This guys webinars will never be the same after he's done reading this post

This guys webinars will never be the same after he's done reading this post

Hey You,

It’s #2.

Has the idea of idea of making a video sales presentation ever scared the shit out of you?

It has me.

For years, I was clueless about what to say, when, and for how long.  And then, I met up with Clayton Makepeace’s Online Profit Multiplier program.  Now I know.

So do you.

Today I’m giving you step-by-step checklist Clayton  goes through to make sure his webinar scripts produce results like these…

“Every month, this kind of event, attracts up to 40,000 prospective customers for my client. And combined with my proprietary follow-up strategy tactics and copywriting techniques, generates sales of up to $5 million … and pays me royalties of up to $500,000 sometimes more. And I want to show you how these powerful tools can do the same for you.”

–Clayton Makepeace—

Taking The Mystery Out of What To Say, In What Order

The quote from above gave me the idea to coin this post the $500,000.00 Checklist.

As you’re probably aware, the next nerd release will be on the Clayton’s OPM program.  And while what I’m giving you today doesn’t cover the pre-event strategy, follow up strategy, all the copywriting techniques… I’m giving you all 10 of the items that are the backbone that make it possible for Clayton to make himself upwards of $500,000 in royalties from his webinar scripts.

If you’re flat broke and can barely afford to buy peanut butter and Ritz crackers to keep your belly from rumblin’, let alone buy the OPM guide so you can have all the details, please know that by just having this script outline, along with my other posts on webinars, you’re well on your way to making some serious dough.

Might be as much as $500,000.  Might be more.  Might be nothing if you don’t use it.

As you’ll be realizing soon, this checklist is THAT powerful.

I believe Clayton can so seamlessly put together these grand slam webinar events because he’s been trained in making his marketing valuable by way of the magalog.

You know, if you’re lucky enough to be on the right mailing lists, the magazine looking things that show up in your mail box that promise on the cover to unveil…

“Forbidden Cures!  Medically Proven Remedies That Heal Without Drugs or Surgery!  Remarkable Cures CENSORED By Knife-Happy Surgeons and Greedy Drug Companies!

What’s you’ll notice is that these steps are not all that different from the steps you’d take to write a magalog or what Gary Bencivenga coined as a “Trojan Horse, a salesletter offering value before asking for a sale.  As a bonus, to make this post even more special…

I’ll illustrate each point with a block of copy from Clayton’s magnificent swipe file… his “Forbidden Cures” package who’s headline is above, that was mailed to 50+ million people and generated over a million subscribers.

And it all starts with…

Step One:  Establish The Spokesperson’s Credentials

If you’re new to the blog or were out of the country and missed my post about the Two Words That Allow You To Get Anyone To Do Anything You Want.  No Gun & Mask Required. Go here to absorb it…

Part 2 can be ravenously consumed here…

You never ask anyone for anything unless you’ve positioned yourself in the light that allows them to be receptive to you as a person. Reading this post above will make give you black belt training on how to do this.

Here’s the way Clayton worked this kind of magic…


“Who Can You Trust?”

“More than 500,000 people have found an answer in Dr. Julian Whitaker.

As a graduate of both Dartmouth College and Emory University, Dr. Whitaker got the best medical education money can buy.  But even as a young medical student he was appalled by the unfeeling arrogance of doctors who use toxic drugs, painful tests and dangerous surgeries when gentler cures work better!

He set out on a personal search to find “no-side effect” ways to heal.  And that search led him to hundreds of foods, herbs, dietary supplements and new medicines that not only heal, but can help your body resist disease – without side effects!

Like so many health pioneers before him, Dr. Whitaker was attacked by the medical establishment.

They tried to silence him.  Drug companies tried to buy him off.  When that failed, they did their best to ignore him – hoping he’d just go away.

Instead, he created HEALTH & HEALING – a monthly newsletter dedicated to alerting all of us to this better way to heal.

Dr. Whitaker is the best selling author of five books on “no-side-effect” healing, including, Reversing Heart Disease, and he is in high demand internationally as a speaker on alternative health care.

In addition, Dr. Whitaker has helped hundreds of thousands of patients reverse and prevent illness at his clinic in Irvine, California, in monthly issues of his Health & Healing newsletter, and in his recently published 129 Amazing Medical Secrets.

Now as good as that quick bio was I believe what you’ll learn in the posts I gave you links to above goes to next level of effectiveness.  Especially if you’re going to cold prospects.

Step 2: Dimensionalize The Problem

There’s always a problem.

Even when you’re speaking to a desire.  The best always want to be better, the models always want to look hotter, the rich always want to get richer.

Make sure you’re identifying the problem they face, what it means, how it limits his life, his happiness, his success.

Let’s dig into how Clayton did this in this piece…

Why Medical Racketeers Want These Drug-Free Cures BANNED!

Foods That Unleash Your Body’s Remarkable Healing Power!

