Many of you may recognize from a few of my past stories that I’m not your typical Nerd.

You Don't Have To Get Your Ass Kicked To Succeed In Business

You Don't Have To Get Your Ass Kicked To Succeed In Business

I’m more of the …”Tough Kid Turns Nerdy” story..

Yeah a bit weird.

A lot of people ask me questions.

One of the one’s I get over and over again is.

“What’s the easiest way to succeed in business?”

The short answer is….There isn’t ONE easy way. But I will try to share some of the biggies.

But before I do I want to share a story.

I spent a good portion of my teenage years in Salt Lake City, Utah.

You may recall that I was a Boxer and because this formed a big chunk of my identity… I was a self proclaimed Bad ASS.

In Salt Lake, we have a Holiday you’d never know about if you didn’t live there.

It’s called the 24th of July. Kinda our Independence day.

Just like the 4th of July it’s celebrated with very big firework displays.

We also have a Parade that marches the entire length of the city.

People camp out all night and wait for the parade the next morning.

It’s also a night of hell-raising for teenagers looking for trouble like me.

So I was out walking around with my best buddy Aaron when he happened to bump into a bouncer at one of the Nightclubs for adults.

Now.. we were just passing by.

The next thing I knew this guy had my best friend dangling, mid air, by his throat.

Found out later this guy was a defensive lineman for the University of Utah football team.

Before I tell you what happened next let me pre-frame it by saying that I was already a Hot Head.

But you screw with my friends, you’d better have the entire football team to stop me cuz one probably wasn’t gonna do it.

I wasn’t no Bruce Lee but I had the energy of an Angry Incredible Hulk when I got pissed.

So here’s my friend hanging in the air.

I say;  “Hey why don’t you fight someone your own size fu….er?”

He dropped my friend to the ground and stepped toward me.

Having 13 Years of boxing experience behind me, I threw a picture perfect right hook that literally put all 300 pounds of this guy horizontal.

He was out.

However, by instinct, he started to grab at air trying to figure out how to get up.

I then booted him, like a game winning field goal, and put him back to sleep.

(Note: I’m in no way condoning nor recommending violence. It’s gotten me nothing but trouble in life. Just sharing a story)

The next thing I know I hear screaming for someone to help this guy.

Apparently nobody saw that this guy was 100 pounds bigger then I and it was more then a fair fight.

Cuz… the next thing I know, like cockroaches at night, guys were crawling out 0f their cars and sleeping bags running towards my friend and I.

We managed to get a few blocks away before I spent the next 10 minutes getting my head, ribs, legs, stomach, and just about every other area of my body pummelled.

My friend didn’t find it as fun as I did.

Hell… I was a brawler.. I LOVED this shit.

As a matter of fact the mob was beating on me so bad that I could hear female watching telling the guys “Stop, You’re Going to KILL him,” and just to show how tough I was, I laughed and in a girlie voice said, “Stop, you’re going to kill him.”

I’ll spare you the stupidity of my mentality at that point of my life for another day.

The point I’m trying to get across is this.

All I got that night was another story to cement into my legacy as a bully and bad ass.

I’ve learned the hard way that’s not the way to get through life.

That part of me still lives underneath my New Nerd exterior. It comes forth more often then I’d like sometimes and guess what?

I always learn the hard way that I solve nothing through violence or anger.

I’ve also learned the hard way through credit card debt, IRS problems, embarrassment to my family, lost time with my Baby Girl, and just about everything stupid a guy could do.

Learning the hard way, some people like to believe, helps build character. Sure, maybe it does, but if I could’ve, I wished I’d used my money even more so to leverage my business knowledge, investing in more business coaches and mentors.

You don’t have to be in the line of fire to become a 6 Figure or More Successful Business Owner. So, let me tell you about the many ways I got my ass kicked in the business world and how you can learn from it, so you too can quickly become as successful as you’d like.

