Don't Miss A Word Of The Chief Nerds Manifesto

Don't Miss A Word Of The Chief Nerds Manifesto


The Chief Nerd

Inspired by Dan Kennedy, Matt Furey, Chris Hunsicker, Robert Ringer, and Jeff Paul

Below is a summation of some of the best Phylosophy of Life i’d came up with as of a few years back.

I think this little article contains some amazing stuff.


This is not a manifesto about the great things I’ve done or will do. It’s a letter to me about what I know to be the “Truth” in life. It’s a wake – up call to myself. An inspiration that should be a catalyst of change.
I have always believed that the difference between success and failure – in any area – is not nearly as great as most people might suspect. As the famous consult, Jim Rohn, has said, “Success is practicing about a half dozen things over and over again”. In other words practicing certain success habits that are based on common sense.

With this in mind, here are some of the key factors in success. All these pillars of success must work in conjunction with the Master Key to success. This is the one thing that has hurt me more than anything. What is it? TAKING ACTION!

“Nothing happens until something moves” are the words of the greatest scientist mind of the twentieth century, Albert Einstein.

While his observation is an indisputable fact, there is no doubt in my mind that it applies to all other aspects of life, not just Science. Ideas, preparation, knowledge, and wisdom are all but useless without action, because action is the starting point of any and all progress. In other words an Idea by itself has no intrinsic value.

I can assure you that many people thought of an operating system for computers before Bill Gates did an online superstore before Jeff Bezos, or overnight delivery before Fred Smith. A lot of people could have done a lot of things but did not take action. These great minds took the necessary step for success that very few ever take – ACTION!

As I have narrowed my obsession with this thing called success it’s never been more apparent to me that the very essence of life is action. Inertia is anti-life.

Here is an enlightened and motivating parable about the importance of action.

Every morning in Africa, a gazelle wakes up, it knows that
It must run faster than the fastest lion or it will be killed.
Every morning in Africa, a lion wakes up. It knows that It
must run faster than the slowest gazelle or it will starve.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a lion or a gazelle; when
The sun comes up, you had better start running.

As human beings, we find that we, too, had better start running at the crack of dawn. The worst feeling in life is knowing this very fact and not acting on it. I’ve suffered from this delusion that I could skip this basic rule of life. I suspect other’s have as well and I urge everyone to understand that this is the essence of failure and success. A stress – free life sound nice in theory. However, life is a struggle by nature. Sitting around the house doing nothing feels good for the moment, but there is an inherent urgency too life. For one thing, life is finite, and you don’t even have the advantage of knowing when your supply of time will run out. I’m feeling my mortality more than ever. I’ve wasted this precious resource as If I were going to live forever.

There are two basic kinds of actions. One is Proaction, which put you on the offensive and in control. The other is reaction, which puts you on the defensive and relegates you to a position of weakness at all times.

Inaction often yields consequences by default. Nothing happens until something moves, so if you wait for something, or someone, to act on you, you likely will be unable to control the consequences and generally are not please with the results.

Homeostasis is the tendency to live with existing conditions and avoiding change. This is ironic because the only constant in life and the universe is change. However, with this glaring me in the face I’m still stubborn enough at times too believe I can overcome this. The weather, law, economy, and your age change every second of every day. We justify not changing and remaining in this state with the famous “someday” lines.

At times I think I’ve believed in the fantasy of someday and the story of the moving train. The story states that some people believe that they are on a train and that it is constantly moving in the direction of their dreams. They believe that regardless of circumstances that by chance or destiny they will arrive and people will line the streets with banners and applause. Nice thought but pure fantasy. There is no station. The perfect moment never arrives and the train never arrives to pick us up. We have to create our own way through what Tony Robbins, calls massive action.

The best day to take action is today! If you’re waiting for everything to be right before moving forward then you have the fool proof excuse for failure. Perfectionist are often worse off then people who do nothing at all. They do a lot but never get out of the starting gate. I’m not sure where I heard it. Maybe in the Art of War, but someone once said “A warrior lives by acting, not by thinking about acting, nor by thinking about what he will do when he has finished his first action, a warrior lives in the now”.

Do not sit and wait for the Grand Slam or the Home Runs. Success comes in the singles and doubles every single day. Life is the sum total of many successful years; a successful year is the sum total of many successful months; a successful month is the sum total of many successful weeks; a successful week is the sum total of many successful days; and so on with days, hours, minutes, and seconds.



To discuss the concept of God is a futile matter at best when talking with others. Since everyone has different views on the subject it’s guaranteed to cause a lot of anger. The truth is that the majority of the population is not rational when it comes to discussing God.

