How is the news that you just smashed your balls "Good"?

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Have you ever been dealt a shitty hand in life that you felt was unjustified, evil and just plain fuckin’ wrong?

Welcome to the club.

When I was very young, Napoleon Hill gave me my first re-frame, different way of looking at, disastrous events or circumstances. The belief he installed in me was “Within every adversity, lies an equivalent or greater benefit.” This is real easy to say when everything is lav, lav, lovely. But when you’re in the thick of drama, you might be tempted to tell people who quote Hill, to shove it up their ass a thousand times so they have a big asshole.

Even though looking for how the situation can serve you is probably the best advice you could get. It’s about a jillion times better than commiserating day in day out with that same person about how they’ve been royally screwed without Vaseline.

Dan Kennedy in his Wealth Attraction seminar tells the story of the Investment banker in New York City who was on top of the world one day, and the bottom the next.

This investment banker was the king of investment bankers and was living high on the hog. One of the ways he would treat his royal self was with the company of the worlds most expensive strippers. “Dancers” fit for a king.

Well, in between cup cake talk, he doled out a stock tip here and a stock tip there. Someone who must not have had any love for this guy ran their mouth to the authorities. Next thing you know, he’s strung up on ‘Insider Trading’ charges just like Martha Stewart.

Off to prison he goes.

Pretty shitty event, eh? While sitting in the slammer, I can imagine he’s thinking “This has gotta be the worst thing that ever happened to me,” that is until September 11th, 2001. His luxurious office, where he would’ve been working had he not been ratted out, was located on the floor in the World Trade Center where one of the planes plowed into.

None of his former co-workers survived. All of sudden… worst thing that ever happened to me, ends up being the best thing that ever happened to me. This and many other examples like it caused Dan Kennedy to believe that “All News Is Good News.”

Below I’ve posted the video from Conan O’ Brien’s visit to Google this last week. In my opinion, it’s sheer comedic brilliance. He’s taking random questions from the google employees and is tearing the room up in laughter.

Well, as you may have seen on 20/20 this past week, Conan can now talk freely about what happened at NBC. You know, how he got “Raped” out his prestigious post of lead man of “The Tonight Show” by Jay Leno and all. Well Google didn’t hesitate ask him his thoughts on that. Did he whine like a bitch or did he man up?

Watch, laugh and hear for yourself… I guarantee there’s a mighty lesson to be found.