He Made Us Laugh, He Seemed Happy..But He Violated The Golden Rules!

Recently I’ve spent alot of time thinking about what’s important in life. I’ve gone through some very hard and trying times over the last year. The majority of my own making.

I began too think of all the books I’ve read, seminars I’ve attended, and knowledge I have gained.

All of them seem to have a different twist on what success is. But I thought what are the real success principles in life that are sustaining and everlasting.

First, I though live everyday as if it were your last.

Second, I thought be a man of character.

This list went on and on and on. Then after a while it all came to me.

What you might be asking. Well.. Let’s get back to my very first thought. “Live life everyday as if it were your last”

With that in mind here are what I consider to be the foundational principles of life.

Rule number one; Stay Alive. Rule Number two; Stay Healthy.

I need to be hones. I SUCK at both of these lately.

By “basics,” what I am referring to are things that are often so obvious that people simply don’t bother to give them much thought.

Yet, it’s the basics that are the building blocks of success.

And Rules No. 1 and 2 are as basic as you can get.  Why?  Because unhealthy people tend to perform at a sub-par level, and low-level performance does not lead to success.  As to dead people, they don’t perform at all.

You think I’m kidding? I’m sure you remember the very funny actor and comedian Chris Farley.

By all accounts Chris was a very good man. He would help anyone and loved to bring happiness and laughter every where he was at. However he also lived a very extreme life. He was known to go on food and drug binges. He eventually succumbed to a drug overdose but had Chris continued to live life this way he may very well of had a heart attack or any number of health issues.

James Dean, Elvis, Andy Gibb, Bobby Darin, John Belushi, John Denver, Pete Maravich, Freddy Prinze, Reggie White — the list of celebrities who died at a young age, or relatively young age, goes on and on.  And they didn’t all die of the same cause.

A lot of famous people have died as a result of drug overdoses.  I don’t like the odds against living a long and healthy life when you put abusive substances into your body, so I choose to pass on drugs.

John Denver, along with a number of other celebrities such as John F. Kennedy, Jr., Ricky Nelson, Buddy Holly, and undefeated world heavyweight champion Rocky Marciano, all died in private-plane crashes.  I realize that the weekend pilots reading this article will take issue with my assessment, but I don’t like the odds of flying in a small, private plane, either.

But of all the things that can kill you, the one that poses the greatest danger is obesity (primarily through heart attack, stroke, or diabetes).

Since obesity is a subjective term, perhaps it would be more appropriate to just say that eating too much food and/or eating unhealthy food is an irresponsible behavior that leads to illness and death.

Keep front and center in your mind that what I’m talking about here are Rules No. 1 & 2 for making money:  staying alive and staying healthy.

Don’t make the mistake of ignoring or waving aside these fundamental steps just because they are so obvious.

The reason this subject is so dear to my heart (hmm…maybe not such a good word choice) is because I have had a severe weight problem for many years. I’ve struggled with this issue my entire life. This article is as much for me as anyone.

You see I like to eat….We’re talking extra-large pizzas….. two double-double double’s animal style, two orders of fries, and two extra-thick shakes at one sitting.

Of course these moments are saved for me in my very private moments. Of course I hide these not so great moments for myself.

Hey, Homer Simpson eats like an anorexic compared to me during a full on binge.

For years, I’ve felt lousy, and the quality and quantity of my work output has been in a downward spiral.

This is my coming out party. Why? Well like my dear friend. I don’t want to end up possibly violating rule number two. I want to stay alive.

I have the Most Amazing Four Year Old Daughter that loves her Daddy and I’ve got a much greater legacy to leave her.

With this in mind …… Here is what I know……. Overeating and Under excercising is a STATE OF MIND.

In other words, I think like a fat person.  Meaning that even if I’m not hungry, I eat, because that’s what a fat person is supposed to do.  It is a self image thing.

A responsible-behavior mindset is a hundred times more effective than the greatest diet book ever written.

Specifically, this means declaring war on the part of your brain that thinks fat.  And understand that it’s a lifetime war.

The result is that even though I still think fat, I am going to eat thin — at least most of the time — because I’m committed to intellectualizing the problem of unhealthy eating habits.

To intellectualize means “to give something a rational structure.”  And giving something a rational structure leads to responsible behavior.


Thus, if you’re one of my think-fat soul mates, take heart.

I’m willing to bet that I love food more than you do.  Modesty aside, I’m also willing to bet that I can out eat you blindfolded.  Having said that, what’s more important is that I choose not to do so AND I HOPE YOU DO TO.

You want to be an elite fighter, a kick ass dude, a machine but you want to have five hundred rules as too how things need to be or taste?

Get rational and ask yourself what would a champion of this caliber eat and do. Remember, guys be rational. We don’t get too pick how things should be we must have a rational and accurate view on how things must be.

So There ya have it my Nerd Friends.

Here I am standing naked in front of you calling myself out.

I plan to be writing the Transformation, “part two”, of this very soon.

I hope my pain and mistakes can help you in some small way.

Share with me anything you might know to help me or somebody else struggling with this heath thing.

Peace Friends

The Chief Nerd