"Who's Ready To Make Some Serious Fuckin' Money?"

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Not all politicians are worthless.

Joe Biden is gonna help you get wealthy, not on his own, but with help from Eben Pagan. This is all made possible through teamwork, Joe lending his charm, and Eben lending the brains, via my notes on the first session of his fast start program included in his Self Made Wealth program.


One of the things that robs us of wealth is worrying about the things we don’t have because we don’t have wealth.

So, take out a piece of paper or… as Eben, as well as Jim Rohn as well as Tony Robbins talks about being important, take out a hardbound journal and go through this little  exercise and take this ride with Eben into what he deems as a critical process for building wealth.

Write down everything you worry about when it comes to money & finance.

This could be a whole shit load of stuff but write until you run out of things that pop into your mind. What do you worry about, what do you fear, what creates tension in your body by just thinking of it? Try to write for a least 10 minutes straight.

Yeah, when I said “exercise” your mind started wailing didn’t it, but all you need to donate TO YOURSELF today is 10 measly minutes. And you don’t have to write out full blown dissertation style answers. If you’re worried about getting your car fixed, you don’t have to write the story about it, just note “Fixing Car”

5-10 words max. Go.

Now for the second part of the exercise that re-directionalizes (Eben’s learning from Jay Abraham & Don King about the fine art of making up words) our mind.

In Eben’s study of wealth, he’s found that people who make serious money focus on what they want to have happen, not what they don’t want to have happen.

Your Mind is The Google For Gold

When you want to find something and you go to Google and type in a word or phrase, it uses the largest private network of 100 million computers in the world and billions of dollars of research to pull up websites that match what you typed in… in the fraction of a second.

And Guess What? Your Mind Is An Olympic Athlete That Makes Google Look Like They’re In The Special Olympics

The ability your mind has to calculate and figure things out is amazing. If we’re focused on what we’re scared of WE MAKE THOSE THINGS HAPPEN. Our mind Googles that shit and doesn’t just display it on the screen of our mind but dumps these real-life experiences right in our lap.

I’m sure you’ve heard Michelangelo’s quote of…

“The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.”

He knew waaaaaaaaay back then with primitive technology that this was a governing rule of the universe and that it worked both ways.

So, on the other hand if we focus on what we want to have happen, the outcome we want, the picture we want to create, the value we want to create, the asset we want to create, the wealth we want to create, then we move towards that.

You’ve got to have a vision of what you want for your mind to move towards it, not too unlike you have to type something into Google for it to move.

Now go through your list and put a star next to the 3-5 things on the list that are the most important issues, the stuff you worry about that’s as a Vice President Joe Biden would put it, are a “Big Fucking Deal.”

These 3-5 BFD’s make up 80% of the strain on your mental capacity and the problems on the list you’ve made.

Have you got the top 3-5? Now we’re gonna turn those fears, frustrations and worries into positively framed questions that start with the word “HOW”.

If you’re worried about not being able to pay your mortgage payment this month, you write out a question that reads like such…

“How Do I Make Sure That My Mortgage Gets Paid This Month?”

Can you see the thinking behind this? The worry is about something negative and if left alone at “I don’t know how I’m gonna make the mortgage this month”, it can’t help but keep you focused on the problem instead of the solutions.

Your mind is a big feedback mechanism and once you start it on a path it just keeps on going. Once again, think Google. If you enter a broad enough term it’s going to list millions of pages, thoughts, on that topic.

With you enter a negative search term into your mind, “Why is Obama, the anti-christ, ruining the country?”  it starts spiraling you into pessimism, fear, worry, and then emotions start affecting the way you actually feel and can lead to headaches, chest pains, sphincter pains, you name it.

On the other hand if you learn to re-focus your mind in the direction of what you want you mind starts thinking of answers of how you can have that. This is the only way you can come up with new possibilities, answers to your challenge.

Now, you want to go and re-frame, re-focus those top 3-5 “Big Fucking Deals” and ask a positive future focused question that begins with the word “How”.

Then, after you’ve written it, start asking yourself the question and see the answers that come to your mind and notice the quality of them.

A way to kick this up a notch is to add one word into your question, “Allow.”

“How can I allow myself to find a way to make sure my mortgage gets paid this month.”

“Allow” is powerful word when it comes to focusing on what you want. Allow is the opposite of resistance, a counter. It takes pressure off of your mind.

Do these exercises and as always, feel free to leave your ideas about what you discovered here below.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2