This is the kind of love your customers will show you when you lower their resistance

This is the kind of love your customers will show you when you lower their resistance

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It’s #2.

The insights I’m about to share with you come from one of the finest marketing minds on Planet Earth.  The man who’s genius I’ll be passing on to you today is named Clayton Makepeace.

He’s world re-known as The Highest Paid Living Copywriter. This is a man who’s hauling in over $100,000.00 a month just from the marketing prowess he weaves in his webinars. And as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I believe his ability to produce amazing results comes not from his writing ability but from his vast marketing intelligence.

The writing is an outpouring of everything he knows about influence.  Not about English grammar and sentence structure mechanics.  I’m telling you this because I’m not entirely certain as to whether you feel in your heart of hearts you’re capable of writing copy that sells.

I’m here to tell you the ‘writing’ part of ‘copywriting’ is the least important factor.  It’s the engineering, the structure of the key points that matter most.

You don’t have to be as witty as Clayton or as prolific as a Danielle Steele selling 580 million copies of her novels.  I just bought one of her books and while reading it let’s just say I’ve been asking only one question when I think of how many books she’s sold vs. the 65 Million my favorite fiction author, John MacDonald has and that question is…


The thought put into her expression of life situations, descriptions of characters and the dialogue don’t even compare to MacDonalds.  While reading this book I could say it’s so basic, not just in language but also plot, that a sixth grader could flop from the elementary reading level of Judy Blume directly into this and feel likes there’s no difference.  So far.

I haven’t gotten to any steamy sex scenes yet but I’m betting MacDonald smacks her down there too.  As you can tell, I’m a fan boy of John’s.

Maybe that’s Danielle’s secret.  She focuses less on depth and makes sure there’s a structure there any idiot could follow.  This could be said to be the winning formula for writing copy.

You don’t have to be a great writer to sell in print or pixel.  Just make sure you follow a structure that allows people to flow through your promise, your proof, and your proposition without stumbling and you’ll be fine.

One of the areas of marketing I’ve feared for the longest time was hosting webinars.

I used to tell myself “You can write sales copy but you kinda blank out when you’re put on the spot, like on the phone or in person.  So obviously trying to communicate over the phone while streaming a video for people might lead to embarrassment.”

And then I saw some guys seminars where they just read the slides word for word and thought “Eccch, I don’t want to be the slide-reading-guy.”

Not anymore.

I Found The Answer To Never Being Afraid Of What You’d Say On a Webinar

My last post talked a little bit about what to say to influence during a webinar but it was mostly focused on the mechanical tools to streamline the process.

As I mentioned in that post, Clayton Makepeace’s product called “Online Profit Multiplier” is the ultimate resource for knowing what to write, when, and how often to make your webinars bring home maximum dollars.

I looked today at Clayton’s webstore to see how much this program sells for but you can’t even buy it there.  It’s completely off the market.

This is unfortunate for you in an economic turn like this because this program shows you step-by-step how with minimal resources and a little bit of sweat… you can make some real fuckin’ money.

You can thank Clayton for making this one of the only places available for you to get this information now.  You can’t buy it from him and you maybe, just maybe could scrounge a copy on ebay.

I’ve already started putting the notes together for this program and I can have them ready for sure by the end of the month.

The thing is I want to be sure you want these before I mind map the whole 12 module program, transform it into a word doc, clean up all the errors, highlight, bold and enlarge key points, and then re-transform it into a snazzy PDF for you.

For all the notes I have that I don’t offer you, I just leave them as mindmaps.  Just doing that part is enough work for me.  So, you’ve gotta post below to let me know if I should hit the books or not.

Post a comment below that simply says “I’m in” or email me at the same note and I’ll know whether you’re open to this or not.

Please understand that when you go to Clayton’s webstore and look at his product list… I OWN IT ALL.

So, when I tell you this program is GOLD, I speak from direct experience.  If you can find somewhere to buy it, you should.  It is unbelievable how deep he goes into the strategy behind his making 6 figures a month himself and over $5 million dollars for the clients he doing these online webinar events for.

Today I wanted to talk to you about… The 7 Reasons Why Webinars Melt Your Prospects Resistance.

1st Reason: Produces Enormous Engagement With Prospects And Customers.

Clayton had nearly 40% of his list attend the conference he put on to sell Online Profit Multiplier.

What happened on the event?

You got to hear Clayton talk for 90 minutes giving valuable information that could make you money.  No fluff.  Just uncut, raw breakthroughs.

During this time you could hear his concern for you was genuine and he did such a marvelous job of selling the event that if you were the ideal customer, you came away from it excited about what you were about to do with this coaching program.

