Are You Stuck? Can't Seem To Get Moving? Use These 5 Strategies To Get Yourself Going Again..

Are You Stuck? Can't Seem To Get Moving? Use These 5 Strategies To Get Yourself Going Again..

Have you taken that intimidating trek into the basement of your soul? Have you started to make those necessary changes that you’ve been putting off for 5, 10, 15, maybe 40 years?

You have a choice as a human being: You can live your life like everyone else, numb and snoozing and oblivious to what life has to offer .. or you can take on the job of waking yourself up, and grap a seat at the game of life. Waking up means not using the Shit Box (T.V.) as your window to the world…and actually taking the time to read the great books of this past century…. Or just sitting outside and watching the clouds with your children for the afternoon.

You see…. If you’re not reading the good books, meeting good people, and taking time for yourself and your family then you’re for sure sleep walking through life.

So after reading some very “High End” books by some “High End” people recently I’m going to share some of the strategies that I’m going to try and weave into my life.

One: Stop Beating Your Head Against the Wall!

If you are not having fun with what you are doing then you’ve gotta change immediately. One super successful consultant had an extremely successful coaching business in which he was making well over one million dollars per year from. However, it was ripping his heart out and exausting him.

It was a project that absolutely made sense for him to do.

But it was killing his will to live. He was at the point where he was just sleep walking through life.

The money coming is was irrevelant. The project was snapping his life force. The cash was a pair of handcuffs, chaining him to commitments that took all his time and left him lifeless. So……He got rid of it …… an act of amazing courage.

First off….Money is important and do not let anybody tell you any different. However, it should never be your measuring stick.

You and I may be stuck in what I’ll call “Starvation Thinking” … the notion that what we are doing or that every opportunity coming our way is going to be the last one we can ever count on. This is beyond stupid. If there is anything I’ve come to learn it’s that we live in a world of limitless opportunity. The need for “guys” who know how to market and bring the money in is endless.

So our first step down the right path would be to take a good hard look at our life as it is today and do some rearranging.

Sometimes we just have to move the sofa from one side of the room to the other. Meaning that we don’t have to make radical changes but just small changes to what we are already doing.

Two: Keep it Simple Stupid

This may be simple in nature but it is probably one of the most repeated success strategy I read from people who make things happen. Keep your focus narrow and limited to two or three things at a time. It’s immature to believe you can “have it all” or increase your happiness by spreadind yourself to thin, trying to be all things to all people. When setting your goals remember not to be unrealistic…. And trim thins down to what can actually happen.

Third: Cut the Never Ending Back – End

No Never Ending Back – End Shit Head. I’m the Shit Head by the way.

This means not starting projects tht go on and on and on, so that you are nailed to commitments for a very long time. At least until you’ve thougth what these commitments mean to your life and your future.

By not looking at the consequences of the decisions you make today you will eventually bury yourself alive.

Fourth: Guard Your Time Like a Ravaged Pit Bull

People will spend fortunes guarding their “things” but don’t give one damn thought about the only thing we really have and it’s limted by the way……our time.

This means not letting anyone take control of your time. Systematizing everything you do. Paying attention to the key numbers in your life and your business. Make others work on your schedule not the other way around.

Fifth: Never Stop Accessing Your Progress

Steve Jobs, after his bout with cancer, wrote this note. “If today were the last day of my life, would I do what I’m about to do?”

In the End, here is a list I borrowed by an extremely successful business man named Dean Jackson.

These question may seem harsh and unrealistic today but they should be what you are driving for in the end.

“I Know I’m Being Successful When….”

  • I can wake up every day and ask “What would I like to do today?”
  • My passive revenue exceed my lifestyle needs.
  • My family truly likes spending time with me.
  • I can live anywhere in the world I choose.
  • I’m working on projects that excite me and allow me to do my BEST work.
  • I can disappear for several months with no affect on my income.
  • There are no whiny people in my life.
  • I wear my watch for curiosity purpose only.
  • I have not time obligations or deadlines.
  • I wear whatever I want at all times.
  • I can quit at any time.
  • I can say no whenever I choose to and never be scared.

Now Add some question of your own or drop a comment and let me know what you think of this post.

Your Chief Nerd

Dexter Abraham

The Chief Nerd of Nerd Nation

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