SexDrugsRockNRollHere’s a reality check: Your hottest prospects don’t care a bit about how hard you work, your most loyal customers will abandon you for a better bargain, and you will not make a single sale in business or in life based on the idea of “helping someone else”.

When it comes to understanding salesmanship and the behavior of your fellow human beings, just remember “It’s all about me”.

Learning how to “see” the underlying reason and motivations for behavior of people you deal with can be chilling and just plain gut wrenching, at first.

Most folks live on the surface of life. They either don’t know how to look deeper, or don’t want to know what’s going on.

Jus give me my MTV and shut up already about all that complex shit. I’m just chill ling! And please don’t make me think.

This is why it’s lonely to be one of those rare breed of aliens that actually want to think for themselves.

Do you know that almost all advances in the human race and as individuals are all about war, sex, or vanity?

I’m in the fund raising business and it’s taken me quite some time to understand this very idea as applied to what I do. You can appeal all you want to the higher ideals of your audiences – whether it’s to save the children or the whales – and it won’t raise squat. Until you put in some solid benefits that affect the prospect directly.

“It’s Still All About Me”

Most people don’t go to charity balls because they give a rats ass about the rain forest or whatever. They go because they get to dress up and be seen. And eat a good meal with some heavy hitters. Be part of a unique and special group.

Or they give money to cover their own guilt.

Or they give because they have been personally affected by the problem or organization.

It’s important as individuals and salesman to understand the mostly unconscious motivations behind people’s behavior. Because… if you think they’re going to buy from you because you’re cute, or you really, really, like them, or because you really love your product or ….. because you “need” them to help you… well you have another thing coming.

I’m not a cynic nor am I a people hater. I just understand the things that drive human being.

Yes, this includes my very best friends and the people I respect the most. I have no illusions. It’s still all about them. Best friends are quite capable of stealing your girlfriend or stabbing you in the back. Or abandoning you in a crisis. Or even secretly agreeing with your enemies that you had it coming after the fact.

I’ve been in all types of situation in life. I’ve watched my biological Father blows someone’s head off in front of me. I’ve been shot at. I’ve stole and been stolen from. I’ve cheated and been cheated on. I’ve felt healthy and felt like I was going to die tomorrow. I’ve broken hearts and had mine crushed beyond repair. I’ve felt the wrath of friends who did not want to see me succeed and have had a twinge or two of jealousy when others achieve success. It’s been a soap opera. Yes, I’ve been on all sides of situations that rival a Shakespearian play.

All this goes into the mix in qualifying me to understand human nature and psychology. No book can substitute real human emotion and actual participating in the events that cause them. This, I believe, helps me to understand other people’s experience. And, because I’ve tried to pay attention and study the motivations hidden underneath our actions, I have learned to understand other people’s desires.

You can’t be a good salesman if you ignore the reality of human behavior and desires; which include; Greed, hunger, sex, popularity, bargains….the almost overwhelming desire to be richer, happier, and healthier than everyone else.

Most want their kids to be smarter and better looking, and we want to stay young forever.

We want to have the sexual mojo of Austin Powers with the sexuality of Elvis Presley.

And, we want this to happen fast, without risk. Oh… Almost forgot… we don’t want to have to break a sweat either. Please just give us a pill.

No person or customer is different. Ask the great marketing consultant Dan Kennedy says: “A customer is a customer is a customer”.

Good marketers and salesman and students of human psychology react quickly to changing conditions.

But Great and Outstanding ones do some crystal ball gazing, and learn how to predict the profit curve a little ahead of everyone else.

In today’s world there are a lot of Wine and Beer connoisseurs. They like fine wines and complex beer.

This love takes them far away from the bland stuff at the local 7 – 11.
Let a die hard Bud Fan takes a gulp of that fancy $200 bottle of wine and he’ll puke. And he’ll look at you like you’re some kind of alien.

He’ll ask you if you’re French or one of those other Aliens, you know….. The Rich.

As a salesman you’ve got to stay in touch with the Bud Guy. Why, because if you believe you’re above the uncivilized habits of the masses they will feel it and in the end you will not be able to fool them.

This, by the way, is why I laugh when guys in three piece suits, that never say a swear word, and talk with proper language try to “get through” to local troubled youth. This just isn’t going to happen. You’ve got to get down in the dirt and get a little yucky before you can bring them out of there with you.

Never forget this: Get over yourself and stay grounded in the masses. Know who they are, how they speak, and what they want.

The profile of our current and next generation of consumers in this country have never voted in their lives, don’t have a clue how they are going to pay rent, sink every single penny of expendable income into “Pimping Their Rides”, few of them can name a book they’ve read, and they can’t identify the vice president of the United States

This may be a bit of dramatization but…

These are your customers, your clients, the people you share the roadways with, the people who work next to you, and move in down the block.

They’re good people, too, mostly. They’ll stop and help you if you’re stranded on the side of the road without expectation of a reward.

My entire family lies at the bottom of this pile. I’d probably be happy there as well.

But, eventually, I get a little bored with small talk and Jerry Springer and … I have to say it… the lack of awake – ness in the general population.

Remember this Mr. Salesman or if you just want to get along with your neighbors better: Half of em don’t vote, most don’t read much, they don’t like complexity and thrive on simplicity, they want it now or faster, and they don’t entirely trust anyone who’s too wealthy or talks too fancy.

Like it or not these are the demographics.

Get hip, to get rich. It’s all about them.

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