What if you could sell to hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people with one presentation like Ron did?

What if you could sell to hundreds, thousands, maybe even millions of people with one presentation like Ron did?

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Today I’m giving you the notes that I took on Ray Edwards’ (Guy who writes copy for Frank Kern, Armand Morin and Tony Robbin’s latest launch) & Kirt Christensen’s(Pay Per Click wizard) April 2009 Internet Marketing Mastermind video on the in’s & outs of producing webinars that serve as extraordinary salesman multiplied.

I’m taking these notes to go with this weeks “How to Give Valuable Information Away That Simultaneously Sells” installment of our “Ultra Product Launch” program and I’m making them available as a gift from me to you.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with what a webinar is, you probably have seen one but maybe didn’t tag it with that name.

A webinar is just like a teleseminar in that it’s a way give away valuable information to a prospect or customer and while you’ve got their attention, you can or not present a product/service they can avail themselves of to get the full in-depth understanding you didn’t have time to go into with just an hour with them.

With webinars, you don’t need a phone because the people who sign up can hear you through their computer speakers and the added bonus is that they can see a video you put together for them or the power point presentation you’re going through, on their very own computer screen.

It’s my personal belief that these “Videos” have a higher perceived value than teleseminars in the minds of potential buyers.  Here’s how to do ‘em right…

Here’s the Tools You’ll Need:

Powerpoint (Less than a $100) or mac version of this – Highly recommended.  People are comfortable with seeing this format.  You can insert video or audios into your presentations.

Or… you can use the Slide Decks you get for free inside of Google Docs.

GotoWebinar.com ($97.00 a month) – For everything this site can do, this is an incredible bargain.  Gotomeeting is also included with this.  That’s the service where everyone is on the same phone line and you as the moderator can switch around who’s computer screen you see.  Mostly used for collaborations or meetings with employees.

With GotoWebinar, people with shitty internet service can call in and listen over the phone and still hear you.

You can edit and record your events with this service with PC’s, not with Mac as of April 2009.  So if you have a Mac and this is still in effect, you’ll want an associate with a PC to record the event on his computer.

You can use recordedmoments.com to also work around this issue.  They’ll record the event & upload it in whatever format you want to whatever site you want them to.  When you go to their site, you’ll see their list of testimonials is mighty impressive.

The files created by GotoWebinar are wmd files.  These aren’t the best for streaming video online so you want to be able to get them into the Flash (FLV) format.  Flash loads fast so people wont be annoyed that you video keeps stopping or takes forever to start.

The service he uses to convert these videos for Mac is Any Video Converter Pro… http://www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video/ .

For PC, the best they’ve found was Allok Software… http://www.alloksoft.com/flv_converter.htm.

You want to convert to FLV because it’s the best format for streaming online.

From here you want to store it here http://aws.amazon.com/s3/ .  You want Amazon.com to host your little bit of video code.  Not your website, just the video code.

You can use a program called Easy S3… http://ezs3.com/ to generate this code.  This program integrates with your S3 account to make this process brain dead simple.  You go there, select upload, pick a file, pick a folder to put it into and you hit transfer and it uploads it through your server.

Then you go to the folder it put it on ezs3 and you pick a player to show the video on you site.  Then it shows you the video ready to play and below it is the code that you just copy and paste into your website.

There’s a ton more you can do to customize this but as I’ve explained it is how Kirt went through and made one.  It’s really simple.

You can also use Camtasia… http://www.techsmith.com/ to capture this video instead of worrying about converting the video and worrying about wmd format not playing.

Just these having the links to these sites is worth the price of admission and your visit to this post.  You won’t believe how much time & grief these resources are gonna save you.

What To Present on The Webinar

When you’re looking to sell with a webinar, rather than just present, the only difference would be that after you’ve presented your content there’d be an offer at the end.

Make sure that if your trying to sell, that the title of the webinar and the promise has not only what you’re teaching but also ties into what you’re selling.

His example:  “Zero to Hero: Build a $100k/Year PPC Advertising Biz in 90 Days or Less”

He likes to establish credibility at the start of the presentation… The whole “Why you should pay attention to me” shtick.  Here’s where you show any and everything that makes you an authority on your topic.

YOUR WEBINARS MUST HAVE CONTENT.  The last thing you want is for anyone to show up and feel they’ve been tricked.  You should never be ashamed of selling on a webinar but you should be embarrassed if you don’t offer people any value in the content you provide on your webinar.

Everyone should walk away from your presentation with something of value whether they’ve bought or not.  Make sure you aren’t doing the whole “When you buy my _______ you’ll be able to do this,” bullshit.

Error on the side of giving away too much information.

He believes your last 15-20 minutes of your webinar should be spent on your close.  Most people are hesitant to spend that much time doing so because there’s still some part of them that’s afraid of asking people for money.

The easiest way to get around this fear is to insert as many case studies/testimonials as you can into your presentation.

Do this at the end when you go into your close.  He uses video testimonials he got.  You always want some part of your presentation to have the social proof in it of “Here’s what other people have done with X” in it.

Once you’ve given over an hour of content you’ve earned the right to offer your services.  Never cheat the close.  Give at least 15 minutes to talk about what your product or service can do for them.

Important: He takes people through his browser to the order form and explains everything the see there.  Basically reads it because he doesn’t want to leave anything out.

On his order forms he has two guarantees.  One unconditional and one conditional.  His conditional is brilliant.  Here it is…

Get your first 5 paying clients in 90 days, document everything, and let me use your story to promote the course and I’ll give you your entire investment back as a “Thank You” for helping me with my marketing!”