Though I am well aware that too do any justice to this most important subject would require thousands of pages, I ask you to indulge me as I attempt to abridge my own thoughts in a matter of a few pages or paragraphs.

There are people that believe in absolutely nothing, some believe their fate and destiny is pre-determined and out of their control, some believe that human beings are in total control of their destiny, and on and on. As the years have passed, I have become increasingly impressed with two things. The first is the remarkable capacity I possess to determine the outcomes of my life and secondly the ability to bring outside forces into my life at just the right time just by taking action. The bolder and more precise my vision, the more powerful these actions seem to be. If I believe that I have the power to play a major role in controlling my own destiny, then logic would dictate that I also have a power source. Some people refer to this power source as “God,” “Allah”, and a variety of other names. Because I have no explanation for this power source, I choose to refer to it as the Grand Architect. I do believe the Grand Architect predetermines some events but not all. And because I possess free will, I can make choices that alter those events. In religion this is called “free will” and the debate on this will go on until human cease to exist.

Why the Grand Architect intervenes in some events yet leaves others to our own free will probably always remain a mystery to me. I would suggest that you not spend a lot of time worrying about which things are predetermined, I would suggest that you not spend a lot of time worrying about which things are inevitable and which things are within your control. It makes much more sense to me to just pitch in and help the Grand Architect work his wonders – from this comes the saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” Or “God helps those who take action”. I believe the Big Guy IN the SKY or whatever you want to call him is always right here next too us waiting for us to do are part, and then he always comes through on his end.

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The Grand Architect has blessed us with a powerful universal principle hat provides an accurate method for projecting results. The principle I’m referring too is often call the Law of Averages and like other universal principles it never fails to work.

This law is passive in nature; it’s not driven by action. It just sits invisibly in our background and operates without us even knowing. Insurance uses this to compile accurate assumptions, sports teams use it, and of course Casinos use to make a fortune.

However, the more action you take, the better the Law of Averages will work for you.

If I were to sum up what I believe to be the Sacred Rule of Success it would be to ASK. Yes that simple. Ask, then ask again, then ask again, …..

So too sum this up I will add one thing. You must also factor in Time when using the Law of Averages. You must always make sure that the actions you are taking are paying you in a sum that is what you desire. If you are using the Law of Averages in your selling career and making as many sales calls as possible but not making the income you desire, then you must apply the Law of Averages to another activity that will.


When you take action it produces an expanded mental paradigm which leads you to the people and things you need to grow to even greater level of success. By constantly taking massive action and bolder steps you will inevitably surround yourself with better people, knowledge, and opportunity. This leads you to think beyond your normal system of thinking and beliefs and taps into the infinite intelligence of the universe. This is nothing more then the term “thinking outside the box”. When you expand your mind and associations, your mind is open to new ideas, new concepts, and new possibilities. A rigid mental paradigm equates to what Jim Rohn calls “Rickets of the Mind” or a closed mind or dead universe of intelligence. In this state nothing can be changed. We must constantly be challenging our own beliefs and philosophy to grow. Growth is the essence of life.

When you are growing and learning, the atoms in your body and brain are vibrating at an enormously high speed, which often results in what some people call “coincidences” or “luck”. This heightened state of awareness often produces the people, things, and circumstances you need to accomplish your dreams and goals.

Finally once you take action and this phenomenon takes place you develop momentum and power. We see the effects of momentum in sporting events all the time. However, as I have learned all to well, momentum usually stops much faster then it began. So it is important to maintain this momentum once you have began.
I can say without a doubt through observation, reading, and my own life that the success cycle starts with action, which leads to more intelligence, which creates coincidences, that all lead to power and momentum which leads to motivation and motivation leads to more action. There you have it. The Ultimate Success Formula.

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With every action comes a result. Simple but profound. A person who refused to work and goes on welfare gets a result. A person who is rude gets a result. A bank robber gets a result. But these are not the kinds of result I want to get. What I’m after is positive results. I’ve tried every kind of action possible and spent a whole bunch of my life trying to cut corners but in the end Truth has hit me square in the face. Truth based actions will lead to lasting results. Delusion and false premises lead to negative results.

While I believe the whole world is losing its collective head, I’m still trying to live my life searching for the truth. Truth is the foundation for rational thought and action.
Unfortunately lies, deceit, and falsehoods are winning the war in our society. Truth is not an easy thing to live. For one thing most people will hate you for it.

