written.  I’m not perfect yet and after spending hours writing this I’ve had to leave some stuff out.  So feel free to point out anything I wasn’t crystal clear on.  What you say might exhaust the whole hour (if you’ve seen my responses in previous posts you’ll see I don’t wimp out here).  And, if  it’s of the ” ‘Great’ or ‘Shitty’ post” type, it may not warrant any further elaboration.   I’m here for you and I’d love to hear your voice.  Just let me know what you have a question about in today’s topic.  Deepen our relationship today by talking to me.

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