Ryan Deiss & Perry Belcher’s 43 Proven, Brain-Dead-Simple Tweaks You Can Make To Your Site, So You Can Make More Money

11.4.09 post

Piggy back on these test results so you don't waste any of your precious traffic

Hey You,

It’s #2.

I know the Chief has expressed his gratitude to you for stepping up big time and getting all in WordPress’s face like an angry coach for “accidentally” suspending our blog.

If the chief and I didn’t have loyal friends like you protesting, it wouldn’t have taken our Junkyard Dog attorney to get everything straightened out but thankfully we didn’t even have to call him.

Now I’d like to thank you by giving you one hell of a set of notes I took on Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher’s 43 Split Test Program. This is where they went through the notes they took on all the tests they ran in multiple industries (not just internet marketing) and broke down the results.

This is perfect for those of you who own this already but haven’t taken notes on it yet.  If you don’t own it and you market online, you should go find it today.  It’s that good.

During Eben Pagan’s “Get Altitude” seminar he asked everyone who split test something on their site, every single day, to stand up.  What he found was that everyone who was standing had a site that was making them over a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR.

My suggestion, take action on at least one of the suggestions today so you can get move beyond the million dollar mark or get closer to meeting it.

Enough said.  Happy plundering…

43 Split Tests

#1 Guarantees

1.1 365 day guarantee increased conversion 5.6%

1.2 Reduced return rate 38% – Huge Impact

1.3 “No Small Print”  weasel clause guarantees

#2 Post Sale Autoresponders

2.1 Changing your follow up autoresponder series to be sent from a “Personal Success Coach” and including 6 messages that help to teach consumption and satisfaction will reduce return rates by 17%.

2.2 Adding video instructional messages will reduce the return rate by about 24%

2.2.1 Can use the flip video for this.  theflip.com or Camtasia

2.3 Instructions, success stories, what to do first – Quick Start Guide – always from the “personal success coach”.  then ask them to give you feedback, NOT testimonials.

2.4 Not always good to have the “Big shot, face of company” emailing everyday, “success coach” gives a different feel.

2.5 People feel better about returning things to a faceless corporation rather than a person.

2.5.1 Most returns come from people not using rather than it not working

#3 Order Form

3.1 Placing testes on the right hand side of your order form will increase conversions 28-30%

3.2 Kennedy’s car dealership story- best car salesman he ever knew had a wall full of pics of smiling customers with their new cars in his office.

3.3 If you’re awesome you’re probably getting 80+% cart abandonment

#4 Payment Area

4.1 Placing a small video in your payment area explaining your site security will increase conversions by 12%

4.2 Get these logos on your site to help create trust in you:  authorize.net, verisign, 128 bit encryption, BBB (Better Business Bureau), hacker safe.com, truste.com, honesteonline.com

#5 Payment Area

5.1 Placing seals from reputable sources like the BBB or Online Business Bureau in your buy areas, next to your buy now buttons, top right corner of site will increase conversions by 13%

5.2 Do Not use the logo or seal if you are not a member!!!

5.3 Take a look at what Amazon and those guys do

#6 Guarantee

6.1 Placing your guarantee in a text box with a seal and a red border can increase conversions by 17%

#7 Offer Look

7.1 Placing a dashed 4 pixel red border around your buy area can increase conversions by 28%

#8 Body Text

8.1 Changing all body text to Arial 12 point font can show a 31-36% increase in readability

8.2 12 point and 12 pixels (Dreamweaver) the same

#9 Headline Colors

9.1 Changing headline to rust-burgundy will increase conversions 28% conservatively

9.2 Lighter shade of blue is a close second

#10 Headline Font and Size

10.1 Changing headline to 20 pt Tahoma font and adding “Quotations” can increase conversion 17%.

#11 Headline Templates

11.1 Changing your headline to one of the following 3 best headlines…

11.2 How to, numbered headlines, 7 ways…good for subject lines, Who else wants—almost impossible to beat… best long form “Discover how a …”

11.3 Consistently increases conversions over more “Creative” headline templates (up to 44%).

#12 Testimonial Boxes

12.1 Creating a yellow (hex={ff,ff,e8}) johnson box and put all testimonials in them can increase conversions 16%

12.2 Never label them as Testimonials: Google hates that language.  Always label as Customer Feedback and even try to use the customer review star system.  Watch out for making every one 5 out 5.