The foundational principle of the universe is that Action Have Consequences. Most people including myself convince themselves that their actions may not have a consequence. This is only a fool’s game. Why else would someone drive intoxicated? Or commit crimes? In the end you can’t escape reality. Universal Principles do not care whether you had good intentions either. If you have good intentions but violate truth, you tend to get bad results. Good intentions mixed with ignorance is a tragic mix. This is why it is so important to continue to grow and learn. The world is changing and what may be truth today may not be tomorrow.

What causes perceptions, false truth, and wrong conclusions are flawed conditioning, false premises, false beliefs, and false assumptions. Unfortunately the majority of false conditioning is learned in childhood and carried through life.

This leads me to a story I once read about two tribes that lived on a small Island. They were coming up on their annual sacred holiday. This time of year usually resulted in a war and many deaths over the way the ceremony was to take place. One tribe believed that it had to take place at exactly noon and 5 virgins must be sacrificed. The other tribe believed that it had to take place at exactly midnight and 7 virgins must be sacrificed.

Both tribes are passionate. The tribes are divided. They call a peace meeting and you find the two tribes inside a hut looking at ancient drawings of this ritual arguing over what is to be done. Imagine that you are there and they both turn to you and ask you to cast the final vote as too how the ritual must be done.

What do you say? Obviously, you don’t think the virgins should be killed at all, but how can you possibly make them see that the error is in their perceptions and beliefs? They have been hypnotized from birth to believe in this ritual.

While this may sound stupid or like a crazy story, in truth you and I have been cast ashore on just an Island. On a global scale billions of people are engaged in a bitter debate, whose belief systems vary wildly.

On a personal level your personal search for the truth and success should be paved with correct premises and assumptions. This will ensure long term success.


Politicians and our own government are notoriously known to twist the truth. I am not in any way anti – America or anti – government. I love this country and know that this country is 100 times better than any other alternative. However, that being said I’m also a realist. While politicians work hard to try and make us believe they are acting in our own self interest, their real purpose is too achieve their own objectives most of the time.

Such lies condition our minds and lead us to false premises, which are cemented into place by television, our education system, etc… To the extent we all truth twisting to impact our thinking, we are less likely to do anything to change our lives.

Through the magic of slow progression, government has succeeded in getting people to accept a wide range of false – often laughable – premises. A classic example of this is the notion that the president not only has the power, but the ability to “create jobs” and “get the economy moving”. This explains why a majority of people felt it was in their best interest to overlook Bill Clintons dishonest behavior. They truly believe he was responsible for the economic boom in the United States.

In reality of course, the president can do nothing to positively affect the economy other than try to get the government out of the economy. In reality thousands of hi-tech entrepreneurs produced the booming economy of the nineties and created millions of jobs. In reality, Apples Steve Jobs and Microsoft’s Bill Gates have created more legitimate jobs than all U.S. Presidents in history combined. In fact if you own a hot dog stand you probably have created more legitimate jobs then all U.S. Presidents combined. Why? Because a government created job is usually forced upon a company and takes the job of a much more qualified employee. This however is another topic that would take many more pages to debate.

The message of the movie The Manchurian Candidate is that evil – intentioned human beings can capture the thinking of other human beings and direct them to take actions that violate their personal moral codes. Depending on how broadly you wish to interpret brain washing, it can include mind – dulling advertising to cult – leaders.

Beer commercials, for example, seem to want us to believe that if men will just drink more beer, they can spend the remainder of their lives playing volley ball on the beach surrounded by beautiful naked women. Fast food ads appear to be telling us that if we eat more of their fat laden foods and feed this too our children as well, we will be giddy and happy and we should not be concerned with little matters such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. I’m not even sure what the majority of automobile ads are trying to tell us. Don’t even begin to get me started on television. Just one example is the hugely successful sitcom the Simpson. Are you kidding me? This program only goes to show how stupid America really is. It only succeeds in making people feel better about their pathetic lives. It appeals to the lowest common denominator in human intelligence. It succeeds in persuading people to be lazy, ignorant, and shortsighted and feel good about it. I AM ALL THIS AND MORE AT TIMES BUT I DO NOT ALLOW MYSELF TO WATCH OR PARTICIPATE IN ACTIVITIES THAT TRY AND MAKE ME FEEL BETTER ABOUT MY WRONG ACTIONS.

Rational action and brainwashing are at the opposite ends of the self – determination spectrum. Rational action requires, first and foremost, that a person be in control of his mind. To the extent that someone or something else does your thinking for you – whether it is television, commentators, politicians, or leaders – you are likely to take actions based on someone else’s interest rather than your own. Our greatest gift as human beings is the ability to learn, think for ourselves, and act. We are not dogs even though some people act as if they were.