He’s never had anyone take him up on this even though he’s had people succeed with it.  It’s his belief that once people feel like you’ve given them massive value, they’d feel like a cheapskate asking for their money back.  Almost like they were cheating you.

And most people never get to completion anyway so they don’t qualify but they’re still happy because they got some result.

Just make sure that if you do this you don’t set the bar too high.

Also they have everything set up to where if someone did qualify and ask for their rebate, they ask them if because this product worked so well for them if they want their $2,000 back in the form of other products they sell.

Pretty slick, huh?

Formula: He likes to teach an entire process of how to do something by hand and then sell the automated way of doing it.  This way everyone gets value and understands that faster usually costs money.

Then he makes the transition by saying “How would like to work with me directly and I’ll show you exactly how to do this… Then he goes into testimonials, then to the offer.

Always do at least an hour of content.

Landing Pages:

GotoWebinar can generate opt-in/registration pages but they suck.

Here’s the sample page he gives to go check out:  ppcmanagementtraining.com/sample/

This page is getting between a 50-60% opt-in rate so make sure you save it to model your pages after in one of your tests.

He likes to use the count down along the top of the page of how many lines are available to lead people into believing there’s a demand here.  You want to adjust this by hand periodically to the real number.

Eric Graham, the conversion doctor designed this page for them so you might want to go look up some of his product, The Ultimate Conversion Booster.

He just shot the video on his laptop camera.  Likes to use the countdown timer.  Make sure your web geek or you know how to change the one piece of code you need to make sure all this info’s going to the id of your specific GotoWebinar.

In his form he asks for the phone number and doesn’t require but gives a reason below as to why he wants it…

“Call me ‘old fashioned’, but I like to follow up with everyone who attends the webinar.  I do this to make sure you get the most out of it & have a chance to answer any questions you have.  If you’re open to a brief follow-up please enter your phone number below.”

He gets tons of numbers by doing this.

What’s cool is that Gotowebinar keeps stats of everything that happened for your call.  You get attendee, registration and performance reports.

What you want to look at is the registration report. You can get the info in html or in excel which is really cool.  Now you can import anyone who registered and didn’t attend who are not already on your list, into your own list without having to double opt them in.

He uses List Mail Pro to do this… http://www.listmailpro.com/

A service like aweber wants confirmed optins so you can’t import them here.

In GotoWebinar people have the ability to type questions during the event and your attendee report will show you who asked what question, tells you how long they kept on the main screen, how long they stayed on.

This webinar is focused on mechanics of what programs to help you make this process easier.  The seminar you really want to get your hands on in order to know how to write all the copy and what kind of copy to write to maximize the money you haul in would be Clayton Makepeace’s “ONLINE PROFIT MULTIPLIER” program.  It amazingly detailed about all the how many times to mail, writing your webinar script, writing email invites, everything that works for him and what doesn’t.  It’s a can’t lose purchase if you want amazing results from the webinars you host. What’s great about what you’re getting is that none of what’s here was covered in the 12 module course that is Online Profit Multiplier.

He always takes questions in the middle of the call, never at the end when trying to sell.  The last thing you want to do is de-rail your sales process.

Follow Up By Phone

He uses phoneburner.com to export the names and phone numbers.  He loads in everyone who attended the webinar and calls them.  Phone burner automates most of this.  It automatically dials the numbers and leaves a message at the push of a button.

So, you have a pre-recorded voicemail and you have an email that’s going to go out to everyone.  The key is that your voicemail isn’t some long winded deal trying to sell something.  You’re simply directing these people to check their email for the message you sent to them.

When you call and get a v mail you click a button and it leaves you v-mail.  When you get someone you just say the same thing to them and say your sending the same email them because your busy, they’re busy and it’ll give them more details.

He can do like 200 dials in 2 hours with this system.  NO ONE DOES THIS.  When’s the last time you heard from a guru, even if was for less than 2 minutes, after you registered for a webinar and watched it or not?  NEVER.

This works great for him.  You can even do the emails through phone burner. It only costs $70.00 bucks a month for 7 hours a month.  What’s cool is you can use your own caller id for this instead of ‘unknown’

You can also import the person’s questions from GotoWebinar.  This makes it seem like you’re really paying attention.

You can even have a virtual assistant do this with a few changes in what they say.

Important: When he talks to someone he stays away from trying to sell. He just asks for feedback about the webinar and he lets the website do the selling for him.

Alright, that’s it for those notes.  What a pain in the ass.  This video was jam packed with content.  It took me almost 3 hours to get the notes out of an hour and six minute video.  I gotta get faster at typing.

But hey, now I have a documented process and sites for how to get that amazon thingie going along with all the other cool video converter sites.

I’m going to shoot some hoop.

Talk to you again soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

P.S. If you want access to the other 2 plus hours of content that made up last nights Ultra Product Launch module on how to create desirable content to give away to people in order to build their trust in you as a guru, CLICK HERE

P.P.S.  Remember… I’ve decided to commit to spending at least One Hour of my time responding to any thoughtful question or comments made about posts I’ve written.  I’m not perfect yet and after spending hours writing this I’ve had to leave some stuff out.  So feel free to point out anything I wasn’t crystal clear on.  What you say might exhaust the whole hour (if you’ve seen my responses in previous posts you’ll see I don’t wimp out here).  And, if  it’s of the ” ‘Great’ or ‘Shitty’ post” type, it may not warrant any further elaboration but yet will be oh so appreciated.   I’m here for you and I’d love to hear your voice.  Just let me know what you have a question about in today’s topic.  The doors open so go on ahead and deepen our relationship today by coming on in and talking to me.

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