DOCTORS mean well.  Sure, there are a few scoundrels, (see page 12 of this magazine) but most doctors were never taught about anything but drugs and surgery.  And frankly, they don’t have the time to keep up with all the latest studies – let alone tell you and all their other patients about them.

DRUG COMPANIES aren’t so innocent.  They’re in the business to make money.  And that means pushing drugs – even if those drugs aren’t necessarily good for you.  If that wasn’t bad enough, they use their enormous wealth to CENSOR safer, better ways to heal.

SURGEONS know one way to heal.  If you talk to a brick mason about building a house, you’re going to get a brick house.  If you talk to a surgeon about getting well, he’s going to start sharpening his scalpel.  Unfortunately some greedy surgeons couldn’t care less whether the operation is safe or will do you any good!

Step 3: Identify the Enemy

As you can clearly tell, the above step was killing two birds with one stone. Here you want to answer the question as to why this problem exists or hasn’t been solved.

Witness Clayton work his more of his mojo here…


That Heal and Protect You

From Illness

MEDICAL LABS and HOSPITALS don’t make money until you’re sick enough to see a doctor.  Helping you stay healthy is the last thing on their minds!  But that’s only the beginning of the scandal – see page 12 for more! (Nerd #2 note: “Page 12” Great device to create anticipation of more “gifts” to come within the ad)

NEWS REPORTERS try to tell you, God bless them.  But often they just add to the confusion.  They’re not doctors.

They don’t understand the significance of new medical findings.  That’s why their stories are so inaccurate, contradictory and confusing.  I’ll begin clearing up that confusion, starting on page 6 of this report…

THE GOVERNMENT may be your worst enemy of all.  Congress and the Food and Drug Administration have actually made it a crime for vitamin makers and health food stores to tell you about these amazing new therapies.  Even though some of the most respected scientific institutions in the world swear by them!

Step 4: Empathize & Step 5: Paint a Word Picture

I put these two steps together because I found a block of copy that does both masterfully.

While your doing your webinar it helps for the viewer, your potential prospect, to see you as their champion.  You’re the one who’s found out why their horrid problem is not any of their fault.

Everyone’s out to get them.  To mislead them.  You want to empathize with them how their current situation really limits them to.  How it’s costing them time, money, rocky or loss of relationships.

Let them see you understand.  Like Eben Pagan says, “When you can describe someone’s problem to them better than they can, you get instant believability and trust.

Then we want to Paint a Word Picture of how much better it can be once they know what you do. Once you come to their rescue.  Deliver them from this evil & pain.

You want to show them what life is like when these problems don’t exist.  Where fear and frustration is a thing of the past and what happens when their desires are fulfilled.  Let them walk around in the enhanced identity they be living after you’re a part of their life.

And then you tell them why this is going to be true.

Let them in on what you’re going to do with them during this event (webinar) that’s going to breathe life into this picture of glory.  They could feel more confident, more in charge and maybe certain that they know the answers now.

Watch how Clayton’s talks about this here…

A Flood of Healing Power!

The medical industry would love for you to believe that their brand of medicine is the only way to treat you.

Their treatments may not work very well… they may cause uncomfortable, even deadly side effects… they often hurt more than help…and they can’t keep you from getting sick again…

But it’s the only thing they have!

They actually expect you to believe that toxic drugs, painful tests and dangerous surgeries are your best medicine!

BALONEY!  The best medicine isn’t man-made.  The Creator never intended for drug company big shots and other medical fat cats to have a monopoly on healing.  And they don’t!  Nature’s best medicines are in foods, herbs, vitamins and minerals that are available to everyone!

  • You don’t need insurance to be able to afford them!
  • You don’t need a doctor’s permission to get them!
  • You don’t have to be a genius to use them!
  • You NEVER have to worry about dangerous side-effects!
  • And you’ll be amazed at how superior they are to what you’re taking now!

At best, drugs are pale imitations of these natural medicines.  Nature’s pharmacy is filled with natural remedies that help coax your body back to health.  They repair hidden damage in your cells, organs and arteries – something no man-made drug could ever do!

…And still others contain substances that guard against future illnesses – even heart disease and cancer.  I defy any pharmaceutical company to show me an artificial drug that does all that!

When you give your body these things, it’s like a flood of healing power washes over you and through you!

In the next few pages, I’ll help you start filling every cell in your body with these powerful healing nutrients.

“90 days from now, I see you feeling better than ever!

…FINALLY LIBERATED from health problems your doctor can’t solve…

…STAYING WELL… and away from America’s money-hungry medical machine…

…CONFIDENTLY PROTECTING yourself from illness – including heart disease, stroke and cancer…”



15 Minutes Down, 45 or More To Go

You’re going to want to spend at least the first 15 minutes of your call Pre-Framing your prospects.  Without this, people will be more inclined to bail and more tragically, even if they do make it to your offer at the end, never even read your salesletter.

Now we move onto…

Step 6: Now You Present Actionable Information or Content

The key here is proof.

