Are regualar salesletters soon to become antique and old-fashioned?

Hey you,

It’s #2.  It’s been a while but I’m back with notes from one of Ryan Deiss’s newest products on the…

Video Sales Formula

3 Essential Elements

1. HeadlineNeeds to make a promise and give a reason to keep watching

a. You need to call it a Presentation

2. Video Sales Letter Itself

3. Buy Button


1. Video Length: 12 to 24 Minutes (approximately a 6 to 12 page Sales Letter)

2. Ditch the Controls on the video player. Something you can leave is to give them the ability to Pause (they do it by clicking the video).

3. Auto Play – Not Click To Play

Crafting Your Video Sales Letter Offer:

The 12 Part Video Sales Letter Outline (Originated With David Frey)

1. Attention Grabbing Greeting

2. Identify Problem AND Promise to Solve It

3. Establish Video Scarcity – This message won’t be available for ever

4. Aggravate the Problem – Twist the knife so that it forces them to take action

5. Provide the Solution (Your Product)

6. Present the Features and Benefits of your Product

7. Call To Action #1 (Desire Based CTA)

8. Present Your Credentials (Proof, results, examples, testimonials, etc)

9. Give the Guarantee

10. Call To Action #2 (Logic Based CTA)

11. Give Warnings (Deadline, Scarcity, Guilt)

12. Call To Action #3 (Fear Based CTA)

Step 1: Grab Their Attention

“You’re about to discover the one secret “trigger” that forces your body to shed all the ugly and unwanted fat that has plagued you all your life.”

Step 2: Identify The Problem

Example: Why You Don’t Have a Big List…

  • You don’t have a good lead magnet
  • You’re using OLD Squeeze Pages
  • But here’s the biggie… You Only Use Ordinary, Obvious Lead-Capture Methods

Step 3: Establish Video Scarcity

“I’m about to share one of my most closely guarded “Trade Secrets”.  I will only have it online for a short time (and for good reason as you’re about to see) so watch it now while you can…”

Step 4: Aggravate The Problem: using reference for one of his stock market businesses

“To put it another way, your current approach…

…is why you’re wrong more times than you’re right…

…is why you’re still nervous when it comes time to pull the trigger…

…is why you’re not profiting consistently and why you’re still looking for a better trading system…”

Step 5: Provide the Solution

Introducing the Undercover List Building System (Product Image)

Step 6: Features and Benefits

Example: Undercover List Building System…

  • How I get killer lead magnets for free
  • My no brainer 2 step lead gen process
  • Info squeezes for under %50
  • My entire webinar capture process
  • K.I.S.S. Sandwich and Proof pages
  • The “Y” method patch selection
  • My Highest Converting Offers Explained

These are the bullets from Ryan’s video and just make sure that when you state your claims you also insert “So that…” or “This means…” and you tell them what the feature means to them.  “I’m gonna show you how I get killer lead magnets for free.  This means you NEVER have to worry about piling more work on your plate because I’m gonna show how to get lead magnets other people have already invested time in producing.”

If you want a super in-depth education on how to make your bullets sing make sure you read this post…

Step 7: Call To Action #1 (Desire)

This CTA should be simple. You’re trying to grab all of the low hanging fruit here, meaning all the people who don’t need any more prompting, they’re in heat, ready for action.  Ryan has found that orange and blue combination of button works best for them.

Step 8: Present Credentials (Proof, results, examples, testimonials, etc)

Here’s what happened when I used this system… (proof image – charts-graphs-articles-reviews)

In this part Ryan just totally avoided the idea of what you could say and couldn’t with all the new FTC bullshit.  So, just know the guidelines so you don’t end up being smacked down by big poppa.

If you ask me, I LOVE the idea of being direct here by saying something like, “Hey, statistics prove that most of your colleagues or people who buy this won’t do ANYTHING with it even though they’re fully capable of doing so.  They WANT to, but in the end they SHOULD ALL OVER THEMSELVES.  This means that while the teeny fraction of people who actually USE this get fabulous results, the majority who won’t even take it out of the shrink wrap, DON’T.  What this really means is that it’s highly probable that if you’re one of the winners, the bold, enlightened, action-oriented few who lets this program unleash it’s full potential for greatness in you’re life, that you’ll be extraordinarily proud of yourself for deciding not to be a loser who just blabs about wanting to be successful but never does what it takes.”

