The Infamous Jew Hunter From the Movie "Ingloriuos Basterds.".The Man I'm Introducing You Today Could be Called The "Info-Preneur Hunter"

Hey You,

It’s #2.

No ya’ll, I’m not speaking from under a Ku Klux Klan hoodie.

I only bust out the KKK hood I bought on eBay when I go to Wal-Mart on busy Friday nights (paycheck splurging time). When I do this I always make sure to sport a half-shirt, baggy basketball shorts, and flip flops and no… not a half shirt in that it ends at my nipples but a half shirt in that it doesn’t have any sleeves.

I do this so that everyone can see my carmel skin and the pelt of black hair layered down my arms, my legs and my toes  Yep, I’ve been blessed with bush on my piggies.

Every great once in a while I strike gold and encounter a brain dead moron with zero sense of humor who doesn’t get the irony of a person who’s clearly NOT white, with a cart FULL OF TORTILLAS, and MAGNUM CONDOMS. They absolutely make my day by asking me a retarded question like… “How do live with yourself “SUPPORTING” the KKK?”

I always respond the same way: In a high, gay sounding voice I say “Um, have you like… found Hitler yet?” and I end it with a Queer Eye For The Straight guy hand gesture.

Or… I drop into a Barry White tone and roll with “Lemme axe you question. Has yo ass found Hitler yet?

Everybody around usually laughs except for that person who immediately gets shamed into storming away in a huff. Sometimes I get the feeling these nut-balls aren’t actually disturbed by the false belief that I’m “endorsing” racism… but that they’re secretly disgusted that I’m desecrating their precious fraternity’s uniform.

And then the dream ends & I wake up. Crazy, huh?

“You need to have a book on Hitler and a book on Gandhi so you can see how low someone can go as well as how high.”

– Jim Rohn –

This week I was introduced to a site called

Salty Droid has unique positioning. Salty is known for wearing x-ray glasses that allow him to avoid getting dizzily deluded by sales presentations and see the flip side of ALL the major gurus marketing strategies.  When you see this guy verbally rip the asshole out of Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, Andy Jenkins, etc. you might just be like me and say “HO…LY SHIT!?!”

You Can Taste The Hate

This avenger goes balls to wall in slamming ANYONE and ANY strategy he perceives to be deceiving the public.

And you might think this is some teeny minority site that has no presence.  Think again.  As of this post Salty Droid has a 21,242 ranking on Alexa.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Alexa ratings, it’s an owned website that tracks the popularity of domain names.  It’s safe to believe that there are at least 20 million websites in existence.  In this huge of a universe a 21,242 ranking is AMAZING.

What contributes to that is his rabid fan base.  When you go to the site you see 50-150 comments PER POST.  Well, if the fact is true that only like, 2% of your visitors will actually leave a comment on your blog, this means he’s getting MASSIVE traffic.

The only way I even found out about Salty was that he wrote a quick 20 word blurb about our site with a link to it in his daily wailing list.  When I noticed the traffic spike I sourced it back to him and was exposed to what some might call the…

HITLER TO THE A-LIST INFO-MARKETER: A.K.A. – The Info-preneur Hunter

When you hear this guy tear apart the marketing ploys of the top gurus, you may get the idea he’s out for blood, that he’s a hater out to exterminate your favorite mentors.  THE “CHOSEN ONES” (GURUS) HE ATTACKS may well feel like they’re being persecuted for no good reason at all OR… just because they’re REALLY, REALLY, good at bringing home the bacon. Here’s what he said about Frank Kern today…


“Frank and I have had our differences in the past.  Like maybe I said he was a shit eating exploiter :: that he was worth less than dirt :: that the hair and the drawl couldn’t hide the parasitism in his eyes :: that he and his circle jerking co-conspirators had caused a staggering {fucking criminal} amount of harm :: and that he should be brought swiftly to the kick-in-the-nuts justice he so richly deserves.  But whatevs :: water under the decaying bridge.”


SEE WHAT I MEAN? Anyone who’s passionately in love with Frank would cringe at reading anything like this. They’d go Red Alert and start either defending him or tattle tale to daddy Kern on Salty.  But check out how he continues…


“Frank is obviously a genius marketer :: credit where credit is due.  I used to think that success in this industry was all about getting into The Syndicate :: where prices and social value could be fixed without reference to reality.  But I see now that I was wrong.  It’s obviously all about whatever Frank teaches in his new digital-only wonder product List Control. Frank is the #1 guy at list building :: which is why I have decided :: somewhat reluctantly :: to support this product.

I’m sure many of you sissies are going to be disappointed that I’ve decided to be an affiliate for List Control.  But hey :: fuck you!  I’ve got to get paid too.  You think it’s easy being such a totally dope Droid?  Well it’s not.  This product is $2,000!!  Which is a hell of deal if you are ready to make an investment in your future :: or even if you just want to have a better life where everything isn’t so scary and shitty :: or whatever.  But more importantly :: I’ve used my market power to negotiate a higher affiliate commission on my sales than you average shoe shiners can get.  I’m getting 50% per sale :: and you can bet your sweet naive ass that I’ll be collecting every fucking cent of that.  Cause :: in case you hadn’t noticed :: I’m a scary scary BadAss.

So BUY BUY BUY List Control.  It’s the best blah blah blah.  And you know it!  Frank is the top blah blah in marketing :: and you NEED to be in on this if you want to blah blah blah.  I’m mean seriously :: you’ve got to be crazy to miss this.  And Frank’s doing something he’s never done before which has the whole Internet Marketing community crying :: “Blah blah blah” :: He’s holding a special THREE DAY blah blah blah.  All the top blah blah and etc. etc.  Anywayz :: fuck you :: it doesn’t matter because you know you’re going to buy it anyway … so you might as well …


… and then you’ll be supporting justice.  Sure it’s slightly less virgin white justice now :: but it’s still justice.  Tainted justice is the best we can do anyway :: GROW UP!!”


From what little I’ve seen on this site, no one else has gotten a quasi-pass like this. Especially if in his eyes they’re blatantly pulling some sneaky shit.

In my opinion in a buyer beware market, it’s good to pay attention to the Salty’s AND to the Guru’s.  Sometimes in the midst of heated romance we do stupid shit like have sex with a female clown in full dress that we just barely met, without using a condom on a mattress infested with bed bugs or… sign up for an info-product we really don’t need or.. that ends up not being all it’s cracked up to be.

Hearing polar opposite sides of a story helps you make the most informed decision.  If Salty’s opinion above has been of any interest to you, go see his site and the rest of this post and the bonus he gives ON THIS PAGE at

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2