12.3 Use blue (trust) border

#13 Testimonial Headlines

13.1 Make sure you place a red headline on all testimonials and you can increase conversions by 34%

#14 Headlines

14.1 Negative subject lines almost always beat positive ones

14.2 Changing your headline and supporting images to negative can increase conversions 20%

14.3 If it bleeds it leads

14.4 Look to Digg.com’s most popular articles for amazing headlines

#15 Intro Paragraph

15.1 Inserting a drop cap letter into the intro paragraph of your salesletter can increase your readership by 40%

#16 Backgrounds

16.1 Changing your background color to robin’s egg blue (hex={64,95, ED}) triggers trust and can increase conversions 31%

#17: Pre Headline

17.1 Adding the following pre-headline before your headline: “ATTENTION: Blank Discover blank…” can increase conversion by 9%

#18 The P.S.

18.1 Placing very best testimonial below P.S. can increase conversions by 19%

#19 The Opt-in

19.1 Placing a testimonial directly below your optin box can increase optins by 16%

19.2 Not a test for product but for what they get when they optin for

19.3 You get it from someone who bought something from you before and they subscribed from the newsletter or free report/video

19.3.1 All you do is call and ask them if you can do a brief interview with them

#20 Background Color

20.1 Changing from white to light gray (Hex={EE,EE,EE} can increase conversion by 7%

#21 Text Area Width

21.1 Changing sales letter text area from 560 pixels to 600 pixels can result in a 24% increase in scroll rate.

21.2 Perry also never has more than 3 sentences to a paragraph

21.3 95% of people coming to your site don’t buy

21.3.1 3-5% conversion is what we’re looking for

21.3.2 1 in 3 people who scroll will buy.  Which is why it’s important that your opening is good

#22 Scroll Bar

22.1 Changing your scroll bar color to red increase scroll rate by 12%.

22.1.1 Works in I.E., Not Firefox

22.1.2 John Reese uses this

22.1.3 Same color is headline


See document: colour_scrollbar_generator.html


See document: scrollbar.php

#23 Opt-in Box

23.1 Change your opt-in box to look like Yahoo’s email login and moving it to the top right corner of your site can increase your opt-in rate by 77%

23.2 Millions of people pre-programmed to use this format

#24: Live Chat

24.1 Products over $300 awesome idea to have

24.2 Adding live chat to your website can increase conversions by 39%

24.3 Screw yourself if someone’s not working it at all times

24.4 php live support-cheapest-least reliable

24.5 live person.com quite expensive

24.5.1 You can incentivize this person and tell them just for asking your question you can get your 10% off.

24.5.2 Don’t let them get over salesy

24.5.3 Free shipping might outperform any other bonus you can do

#25 Johnson Boxes

25.1 Five really good reasons you should act now

25.1.1 Right above where you ask them to order

25.1.2 People won’t read your letter

25.1.3 People make decision to buy based on your headline

Then they zoom to price to see if they can afford it

Then they go back and read reasons “Not to buy”

Looking for holes in your argument

25.2 Recap of offer in 5 bullet points

25.3 Placing a text box with a light blue background color on your site titled “5 good Reasons to Buy” can increase your conversions by 25%

#26 Order Pages

26.1 Adding a product image or virtual pic to the top of your buy page can increase conversions by 15% and decrease cart abandonment rates dramatically

26.2 The progress bar is something that he uses to…step 1, step 2, step 3

26.3 1 shoppingcart allows you to do this

26.4 quickpaypro.com allows this too.

#27 On-Page Audio

27.1 Adding an audio testimonial at the top of page and setting it to auto play increases conversions up to 11%

27.1.1 Can’t be just you saying to buy-sales message

27.1.2 Testes work best

Perry likes using people with less teeth than a jack-o-lantern in his.

27.1.3 Tell them if they do it they can get a gift from you

27.2 audiogenerator.com

27.2.1 gives a phone # so it’s just like them leaving you a voicemail

27.3 byoaudio.com

#28 Getting Usable Testimonials

28.1 Asking your customers leading questions can increase the number of usable testimonials you get by 100%

28.2 For example ask questions like:

28.2.1 Were you skeptical when you first ordered this product?  Please explain.

28.2.2 Did you get the product on time?  Was the packaging intact and presentable?

28.2.3 Who would you recommend this product to and why?

#29 Testimonials

29.1 Creating a feedback forum on your site and sending customers there can increase the amount of testimonials your customers give you by 800%

