This post shows you one of the ways to be a "Rock Star" in your own eyes and the eyes of others

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It’s #2.

So… yeah, I’ve been on a mission to pull my head out of my ass and I thought who better to get coaching on this from than Dan Kennedy.

Years ago he put together a program called “Renegade Time Management” and it’s FANTASTIC. One of the highlights of my productivity in my life is when I followed just one of his key distinctions discussed here and I’m gonna share it with you today.

And no it didn’t take any fancy pants binders, markers, software or anything but a pen and a journal-book with blank pages.

Now when I had started using this, I’d just gone through Michael Losier’s “Law of Attraction” book and taken HOURS to go through and determine what I did and didn’t want to show up in my life. Using all that shit I wrote down made it easier for me to use Dan’s strategy.

And if you took my advice on my last post, Disobedience: The Breakfast of Champions, you can use those answers to help you implement this way of making sure that when you lay down to go to bed at night or… when you fuck off playing/watching sports, video games, movies or whatever, you don’t have that nagging feeling that you didn’t really accomplish much for the day.

I wanted to brush up on the methodology and mindset behind his thinking so I went through the CD’s today. And from mine and mostly Dan’s mouth, here’s what I found…

When Do You Actually Schedule And Plan Your Day?

You want to plan the night before so that your subconscious can do some prep work while you sleep and this also allows you the hit the ground running in the morning with the day totally laid out in front of you.

Dan allocates time slots and focuses on sticking to the allotted time. So, if someone has a phone appointment with him he lets them know that they’ve got X amount of time and that they’d better jam, no fucking about.

So for example, with his coaching clients set up 14 minute phone appointments back to back and at 15 minutes they could be mid-sentence and he hangs up to jumps into the next one. People are boggled at first at the idea of getting anything done in 15 minutes but this process ends up training people to be much more effective in the way they communicate with people on the phone.

With any kind of work, pre-determining how long it should take is a huge step to getting it done in the time it should take. The fallacy of the to-do list is that it allows most people to approach tasks without gauging how long they should take and ending up at the end of the day with a bunch of stuff on the list that didn’t get done.

How Do You Keep People From Throwing You Off Schedule?

One part of this is how much do you tolerate and sanction, and make exceptions for versus how tough you are on repelling and refusing to accept it?

If you let time vampires fuck with your time, they will. Over. Period. Done.

You’ve gotta be enough of a Son-of-a-bitch to say “No, I don’t even have a minute! Go away! We have a scheduled time to talk tomorrow at 3:00, put it on the list!”

Some people would say it took you as long to say that as it would’ve to answer the question but the behavior would’ve continued had you NOT done it.

“There can be no more crises this week because I’m fully booked.” ~Henry Kissinger~

If you’re fully booked, no one can throw off your schedule because there’s no schedule to throw off. Time can be wasted and abused only if it’s available to be wasted and abused.

Look at it like this… If someone shows up at your door saying they only need a minute of your time and you have an extremely important phone appointment with someone incredibly significant to you, the pope, the president, Snooki from Jersey Shore, your #1 client who pays you a fortune, who ever it is, who is the VIP of VIP’s in your life, coming up in 30 seconds, would you brush that person off who was seeking to impose on that?

Fuck yeah, you would!

So, why isn’t the appointment that you have with yourself to do X every bit as valuable and important to be safeguarded as is the appointment you would have with the pope or the president? When you value your time this highly, you get to be kind of tough about this.

Dan actually scripts his days. The difference between this and a traditional day planner where you might log in a couple of appointments in there, lunch and a nap… his whole day is accounted for.

Activities are put into time blocks with a set amount of time given to them. Consequently, any interruption throws your whole list off. There’s a direct and clear trade off. Something or someone is gonna get shorted and cheated today or moved to the back of the line if I let someone butt to the front.

In some cases you script the days to the minute and certainly in little hunks of minutes.

You constantly assess and adjust if necessary where you are on your work list against where you are on the clock. So for most days there is no time to be wasted or abused because it’s been pre-assigned at the very least the day before.

And of course all of your appointments have end times. By you bailing when you say you’re gonna bail you train even the densest person that you don’t fuck around and that you’re busy so they’d better get their shit together if they’re gonna work with you.

Just as with direct response marketing, if there’s no deadline, no expiration date, there is NO offer. Similar to this, if there’s no end time, it’s not an appointment. Most people think an appointment has a beginning time and no end. This doesn’t lead to getting shit done.

What About Real Emergencies and Crises?

The first thing about “Real Emergencies”, now remember Kennedy’s makes a point of saying that he’s been using this methodology since back in the day when crises and emergencies were the norm, most people operate with an overly broad definition of emergency.

Nothing is ever as bad or incidentally as good as it first appears to be.

The corollary to this is that very few things are as urgent as they first appear or as other people think are. So, you start by being more critical about what is an emergency and what isn’t an emergency.

There was a guy trying to get to John Wayne, for those unfamiliar with this reference, John Wayne was a famous western movie actor back starting with black and white films moving into the era of color.