Lesson #1: You Make The Rules. YOU CAN LIVE LIFE ON YOUR TERMS!

I learned this one from Dan Kennedy.

You don’t have to open early or stay late. You don’t have to wait for anybody to pay you. You don’t have to work on the weekends.

If you set the rules up front then your clients and customers will conform to you and most importantly the ones who don’t will wander off to a pasture where the New Guy will do everything for them until he can’t handle it anymore.

baby shut the fuck up

If You Don't Set The Rules..They Will!!

Your clients will try and sell you on why you must do what they demand.

This may come in the form of a please feel sorry for me story or a you are the bad guy story.

You just can’t bend.

In the end you have a choice.

Become a Renegade or a Moron.

Which one do you choose?

Kennedy call this process “Operating your business as if Money were not an issue”

Hard as shit to do when your dead broke.

But like investing in a stock with solid fundamentals.

It may seem like your losing the game in the beginning.


In the end this mindset will pay HUGE dividends.

If You Would Like To Learn How to Live A Life Of Autonomy Then I Suggest You Grab A Copy Of Our Renegade Millionaire Report … One of The Chief Nerds Favorites

Lesson #2: Create Simple Systems

Your goal should be to have a system in place for just about everything in your business so that if you brought Homer Simpson in to run things for a day while you were gone he’d be able to do so.

Remember, the key here is that your systems need to be as simple as possible.

If you make them complex your asking for trouble.

Everything I’ve studied, read, or seen suggest that you have a written ABC type format and a Process Map for each system in your business.

So today begin to make things easier on yourself and start documenting “how” to do everything it is that you do.

Now…One Caveat

Don’t document things that you SUCK at. All your doing is creating a system to Clone Dumb actions.

Wait and model the process from someone in your business that does it well or until you’ve found the correct and proper way to do it.


I know of No Better Resource For Creating a Successful Business Top to Bottom Then the Stompernet Formula5 Course ($2,500 program)..YOU CAN GET THE NERD REPORT RIGHT NOW BY CLICKING HERE

Lesson #3: Become The Place

We now live in a world of infinite possibility and choices.

logo party like a rockstar

Become "The Place" Your Clients Want To Come To Everyday!

So you must make sure that everything you do is setting you up to BE THE PLACE that people in your chosen niche want to be.

You must provide an experience not just a product.

People must feel cared about and connected to you.

You can do this through Blogging, Tweeting, etc. etc..

It’s all about developing that one to one relationship with each and every new customer you get.

So begin to ask yourself…..”How do I become the Place” my potential customers want to come to.

People spend most of their day (and sometimes their life) doing stuff they dislike or hate.

If you can build a place that gives them a great time, an AWESOME time, you will have a customer for life, regardless of how expensive you are!

Lesson #4: Quit Making Excuses. Your Not As Smart As You Think. Even Michael Jordan Needed a Coach. Get a Mentor!

As I’ve shared earlier.

I’ve gotten my ass handed to many both physically and just about every other way in life and business.

One thing I never stopped doing though.


Find a Mentor and Watch The Force Grow Inside of You

I’ve always invested in myself or found a way to have access to the very best minds on the planet.

I’ve been in Free local mastermind groups.

I’ve also been in a $50,000 a year coaching program ran by Tony Robbins.(whole story here I’ll share later bout the Power of Procrastination…umm not a good story LOL)

I remember, just like it was yesterday, when I first chose Tony as my Mentor about 14 years ago.

I remember the lessons I learned walking on those 1000 degree coals at three in the morning.

I remember Tony sharing with us the stories of all the Mentors he had.

The lesson? People with mentors succeed at a much faster rate then those that don’t have them.

You can compress decades into days by learning from the wisdom of others successes and failures.

And remember this as well.

The power is even stronger when you become a mentor and start sharing what you have learned.

I encourage you to “pay this blog post forward” by sharing it with friends, associates, and family.

I’d also love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Your Mentor and Coach

The Chief Nerd

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