29.1.1 Make it look like ebay feedback section

29.1.3 8X more likely to fill in this form than asking them to think me up

30 #30 Buy Options

30.1 Offering customers the option to buy using a payment plan can increase conversions 32%.

30.1.1 Honesty discount if they buy even after choosing payment plan

30.2 However, only about 17% of the sales chose the payment plan

#31 Price Points

31.1 Changing your price point to end with “7” will increase conversions by 13%

31.2 Leave off cents

31.3 Wal-mart everything ends in 7

#32 Signature

32.1 Adding your signature to the top fold of your website right under the testimonial can increase conversions by 19%

32.2 Use for promise headlines

#33 Multiple Order Opportunities

33.1 Offering multiple (first) order opportunities right after the first testimonial can increase conversions by 31%

33.1.1 Then after the guarantee

33.1.2 Then in the order box

33.1.3 Then at the very last bottom of the page

33.1.4 Always at least 4 links to buy in logical places

#34 Price Points

34.1 Adding a retail price with a strike through and then listing a sale price can increase conversions by 14%

34.2 Will get emails asking how long it’s going to be on sale

34.2.1 Answer:  we don’t know how long.  just get it while it’s available

#35 Buy Area

35.1 Placing the credit card emblems in your buy area and making them a hyperlink to your buy link can increase your conversion rate by 3%

#36 Phone Orders

36.1 Placing an 800#  on your site and taking phone orders will increase your conversions by 30%

36.2 Top right corner of the site

36.3 Committing suicide if you don’t have this and you’re selling something over $500.

36.4 everyone has a number they get paranoid about

36.5 Want 800 not 866, or anything else

36.6 answerforce.com

36.7 patlive.com

#37 Keyword-Loaded Domains

37.1 Buying a keyword loaded URL and sending traffic there can reduce your traffic cost by 40%-90% and increase CTR’s and conversions

37.2 Buy top phrases

37.2.1 microphonestands.com

37.2.2 coffeemakers.com

37.3 Better google quality score

37.3.1 Don’t accept superlatives in google ads but you can put it in your domain name-make sure you CAPITALIZE -WORLD’SGREATESTHOTDOGS.COM

#38 Action Word Domains

38.1 Buying URL with action words like “buy now” or “get rid of” and then your main keyword can increase conversions by 19%

38.2 examples:  getridofmicenow.com buydomainnames.com sellyourhousetoday.com

38.2.1 Should be GetRidOfMiceNow.com

38.3 Frames the buyer

38.4 helps you beat your competitors with 4 lines of copy in your adwords

#39 Print Ads

39.1 Directing prospects to an email address rather than sending them to a URL in print ads can increase your opt-ins by 1000%

39.2 By doing this you get their email without having them be stopped by your squeeze page

39.3 getresponse.com doesn’t require you to double optin these people

#40 Declined Orders

40.1 Allowing declined orders to go through and contacting the customer the next day telling them “your system made a mistake” can increase recoveries by 45%.

40.2 60% of online transactions fail.

40.3 Doing this allows you to get all their contact info no matter what

40.4 1shoppingcart.com allows this.

40.5 Most people won’t whether it’s their fault or not will only enter their info once

40.5.1 You should take the blame

40.5.2 Insurance salesman situation- say “I’m so freaking sorry.  I know I was supposed to be at your house and I screwed up and missed our appointment.”

#41 Multiple Sites

41.1 Putting up a review site and listing your product as well as your competitor’s will increase branding as well as allow you multiple streams of income and cheap traffic to your site.

41.2 Put you and your two competitors on a review site you make and then sign up for their affiliate programs.  Then at least you get half of the money instead of none.

41.3 And he never rates his stuff as #1.  Usually sandwiches in between.

41.3.1 Be honest in fleshing out the advantages and disadvantages

41.3.2 most people take middle options

41.3.3 You can make money again if they buy yours and theirs too.

41.3.4 This is how review sites make money

#42 Modeling

42.1 Giving an outsourcer your competitors site to rewrite will give you a sales letter with a different style than yours is written

42.1.1 We want to rewrite our letter.  Here’s the original.  I want a whole new one.

#43 Buy Button

43.1 Adding an Amazon.com style buy button to your site can increase conversions by 14%

43.2 Key elements: Orange background Blue Border “Add To Cart” or “Add To Shopping Basket”

43.3 Orange border with blue text – “Add to Cart” 58% higher click rate than order now

43.4 Over sized buttons are working awesome now…

11.4.09 add_to_cart

43.4.1 almost 300 pixels on bottom of page

43.4.2 This is the time to stick it in their face

43.4.3 People want to know what you want them to do next

If you’ve seen this as valuable, please feel free to share it with your friends.  And once again THANK YOU SO MUCH for your support.  The chief and I greatly appreciate it.

Now go out and test something and bring home some money to spend on shiny bright objects.

Talk to you soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2

P.S. If you think these suggestions are awesome and you want to enhance your testing game even more, I can’t suggest highly enough getting a hold of our notes we took on Stompernet’s Formula 5 program.  That program gives you everything you need to incrementally, systematically increase the profitability of your business.  CLICK HERE to see what I mean…