So, this guy keeps badgering the secretary and badgering her and she finally interrupts John and said, “So and so from the studio is calling back now every hour and he says it’s urgent.” John Wayne’s answer was, “Well, the next time he calls back ask him who it’s urgent for, him or me.”

That’s a terrific story because just because it’s urgent to them, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s urgent to you. It’s a real mistake to let yourself be stampeded into a decision or an action or into setting aside your day’s script in favor of someone else’s inflated definition of an emergency or urgency without really determining there is no other option.

So whenever someone appears by phone, fax, text or photo to your cellphone, or any other electrical device that you communicate with and tries to stampede you into setting aside your script and all of your attentions of the day and jumping into theirs, and that’s really what it’s about, comes down to show down; it’s gonna be yours or theirs.

You’re gonna defend your turf and get everyone to function the way you want or you’re gonna have no choice but to cave to them. There’s not much room in between.

How Do Stick To Your Plans Even When You’re Dealing With Personal Problems?

For most people everything goes to shit, including their business, when personal problems show up.

In the past I’ve behaved in a way that allowed my shit to impose on you. It was lame. No excuses. What helps me to be able come back and not just bury my head in shame and slink off into the shadows is owning up to fact that there’s no one or nothing to blame for my business issues with this renegade site/business with a big fat bulls eye on it and… that I’m not my behavior.

For this, I apologize.

Yes, I behaved stupidly. This doesn’t mean I’m a stupid person. It only means I need to just get back to the basics like scripting my day and scheduling into my day the daily reminders that ask of me and demonstrate world class behavior and mindset.

Now if you are a person of reasonable integrity, and you have made commitments, then you keep those commitments pretty much regardless of what’s going on. Certainly personal and family problems are the most difficult and most challenging that anyone faces but one of the prices of being an entrepreneur is that there is no one for us to call in to and take personal days.

The clients and customers at the other end of our process who rely on us and in some cases who we have literal contractual relationships with, not just handshake commitments, they’ve got to be served regardless. So again the less unscripted, unscheduled time you have, the less of an amount of angst there is in how to deal with this because you have no choice but to deal with it.

“Even on the morning after his wife’s death, the farmer must still milk the cows.” Reverend Schuller

That’s part of being an entrepreneur. Kennedy learned from Psycho-cybernetics to create a little wall of lockers in his head and each thing has it’s own little box and whatever the situation is, it can be put away in that little box and have the door closed and open the next box and totally focus on that box and go back when you like and open the shit stained box.

You essentially sort of schedule your misery. Just like you would schedule anything else.

In Kennedy’s autobiography he talks about wanting to commit suicide and having his mindset shifted after he came across a joking quote that said, “You can always kill yourself later.” That was an important enough shift to move him out of apathy into anger or whatever the next step just above the bottom was which, as it turns out, was incredibly valuable.

You can be miserable later. You can open the box of illness, personal angst or divorce, pretty much anything. You don’t need to let it, spill out and take control anymore than you let anything else spill out all over everything.

Society teaches us to do the exact opposite of this.

You end up being the bad guy if you don’t fall apart when you’re in the middle of a crises or when someone else is having one. Having been raised on a farm, Dan got this early in childhood because his family’s horses didn’t give a shit what was going on in your life. They needed to eat twice a day and have their stalls cleaned.

If you are gonna declare yourself an entrepreneur and you are gonna engage in relationships where others rely on you, be they employees or your vendors or clients or your banker, then you’ve got to face the facts that you live differently than your brother who’s an executive at Verizon Wireless and can call in sick and has 14 personal days a year.

If you’re not willing to do that, then by all means hang up the entrepreneur sack before you get yourself in a position where you really do some damage and go get a job.

A lot of people attract drama and emergency into their life because they have room for it. If there’s no room for any of that shit, then Kissinger’s line becomes a reality for you. And you tend not to attract it because there’s no place to put it.

Some of the worst days I’ve had are the ones when I just wake up wondering what’s gonna happen. Not in a good kind of way like I fucking worked my balls to the maximum to pull of some enormous feat and then scheduled a day titled “Do Whatever The Fuck You Please!” The miserable ones are usually came in streaks and start with me having zero direction and yet having a fucking list of 8 jillion things I should be doing and at the end of the day… not having fully completed anything, and on the real fucked up days, not even STARTING any of them.

Kennedy’s strategy has worked magic for me and I believe in my heart of hearts it can do the same for you. Try for yourself. Or not. It’s inexpensive on the wallet being that the only cost is you writing down on paper or inputting activities digitally that are important to you having a fun and productive day. The big cost is the price you pay for being courageous and not letting people tread on you and your time.

If you don’t already us this system and implement strict guidelines on how you spend your time, this definitely be one of those acts that scares the shit out of you and yet on the other side leaves you fulfilled. You ready?

Please let me know what I’m leaving out of this that can help other people like you and or if it’s good like it is.

Talk to you soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2