Join me, The Chief Nerd, on a Journey of Transformation!

Join me, The Chief Nerd, on a Journey of Transformation!

Yesterday I sent an email to a select few of my top Nerd Fans.

Today I’m going to share with all of you something NO GURU wants you to know about.

It’s the Dirty Little Secret in the information marketing business.

It’s the single thing that keeps launch after launch churning out Millions of Dollars.

It has absolutely nothing to do with Internet Marketing or any business strategy or tactic.

However, it has everything to do with why you may not be Doing anything with all the information that’s piled on you.

What is it.

Well…I’ll get to that in a quick second.

First let’s look at the reality of what’s going on in our society.

Today more then ever before we are exposed to information at a pace and quanity that far exceeds our capacity to use it.

As entrepreneurs we’ve become Holy Grail seekers.

I’m not saying you. I don’t know that to be true.

But I can say that the majority of people I’ve came into contact with are suffering from information overload.

Always on the lookout for the Next Best Thing to turn their life and business around.

I’m gonna go out on a limb and make a BOLD STATEMENT.

The majority of us are like Tree’s with Dead Roots.

Getting just enough water to keep the leaves alive but not enough to sustain long term growth with health roots.

If your like I was at one point and still to a lesser degree today.

You are at a loss for how to manage all the information that is coming at you.

You then fall victim to how to manage and use the information.

So here is the TRUTH the guru’s don’t want you to know.

80% of the people who ever buy their product or service will ever get past the first chapter, DVD, or Cd.

98% will ever actually implement more then one strategy or tactic.

Therefor they can regurgetate the VERY SAME information to you over and over again with a new Pretty Color and Package…New Sales Copy and keep selling you the Same Holy Grail over and over again.

This really fucking pisses me off.

Most gurus don’t give a shit if they actually help.

Now don’t get me wrong some do.

But reality is reality.

I want you to know that I, The Chief Nerd, CARES!!

If i didn’t I’d sell these reports I work so dang hard on for 3 – 5 times more then I am and find plenty of customers to willingly pay that with smiles on their faces.

Because I want to help you I’m creating what’s called THE ULTIMATE YOU PROGRAM.

What is this?

Well before I share that let me give you some practical tactics you can use to actually start using the information you get your hands on.

1. Don’t think you have to do everything. Start with basic strategies in every area of your business and begin to implement one little strategy at a time.

2. Set goals for every area of your Life and Business.

3. Attach a meaning or reason why to every single one of those goals. The Why! is way more important then the What.

4. Take each one of those goals for your life and business and every single day try to take one little action to mover closer to it’s attainment.

5. Keep the programs you listen to and the books you read in the areas of your current goals and actions you are taking daily. That way you are reinforcing what you are doing rather then “Dreaming” of what you will do.

5. Strive for some balance in your life. Find time for Work, Hobby, Family and Fun. It could be 80% work, 10% Family, 5% Fun, and 5% Hobby. But the key is to be present while doing those activities.

6. Get on a regular sleep schedule. Two things here. One: Don’t get caught up thinking there’s a perfect time to go to sleep or wake up. Do what works for you. Two: Get 7 – 9 hours of sleep.

7. Start working in 50 Minute Chunks of time focusing on one single thing. Then disengage for 10 minutes of a completely different activity. Follow that by another 50 Minute Work Chunk, and then a 30 minute break. Start over. This is something I picked up from Eben Pagan and it Works.

Those are a few of many more tactics I’ll share with you over the next few days that will lead you to a much more fullfilled life of “Doing” rather then “Dreaming”.

Now…because of my Passion in this area I’m going to be starting a program called The Ultimate YOU Transformation Program.

The entire goal of this program is to get YOU aligned and better equiped to “Do” and act on the information that you receive.

I’m here for one reason only  ….
To help you get to that next level you want so badly.
I struggle knowing that there is ths ONE thing that stands in your way.
What is it..
Well…go stand in the bathroom and look in the mirror.
Because there’s the problem.
It’s YOU
Think of your business as a mirror of you.
Your business will have the same symptoms of your biggest challenges in life.
If you procrastinate..Guess what.. your business won’t get a whole lot done.
If you aren’t good at X then your business will probably suffer in that area.
So here is the Master Key to Massive Success In business.
You must work as hard on yourself as you ever do on your business.

The problem, i’ve found, is that many of us don’t have a plan for “US” but we have many plans for our business.
Many of you may be aware that I’ve been exposed to the Very Best teachers and mentors on the planet in the area of Inner Game.
What i’m offering you today will give you the Master Key to opening all the doors you’ve previously been unable to unlock.
I’m offering you the gift of being able to take acttion.
I’ve been coached by Tony Robbins in his $50,000 a year program…
I’ve listened to the very best programs on earth for becoming a better me.
I want to share the best of all of this with you.
I can’t do this in a one hour phone call or report.
I’m in the process of creating The Ultimate You Transformation Program.
Over Five Weeks I’ll be covering the following;

Week One: Understanding the Real Process For Achieving Goals. A Process, Template, and Action Plan For Achieving Everything You Ever Wanted.
Week Two: The Source Of All Procrastination And How To Resolve This Quickly and Easily. You will learn how to overcome all interal conflicts that prohibit you from taking action.
Week Three: A Secret Technique Used Only By A Select Few Guru’s Who Even Know It Excists That Enables You To Move Forward And Take Action Like Never Before.
Week Four: The Power of Questions. Learn the unconcious process you are habitially doing every single day and how to make it work for you.
Week Five: Your Date With Destiny. Your Complete Plan to move yourself and your business
Bonus #1: The Chief Nerds Report (Notes) from his Date With Destiny experience with Anthony Robbins. THIS IS WORTH 10 TIMES MORE THEN THIS PROGRAM.
Bonus #2: Tony Robbins Time of Your Life Program Report.
This program will be delivered to you as a Video and/or Audio file and PDF Report every Wendsday starting October 7th for Five Weeks.
Urgent Note: When i am done with this. I will market this course for no less then $229.
Only the select few of you will ever get it at this price.
It’s my goal to help you become an Action Machine.
Please Join Me on this journey.
Your Friend
The Chief Nerd

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