Step 9: Give Guarantees

Example: “Metabolism Makeover Guaranteed”

This has to work no matter your age, genetics or current level of fitness. I’ve fully guaranteed this so as you can see all the risk is on me. For only $97 I will be taking you by the hand for 4 weeks through the program.

You have another 4 weeks once the initial program is over to decide that you’re happy with the results. So you have more than enough time to see if the program works for you…

Step 10: Call To Action #2 (Logic)…

“I’ve shown you it works. I’ve shown you the value. I’ve shown you the guarantee. All you need to do now is order…”

Step 11: Give Warnings

“How will tomorrow be any different than today?”

“Like always, I’m only releasing 500 Copes of this training, and then it’s going back to the vault”

“Stop fooling yourself…the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results”

“Like my daddy used to say, The world needs ditch diggers too, son”

Don’t be timid here. If you have a good product, push it hard. Don’t sell from your heels.

Step 12: Call to Action #3 (Fear)

The Great Debate: Full Sentence vs. Bullet Points

With Full Sentence you’re just reading the words on the screen. This may seem like it’s boring but it works.  Bullets are bit more interesting and you may want to have pictures, etc.

According to Deiss, the ugly, full sentence videos pull better everytime so far in their testing.  Why? Maybe it’s because you’re using multiple modalities

Maybe it’s because it’s hypnotic.

How To Record Your Video Salesletter

Tools You Need…

PowerPoint, Keynote (mac) or Google Slide Deck (within Google Docs).

This is all he used to put this product together and all of his other salesletters.  He’s found that the flashy videos don’t convert as well as the clunky looking ones do.

Camtasia Studio (or Screenflow for Mac)

Now you may or may not be able to afford the $300 investment to buy Camtasia but that shouldn’t stop you from using it.  Why?  Because you can go to and use a trial version to record your first video.  If your offer and product are even half-way decent one video will have paid for the software or at least given you 30 days to scrape up the cash.

There’s free open source programs that let you do this but Ryan has found that they pretty much ALL suck.  So, don’t cheap out here, abstain from the strip club for a month and after you hit a home run with your video salesletter you’ll walk back through the doors with a cup that runneth over, making it easier to spread the cheer amongst your scantily clad friends.

And no, Ryan or Camtasia can’t take credit for the awesome sales job performed in the paragraph above.  That’s all me baby.

USB Microphone (or a laptop with a good internal mic)

Ryan was using his MacBook Pro’s internal microphone to record this video and it sounds better than most tele-seminars I’ve heard.  And it was FREE.  His experience is that most of the heavy-duty professional mic’s are over kill.

Just do yourself a favor and cruise over to amazon and look at the mics/headsets there and pay attention to the reviews and use your best judgment.  Worst case scenario, you buy a mic, it’s shit, you return and get one that works better.  Easy.

Another resource is Mike Stewart, the internet audio guy,  He sells tons of stuff and shows you how to use it.

But if money’s tight, he’d rather you put the $400-$500 you might spend with Mike into traffic, get rolling and if you want to upgrade then, go ahead and do so.

The Rest is Simple…

  • Are going to use full sentences or and outline?
  • Write your presentation using the 12 steps…
  • Record yourself doing your presentation using your screen capture software…
  • Export your video to flash and YOUR DONE!

Recording Tips

  • Make sure you read through it out loud for timing and to practice WHILE YOU’RE RECORDING.  He’s noticed that there have been times when he nailed it while practicing and saw no point in doing it again.  Try it.
  • Don’t try to record in segments.  It sounds like shit if you’re not a pro.
  • Know how to pause, Camtasia has what’s called a “Hot Key” that allows you a moment to pause quick to sneeze or hack up some phlegm or get a drink of water.
  • Make sure you have water available but just know that water doesn’t instantly revive your vocal chords and mouth, especially if you chug.  Water needs to be assimilated and disturbed to your skin and tissue over time so make sure you load up at least an hour or two before recording time.
  • Make sure you turn anything that could make noise, off, while recording.  No one wants to hear a retarded “Pee Wee Herman’s Playhouse” ringtone in the middle of a presentation.  Save that for your me time or for when you’re in court or other municipal buildings.
  • Shut off all your open apps, instant messengers, virus protectors or anything else that auto-updates.  Which means you should know when stuff up-dates so you can plan around it or stop it before it barges in on your recording.  Only thing that should be open is power point and camtasia – shut everything else down.

