Hey You,

There's an enemy who's out to keep you from being as wealthy as you'd like to be. Have you stood up to it and beat it down, or has it taken you prisoner?

It’s #2.

Today I’m sharing with you notes on the 2nd fast start session from Eben Pagan’s Self Made Wealth Program.

“People wish to be settled; only as far as they are un-settled is there any hope for them.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson

Our minds think in stories, pictures, metaphors, analogies and examples.

This is why remembering fiction books or movies is so easy. When people try to teach with PURE FACTS it’s simple for you to forget. It works this way because if we can’t link up new info to what’s already familiar in our minds, we get bored, blank out and move onto a shiny bright object either physically or in our mind.

So… what happens is that if you… keep replaying what feels like a story to you about a particular topic, that becomes “The Way It Is.”

What’s Your Story About Money?

Take out your blank piece of paper or go to your journal and write at the top “My Story of Money.”

Now, dig up all of your memories about money, everything from the first conversations you remember hearing about it from your parents, any drama that showed up related to money, what happened in the house when money was absolutely necessary.

What’s the story that was written in your mind about money?

Now write. Ideally you want to do this for 10-15 minutes but anything is better than nothing. And, you don’t have to write out the whole story; 5-10 words will let you know what memory you mean.

If you heard, “There’s money everywhere, there’s plenty of money for everyone to have,” you can write, “There’s a no shortage of money.”

You get the picture, right? O.K. Pause now & write.

What insights did you come up with?

Here’s a few of mine…

  • You depend on other people for your money. In my case it was welfare & child support & mom’s current boyfriend up until she got married. Money gets doled out to you by an authority little by little.
  • Expensive/Excess is bad. I can still remember going out to eat with my dad’s new family as a kid and doing whatever I could to not order something to expensive. Drinks to go along with dinner? Yeah, right, you better enjoy that water.
  • Saving/Investing Was Something Rich People Did. I don’t think my mom ever had a savings account of her own in her whole life. Let alone a savings account with piles of money in it. You only saved or invested if you were a rich white person who had plenty of money to do so.

Maybe you’re one of the billions of people who went out and saw AVATAR on the big screen in 3D. I’m not. I saw it on my T.V.

And guess what? Because I didn’t see it in the theatre I got the watered down, Good; Not Great experience. I completely missed out on the effect James Cameron meant for me to have, one that cost millions of dollars to produce that was right there for the taking.

The tough, revealing, and thought-provoking questions, not endless loop ones like “Why Me, god?” act as 3D glasses that reveal the FULL STORY of why you do what you do. Especially in the wealth department.

When I look at my story I can see why I’ve had a love/hate relationship with spending everything that came in. Looking back I’m probably lucky that my mom couldn’t get credit because then I would’ve been programmed to spend MORE than I earn. That, my friend is something I’m grateful for.

Answering These Questions Serve As Your Mental Magic Glasses For Our Whole Financial Past & Present.

If money was tough to come by and there were lots of fights about it in your family when you where a child, it should serve as no surprise that when you’re an adult and money becomes scarce, that you start experiencing the same bad feelings that made your parents and elders act as they did.

As we all know, people fight over money, they steal it, they kill for it. The reality is that the money has nothing to do with all of those behaviors. People don’t want money just for money’s sake.

When you really boil it down, people do everything they do for one of three reasons:

  1. To feel approval

  1. To feel like they’re in control.

  1. To feel secure

Money is just a vehicle to get to those feelings.

Money isn’t the problem. Money acts as an accelerator peddle. If someone has criminal and addictive tendencies and they come into a lot of money all of a sudden, usually it acts as an accelerator pedal that sends them into the dark side.

Maybe they go towards drugs, gambling or some other crazy lifestyle which has lead to many a person being killed or killing themselves.

If someone is a kind soul who wants to help others and they come into a lot of money often times, if they lose it, it was in pursuit of helping other people, giving it away. And if they keep their wealth through managing it well they make a huge impact on the world.

Now focus on how your story serves as your pair of magic glasses.

Look at your current financial situation and ask, “How is my current situation around wealth, money, finances, debt, how is it related to my story I picked up when I could barely wipe my own ass?

Write down 10 ways you can see how your experience right now in life is connected to your story of money.

Your story might be empowering; it might not be. If it isn’t and you do this, you’ll be in a class of 5-15% of courageous people in the world brave enough to look at what isn’t pretty in their past. Avoid it and stay prisoner to a story not of your own design, not conducive to you attaining self made wealth for the rest of your life.

The choice is up to you.

See ya soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2