Most people do not understand nor want to know what the truth is. This is the central theme of everything I’m trying to teach myself and others. Most people try to make true that which they love. To have lasting success and peace of mind you must learn to set aside your desires and not twist truth to achieve them. You must always succumb to reality. To put this another way is to day that your commitment to truth must be greater than your desire to make your dreams and goals come true.

Truth can often be harsh and painful. The reality is that our nervous systems are hardwired to gravitate toward less pain and more pleasure. You must learn to put aside short term gain or instant gratification for that of long term pleasure. I’ve fallen into the trap way too often of not worrying about what’s coming down the road; just to feel good today. The reality is that we have to be willing to experience the discomfort often associated with truth if our objective is to take rational actions that will lead to solving the problems we have caused by not following truth.

The failure to follow truth is why you and I have such a fun time shooting messengers. Messengers are the bad guys or coincidences that deliver us the truth of our actions. We try to kick all those people and consequences aside and crawl over them, but in the end truth always finds a way to deliver its consequences. Some people call this Karma. The consequences of ignoring truth can be severe. The greater the length and repression of truth, the worse the consequences will be. I’m still paying the consequences of ignoring truth today and have many to be worked on. How many truths are you ignoring?

Just this last week I violated these truth’s, yet expect my life to be better;

I went to a second movie without paying for a ticket as I’ve done numerous times before thinking I would get away with it. Will I? Absolutely not. I’ve actually tried to make one of my best friends feel bad because they wouldn’t do it. Great example! What about you?

I told the same movie theatre my girlfriends son was three when he is really four to get him in for free? What am I teaching him? What about you?

My integrity at stake and life altering examples for a little boy all for $5. Interesting how we fool ourselves.


Most people do not admit it, but I truly believe that most people believe that they will be the first human beings to live forever. Why else would someone smoke, take drugs, drink alcohol, or eat a diet loaded with saturated fat, salt, sugar, and processed foods? I ask myself this question? What about you?

I remember watching a video once and the host asked the audience who was the biggest mass murderer in history. Most people responded with Adolph Hitler or Joseph Stalin.
“Wrong”, said the host. “The greatest mass murderer in history was Ray Kroc, the founder of McDonald’s.”. Ruthless dictators use violence. There’s no fun, no clown on television telling them happiness awaits them. The fast food folks however maintain fun, colorful looking killing machines throughout the world – serving food weapons that turn people’s bodies into medical time bombs. Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes succeed year after year in killing millions of people.

The sad part is that we blindly herd ourselves into these restaurants day after day knowing what it does to our bodies. Even more, we happily take our children and feed them biggie size meals and help them develop the very same habits that will someday kill us. As I’ve said in the beginning I’m writing too myself as much as anyone and hope this little pep talk leads too action which leads to a better life.

In fairness, don’t blame the fast-food executioners if you should get killed by a deadly burger, taco, or piece of pizza. They know full well they couldn’t do it without their customer’s willingness to delude themselves. I’ve been doing this for over 30 years and blame nobody but myself. You probably will not find me joining the next law suit accusing McDonald’s of making me obese. I could go on about cigarettes, etc.. but I hope you get the point. Take some responsibility for your life. Ultimately you must be vigilant when it comes to eliminating any self – delusions you may be harboring about your own mortality and what you may be doing to your children, then live accordingly.


Whether or not you believe in Aliens or UFO intelligence, the evidence for it certainly exists. In fact, I have long suspected that aliens from another galaxy are walking among us, right here on Planet earth. These aliens apparently don’t want to kill us; they want only to enslave us to their benefit.

They appear to have organized a conspiracy that includes granting favors to humans who cooperate with them. The conspiracy revolves around a device whose purpose is to dull our senses and steer us away from thought that might inspire us to take action. The code word for this incredibly powerful device is SHITBOX.

We have long referred to this devise as a Television Set.

Some of the more effective Crap that the television networks have created for the aliens includes such worthwhile offerings as:

Advertisements that would have us believe the three most important words in the English language are “Hey Beer Man”.

The mindless and debilitating chatter that is standard for daytime television talk shows.

Sitcoms so dumb and asinine they insult the intelligence of a retard in a coma.

Nonstop college and professional sporting events seven days a week 24 hours a day. There are people who know absolutely nothing about life but know the roster of their favorite team dating back 40 years. And they are praised for knowing it. What the hell?

Reality TV Shows that are not “reality” at all.

Wrestling that teaches such virtues as swearing, sloth, lying, beating women, etc…

My life is nothing short of a disaster as times, but too the millions of people who are entrapped by this mind – dulling conspiracy, I feel compelled too offer my unqualified advice. GET A LIFE!!