And, feeling closer to him because you understood his motivation for offering it and because you’d spent the time with him at the event, you’ve been able to hear his voice, ask some questions, and you received things of value from him absolutely free.

2nd Reason: Establishes You As a Spokesperson, As Your Prospect’s Champion

Instead of being the salesman in this confrontational arrangement, Clayton was able to move around the desk and sit next to you and say…

“Let’s do this together.  I’m not here to sell you something.  I’m here to take you by the hand and show you something that’s making my clients tens of millions of dollars every year.  And it’s making me 6 figures every single month.  And because I’m concerned about you and what you’re facing in this economy in your business today, I’m giving you this free.”

Then he moved on from there and gave a lot of value in that period of time.

Anyone with minimal resources could’ve taken what he talked about there and run with it, without buying a thing from him.  They got tremendous value.

3rd Reason:  Eliminates the drumbeat of daily promo’s

You’ve had the experience of signing up for an ezine and then getting hammered with “buy, buy, buy” emails.

With OPM you spend a good amount of time doing nothing but asking them to accept something of tremendous value for free.

You set up big pay days with events instead of having to go out and chase everyday and risk coming across to your customers and prospects as a needy desperate jack hammer.

4th Reason: Extends Average Customer Lifetime and Value

People will stay with you longer because they see you as a champion who’s trying to help them through the challenges they face.

The emails you’re sending them are invitations asking them to please register, please come to this event, don’t miss it.  What’s great is that you can mix it up and offer webinars every once in a while that don’t sell anything which will keep people from assuming you’re only out to pitch.

5th Reason:  Produces High Response Rates

Think about this.  What if you created one of these 90 minute webinars and made it your front end offer tied to all of your Pay Per Click advertising?

When you use this system the way Clayton shows you how you’ll only be putting together either timeless material or timely material that addresses an issue of the moment.

You get the double benefit of not only extending the longevity of customers on your list but also have one more sexy attraction mechanism to pull people into your world.

And your list loves it because…

6th Reason: Never Gets Old

Clayton’s been providing this service for his clients file now for a year and almost every month they break their attendance record for previous events.

The more people attend these things the more they want to register for the next one, when you know the right way to structure them.

Someone who’s doing a magnificent double agent job of this is Eben Pagan.

Lately, when people have been doing a launch instead of just sending out affiliate emails to make money, he steps it up a notch, does an interview with the guru, uses the classic direct marketing urgency classic of a deadline, and tells you when and where to go to get a gift.

He brings value first, then if you liked what you got, you can get more by clicking on the link provided.

7th Reason: Can Be Used To Sell Products Or Services Or,

To Qualify Leads For a Two Step Sales Cycle

Doesn’t matter what you’re selling or if you have multiple step selling process, for the reason stated before when you’re hosting a webinar you always ask for their email so you can send them their registration details.

This allows you re-contact new prospects or people who demonstrated and interest in the topic of discussion.

If you’re selling a smaller ticket item you can just send them to the sales letter after the presentation.

And this is probably the ultimate method to use for a big ticket item that’s gonna need a live salesperson to close on.  When you do these webinars right, it makes who ever asks for an appointment a white hot prospect so the resistance is almost nil.  No more hard closing or trying to convert zombified dead leads.

There you go.  7 Awesome Reasons To Embrace The Idea Of Using Webinars

Now, I mentioned earlier that my last post gave you the resources to facilitate this webinar process.   Use everything listed there.  Those sites and tools are gonna streamline that end of the process for you.

And don’t forget to post a comment below that simply says “I’m in” or email me at the same note and I’ll know whether you’re open to dissecting this program for you or not.

Talk to again soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

P.S. Whether or not you’d like me to put notes of this program together for you, you’ll be head and shoulders above the pack once you understand the 31 principles you want to touch on during your webinars that turn plain prospects and customers into raving fans.  To find out the 31 secrets Dan Kennedy uses to do this, CLICK HERE

P.P.S.  Remember… I’ve decided to commit to spending at least One Hour of my time responding to any thoughtful question or comments made about posts I’ve written.  I’m not perfect yet and after spending hours writing this I’ve had to leave some stuff out.  So feel free to point out anything I wasn’t crystal clear on.  What you say might exhaust the whole hour (if you’ve seen my responses in previous posts you’ll see I don’t wimp out here).  And, if  it’s of the ” ‘Great’ or ‘Shitty’ post” type, it may not warrant any further elaboration but yet will be oh so appreciated.   I’m here for you and I’d love to hear your voice.  Just let me know what you have a question about in today’s topic.  The doors open so go on ahead and deepen our relationship today by coming on in and talking to me.

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