Module 4: How To Host Your Video Salesletter

Video Hosting Options

Youtube is NOT  a good choice to host a video salesletter on because they limit you to 5 minute videos (I thought it was 10 minutes but he’s way more internet marketing gangster than I am and that’s what came out of his mouth).

  1. more professional than youtube but still has dis-advantages.
  1. – This and the third options are the ones Ryan’s company uses the most and the both use Amazon’s massive servers to host your videos. 
  1. Easy Video Player

To use option 2 and 3 you need to get an Amazon S3 account.  What Amazon S3 really is super, ultra dirt cheap video hosting, not free.

There isn’t a good option out there that’s free unless you want to host it on your own server and if you’ve got gargantuan server capacity like Amazon, knock yourself out.  If not, and you run any decent amounts of traffic to your site, be prepared for it to blow up in your face.

Trying to cut angles on your sales lifeline is retarded.  Don’t do it.  Just use the professional services listed here.

In Ryan’s opinion, the cost of hosting video is overwhelmed by the conversion increases he’s noticed by using video.

Viddler Advantages

  • Very easy to upload and embed.
  • Inexpensive because you don’t need an S3 account

Viddler Dis-Advantages

  • Can’t remove controls.
  • Free accounts stream ads which is HORRIBLE when you’re trying to sell something.
  • If you can’t use the other options and the choice is between text or nothing, use Viddler.

EZS3 Advantages

  • The have lots of players to choose from, including ones with no controls.
  • Also allows for re-directs after video finishes.
  • No additional installation required.

EZS3 Dis-Advantages

  • It’s a monthly service fee but you only pay for the bandwidth that you use.  A massive bill means a whole lotta people watched your salesletter.
  • More complicated than youtube or viddler
  • Requires an S3 account which is kind of a pain in the ass.

Easy Video Player Advantages:

  • Least expensive option here because it’s a one-time payment but watch out for the continuity plan they try to get you into because you DON’T need it to run this player.
  • The allow you to use re-directs after video is done.
  • Better reporting than the others about stats of your video.
  • Lots of players to choose from including the one without controls.

Easy Video Player Dis-Advantages:

  • Script is installed on your server which means work.
  • Requires an Amazon S3 account to host videos.

Ryan favors Easy Video Player as of this recording because of some of the features and likes the idea of one-time payment.

Architecting Your Page

There is no “one size fits all” solution

High End Pretty Template Ryan Uses…

This is an example of an ugly page. These usually work best for lower ticket items. Good for low cost front end. These also don’t work very well in the tech market or business to business.

Ugly works better for Cold Traffic and also for consumer products because it can give the person watching the sense that “this site was made by someone just like me”.

If every one of your website looks the same though you can start running into problems.

Which One Of the Sites Below Worked Better?

Both worked in their own right!

Short Form worked better with cold traffic.

Longer Form worked better with warm traffic (customers and current subscribers)

You’ll never know until you test!

Border Vs. No Border


Border-less usually beat borders in the offers they’ve tested.

Sneaky little tricks that might give you an extra little bump in conversions…

The Magically Appearing Buy Button


When you first arrive, you don’t see an order button. This way your visitors don’t think you’re going to sell them immediately.

This is done with a simple line of javascript. You want to see Ryan’s program because he gives it to you there.

What about timing on this?

You can adjust it with the seconds input. You want to start showing it after CTA #1.

Some people don’t show it until the very end (Call To Action #3) – In Ryan’s experience, this is not the best way to do it. At Step 7 has always worked best.

Trick #2

Show the print sales letter on exit. Truth about is a site that you might land on the test page that’s running this.  They get an exit pop and if they click cancel, it sends them here:

You can offer them an opt in bribe here or you can offer a discount.

Trick #3: Dead Time Redirect

S3 Goes to a black screen by default (you can set it up to use an image and you should).

This idea came from the Post Office. If you don’t do anything on this page:

Make the screen work for you even after the video’s done…

He starts talking and prodding you to fill it out.
After 1-2 minutes…

Redirect them to an even sweeter deal (trial, discount, payments)…

Redirect them to Opt In…

Redirect over to print version of Sales Letter…

Poke them like the Post Office guy does.

There you have it.  If you had questions about how to structure a video salesletter, now you have a lot less or none.  This has been fun but I’m running like 12 pages of a word doc here so I have to say goodbye and happy selling.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2