More specifically, it means getting up out of your chair or bed and saying, “No, I don’t have to flood my brain with SHIT today. I can devote my time and actions to things that have the potential to better my life and bank account. I DO HAVE A CHOICE.

BUT YOUR SHIT BOX is only one of the many mind – deadening temptations that continually beckon you. There are movies, amusement parks, bars, dance clubs, and trips to the fast food restaurants that are killing you. There is the DOG SHIT they call music, called rap, that has grabbed the minds of middle and upper class White American children who now actually believe they have been beat by cops, pulled over for no reason, and can’t wait to get home and beat on the HO at home.

If any of this sounds at least vaguely familiar to you, it may be time for you to face the truth squarely in the eye. The truth is that you can’t expect to change your life for the better if you continue to spend more time on wasted activities then improving yourself and your future. There is nothing wrong with entertainment and relaxation. As a matter of point, I now believe them to be a must part of your life. The fact that you are surrounded by brain dead people is no excuse. Step up and have the courage and self – discipline to rise above the walking dead and start taking action.


How many choices do you make a day? 10? 20? 50? 100? …. In reality you make many more decisions than you could ever imagine. When the alarm clock goes off in the morning. What to eat or not eat for breakfast? What to wear? To shave or not?

As you can see, most of these choices are not that important overall. But others, such as decisions about love, your career, making investments, or what to do in your business today can have dramatic effects on your life. This is why it’s so important to apply self – discipline to your actions. To the extent that your actions are based on emotion and impulse will determine your level of success. When you allow your decisions to be made out of emotion you are a slave to your emotions.

Regardless of what you think, the fact of the matter is that everything you do throughout the day is based on choice. Many, if not most, of your choices are made unconsiously. To the extent that you put yourself on auto pilot and make decisions this way, you are doomed to have bad consequences. By making conscious, accurate, and rational choices, you dramatically increase your chances of achieving long – term success.

When I say unconsciously, I mean that we don’t make a conscious effort to make rational decisions based on accurate premises and data. When we operate on impulse, we are acting more like dogs or cats. Regardless, of the dumbing down of society by the mindless TV programming, we do have intellect.

This one understanding is probably the greatest trait and understanding to ingrain into our children, because a single impulsive action can be fatal or have life long consequences.
Self – Discipline, then, is about restraining your actions and not acting impulsively in favor of taking rational actions that will produce long term success versus decisions that only bring instant gratification. This could be the simple action of deciding to wake up every morning at 6:00 versus staying in bed. This could be not drinking the night before work days or important events even though the “crowd” is doing so.

The most important thing to remember is that whether or not you are in a place you want to be in life is and has been your choice. You are responsible for everything that has transpired. You have chosen to do wrong or right. From this day forward begin to apply rational thought and self – discipline to your daily actions and watch as your life radically changes.

Long – term thinking is a vital key to taking rational action, because short – term pleasure can be self – destructive if not weighed against the long – term consequences. For example, you may choose to be unfaithful, it may bring you short – term pleasure, but the long – term results could mean a lifetime of pain.
Unfortunately, most of the time those actions that provide the greatest amount of immediate pleasure are the very actions that are most detrimental to our long – term health, happiness, and financial success. This is why learning to reprogram your mind so that it view long – term success as pleasure is so important. Anthony Robbins teaches powerful methods but very few people actually take the time to use the technologies he has created in their lives daily.

Be Know as a Good Starter and an Outstanding Finisher

“Do Not Be Known As a Good Starter

But a Poor Finisher”

“Be Known as a Good Starter

and an Outstanding Finisher”
We live in a “Instant Gratification” society. The catch phrases of today are “Six Second Abs”, “Incredible – A Miracle”, “Fast and Easy”, Ect…

The reason so many Goal Achievers do not become Goal Achievers is because of the “This is supposed to be easy” mentality.

We all set goals. We all fail to meet many of them. Why?

There are FOUR CHALLENGES that we mistakenly assess:
Time: “This is taking longer than I thought It would” or “I don’t have time for this.”

Effort: “This is a lot harder than I thought it would be” or “I’m tired, It’s not worth it.”. This is because we get caught up in the inspiration and motivation of the moment in the beginning phase of setting the goal and do not think it through rationally.

Competing Goals:
“I had no idea I would be so busy. I will have to wait until later.”

“After I got in shape, I celebrated by indulging in some of the actions that forced me to set my goals in the first place. Now, for some unexplained reason, I’m back to where I started. What do I do now, go I some diet for the rest of my life?”


Lasting Leadership and Character Development is a lifelong process. A temporary change in behavior to “look good” or “feel good” in the short term will only create personal and interpersonal cynicism if you do not stick with it.


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