You’ve got to find a way to demonstrate that what you say really works.  You’ve got to someway help them come to the brain dead solution through and exercise of logic on the event where they can say to themselves, “Yeah, I can do this.”

Then you can also pile on top of that the Social Proof Factor.  This where you could be interviewing other people on the event about how they had problems and after they did what you’re telling them… they’re free as a lark.

Listen how Clayton weaves this into page 10 of 29 in his promo…

Spare Yourself The Agony of Kidney Stones

Ask anyone who’s had one:  Nothing hurts worse than a kidney stone!  Fortunately, it doesn’t have to happen to you…

In 1974, two doctors at Harvard Medical School gave 300 mg of magnesium oxide (a mineral supplement available in any health food store) and 10 mg of Vitamin B6 to 149 patients, each of whom had one or more kidney stones annually.

Exciting Results! The year before, the test group had 194 kidney stones.  But when they started taking magnesium oxide and vitamin B6, the group had only 16 stones all year!  That’s a 92% reduction!

Step 7: Present The Ultimate Solution

Here’s how to walk someone dreamily down to the inevitable conclusion that your perspective is one to be trusted…

Many Medical Tests are Hazardous To Your Health!

A seven year study of 90,000 women, ages 40-59, showed that those who had regular mammograms were subjected to twice the surgical procedures and more mastectomies than those who didn’t – and yet life expectancy is exactly the same!

This Useless Medical Test Kills 4,500 People Every Year!

Even doctors admit that 900,000 unnecessary angiograms are done every year in the U.S. alone.  And 4,500 people die needlessly as a result.


Hospitals are Lethal!

Each year, two million patients pick up hospital infections that they didn’t have before they were admitted.  Of those about 60,000 die from the infection.

The Best Kept Secret in Modern Medicine!

There is a better way! It just doesn’t make any sense to turn your life over to doctors, druggists, hospitals, insurance companies!  Especially when it’s so easy to get healthy and stay that way, using the natural therapies nature intended for you!


Step 8: Call To Action

This is where we veer off the traditional path.

We sell at this point in the event but we don’t try to sell our product here.  It’s all about showing some leg and nothing more now.  At this point we’re in the last 15 minutes of the video.

You say something to effect of “We’re about to launch a product that can really help you out with this problem but I can’t tell you about it now” and then you tell them what they have to do to find out out more about it…

“Click the link on this page to go to our special report… which in reality, is a sales page.  Or “Come to this blog and I’ll tell you more about it…”  Or… “Send us an email and tell us you’re interested and we’ll give you a call.”

You’re not selling here.  You’ve just spent 50 minutes becoming the person’s friend so you don’t want blow all of that by going Sham Wow Guy on them.  You want to keep the warm fuzzy feelings alive and get them off of the call in this state so they’re highly motivated to act.

Step 9: Present the “Horrifying Alternative”

Now it’s crossroads time.

You simply say something like… “Only one of two things is gonna happen here.  Either we’re gonna go on together or we’re gonna go on separately.  You’re gonna continue dealing with the situation you’re dealing with now or you’re gonna be proactive and take action and resolve this issue.”

Now you show them all the nasty shit that’s going to rain down on them if the don’t act.

Here’s how Gary Bencivenga’s favorite closer brings his “Forbidden Cures” package to a head…

How Many Times Can You Say “I’ll Do It Tomorrow?”

At this moment, we’re standing at a crossroads, you and me…

Until now, we’ve been headed in different directions.  But I want us to go on from here together.  I want to be you partner in better health.

We’ll do it as a team or… you can live with or anticipate having these common maladies sweep you off your feet…

Migraine headaches… Alzheimers… Rheumatism… Ulcers… Tendonitis… Indigestion… Back Ache… Cancer… Kidney Stones… Diarrhea… and too many others to name here.

People who don’t know what you and I have talked about HAVE TO live with these maladies.  You don’t.  Not anymore.

Step 10: Final Call To Action

Once again, we don’t have time to do a full spiel about what we’re selling, nor do we want to blow the good will we’ve built up so…

We merely slide into something like this…

Please let me hear from you soon.  I’m looking forward to telling you what the medical industry won’t and guiding you to safer, gentler ways to heal!

Yours For Better Health,

Joe Schmoe Bambadda

Can you see how this process is different and where it can have a huge impact on the impression your prospects have about you and what you can do for them?

If you do make sure you don’t miss the special pricing we’re offering for the pre-release of the notes of this entire system.  As much as I’ve handed you today (9 pages of a word doc), enough to get started in fact, without having the notes, there’s so much I can’t cover here.

And the system is what makes Clayton and his clients the big bucks.


So, if what I talked about today makes sense to you, and believe now that you can make money with just the $500,000.00 Checklist, you best find that email and get your pre-order in. I’m out.  Going to have a couple beers and an 8″ tall piece of cheese cake.

Talk to you again soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

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