Are You Gettin Deep Enough?

Are You Gettin Deep Enough?

Get Real Deep

I’ve spent most of my life in what I’ll call Shallow Blundering. After reading something of interest today I’ve come to the conclusion that you and I don’t have to go through life like this. Rather life or business, there is a lesson in this…..I promise.

What is Shallow Blundering? It means that you don’t take the necessary time to prepare yourself to succeed at the highest level. This could be a new project at work or a vacation you’re about to take.

You can go on a vacation or start a new project – without really knowing a thing about it. And you might even survive to a degree, if you know enough to stay out of harms way. If however, you are not cautious you may get in trouble.

Just like going on vacation to Los Angeles and “accidentally” finding yourself driving down a dead end street full of gang members and getting shot at or walking down an alley full of crack heads.

This type of blindness will eventually get you in trouble.

Next, you can prepare yourself for the adventure. By reading, looking on the internet, asking friends.

Get a map and travel guide or go to the library and get all the books about your project.

This is not hard with the advent of the internet. Hell…. It’s even free. Just a little time and your vacation or project becomes something completely different and much more satisfying.

I can’t tell you how many times I went on Vacation or out to eat only to find myself driving in circles and eventually just calling it a day because of my inability to make a decision because I didn’t have any information.

Finally, you can Go Real Deep.

Once you’ve educated yourself and done the proper research you now know how to go deep. All you have to do is find the people in the area you’re doing work in or on your vacation in and ask questions. You see…..the locals and insiders can lead you in the right direction and give you an education you can’t get anywhere else.

Have a new project? Call the company and speak with the janitor, engineers, salesman, and accountant …. That’s going deep. Once you’re on vacation get out into the local vibe and begin to ask questions about the things you’ve read and then once you’ve verified the facts you’re on your way to an adventure and fun rather then frustration and grief.
Next time I’m going on Vacation…. I’m going Deep so that I can have some fun for once

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