Last week I drove the 13 Hour Trek to go pick up my amazing little 4 year old girl.

Drive really sucked as we ran into construction, lightning, slow cars, and just about everything else you could imagine to test my patience.

But as day turned to night there I was kneeling down as my little angel sprinted toward me yelling DADDY!!

Suddenly that nightmare drive was all worth it.

We spent the next few hours in the hotel room as she performed a musical and ballet for me.

I, of course, was tired as H E Double Hockey Sticks and probably didn’t give her the attention she wanted nor deserved.

The next day was rather boring as I had to wait in town and have a meeting before I left.

We watched some movies, read some books, and just hung out.

That night my daughter began to complain of back and neck pain.

She was also telling me that she wanted to throw up.

She awoke just about every hour throughout the night, trying unsuccessfully, to throw up.

However, about 7:00 in the morning she started to vomit and continued to do so three times over the next hour.

About 9:00 I decided it was time to take my girl to the doctor.

By the time we arrived she was back to her normal self, running, jumping, smiling, and dancing.

The Doctor gave me, what I believed to be, a funny look as she came in.

Why? Well I had said she was extremely sick and here she was spinning as fast as she could on the chair in the little room we were waiting in.

The Doctor administered some basic touch and feel test and a gave my daughter a little blood test.

Right Then My World Came Crashing Down On Me

The doctor left the room and I could see she was concerned.

I waited for what seemed an eternity and then she came back in.

She was visually shaken and had tears welling up in her eyes.

My heart was beating so fast I couldn’t breath.

I felt as though time was standing still.

The doctor said “Nerd”, I believe your daughter has Onset Childhood Diabetes and will be on insulin for the rest of her life.

Coupled with the fact that the doctor began to cry as well I began to cry uncontrollably.

They ushered my angel outside.

I was trying to ask questions but could barely control myself to get anything out.

In the end the Docs diagnosis was what it was and they told me I needed to get my daughter up to the Children’s Hospital where she would be admitted and they would be taking me and my ex through a crash course on how to take care of our girl for the next Three days.

I rushed up to the hospital.

The entire time thinking of every possible “bad” scenario I could imagine.

I was trying to hold it together for my little girl. I was failing and she was confused.

We arrived at the hospital and they admitted us immediately.

Over the next few hours I had to hold my daughter as she SCREAMED for the 5 – 7 blood test ect they performed on her.

In the end, after three days of testing, trying to find out what was going on the Doctors came to the conclusion that My Angel does NOT have childhood diabetes but has symptoms that could lead to some type of diabetes in the future.

Lessons Learned That Could Change Your Life Forever

Lesson Number One: MAGIC MOMENTS!

If any of you have been to an Anthony Robbins seminar then you are familiar with the concept of Magic Moments.

He teaches that as we go through life we remember moments and not what we do every single day.

And this is true.

Just for a second think about what you did last Tuesday.

I bet you can’t remember unless you did something that had an emotional impact.


You see we never know what tomorrow is going to bring.

What if the last day I had with my little girl had been when she was trying so hard to get my attention with her dancing and singing?

I was so dang consumed with what I had to do the next day, my long drive, and being tired that I gave her but 1/10th of myself in that moment.

She wants me to stare at her intently, focus on her, sing with her, dance with her…

How much extra effort does that take.

What’s the difference?

To her everything…

To our lives…a moment in time worth remembering as we anchor it in with focus and intensity.

So the next time your Wife, Son, or Daughter wants your attention plan for another time or make a decision right then to make “This” moment worth remembering.

The next time you are out with your Wife at dinner, instead of surfing the net on your phone while eating…

Leave your car in the phone, look her in the eyes, listen, engage, and “be there”.

This moment may never come again.

You never know when what we take for granted today may be gone tomorrow.

Lesson Number Two: Re-Frame What “It” means.

When the doctor told me what my daughter had.

I was ignorant and because of her reaction and that fact I knew nothing of the disease I immediately thought the worst.

This is where MyNoteTakingNerd #2 came to the rescue.

You see not only is he my right hand man, number2 (for you trekies), and best friend but he’s also one of the True Geniuses in this world.

He’s also like a Father Number2 to my little angel.

He sent me an email that both moved me emotionally and snapped me back into reality.

Here is that email:

Our baby is not “Sick”


I refuse to believe our precious little
princess is sick or broken or damaged goods.
Even if she is accurately diagnosed as
being diabetic.

As I’m sitting here crying thinking about
how much more precious I want to treat
her when she’s here, I couldn’t help but
think that at this moment in time, our little
baby Kloe possesses more power than
both of us put together.

You know this is true, don’t you?

She’s been given an incredibly potent
“Why” that all but forces her to live a
healthy lifestyle.

And because she depends on us to feed
her, she lends us some of that power to help
us make better decisions about what we
shovel into our body. At least when she’s
here with us.

In essence, she has fully stepped into the
role of “Our Angel”.

Her weakness, IS her strength.

It’s what calls for her to be extraordinary and
to avoid following the herd that dig their grave
with their teeth.

Her strength now becomes our strength as
we focus on leading by example and making
sure her food keeps her alive and safe.

In this mission, I am willing to follow our little
“Super Baby”.

I believe this whole situation needs to be framed to
everyone around her AND in her mind that she has,
not an illness, but a super power that demands
greatness of her.


A Super Power that demands Super Juice be put
into her body and that this is Super Juice is what
allows her to outperform all of her fellow babies
and be the best Kloe she can be.

A Super Power that will not allow us or her to abuse
herself with Kryptonite AKA Junk food.

This belief manifested and owned to her core, at this
age cannot go un-rewarded, without positive side effects.



How’s that for a RE-FRAME!

You see i was emotionally weak at that moment and did not take control of my emotions and therfor had a negative vision for what this diagnosis meant.

Although my girl was misdiagnosed I WILL NEVER FORGET THE LESSON.

Finally I want to share one last Lesson I was given the gift of this weekend.

That is one of Family.

If you guys have been reading this blog for very long you know that This Nerd grew up, much on his own, and has had to learn most of lives lessons through my own struggle and challenges.

Family isn’t something I’ve experienced much of.

I’m shamefully a single father and because of the situation with my little girls Mommy I am not on good terms with my little girls grandparents.

My Ex was out of town when this happened and was rushing back as I was heading to the hospital.

She called ahead and asked her Mother and Father to head to the hospital.

I knew this and was dreading this encounter.

As I walked up a very long hallway to admit my little girl I could see her Grandmother up ahead.

I was nervous and tense.

However, all that went away in an instant when I arrived.

She immediately asked me if I was o.k.

I began to cry.

She touched my back and let me know that she was there to help.

Over the next few hours other family members arrived and they were all equally as helpful and loving.

I can’t telly you how much this meant to me and what I’ve learned from this.

Again, I had allowed my ignorance to override what Family will do during emotionally tough times.

So i encourage you, the nerd reader, to reavaluate the little grudges or predetermined thoughts you may be carrying around with you about family members you have.

Understand that when Life comes tumbling down around you they are the ones that will be there.

Not the “Friend” you go to club with on Friday or golfing with on Saturday.

Do not carry around this anger, resentment, and learn to put yourself in other peoples shoes for proper perspective.

As always I hope my lives trials, victories, and challenges push you to breakthroughs and better understandings in yours.

Thank you Anthony Robbins

Thank You Nerd2

Thank You Grandma Terry

For the lessons this weekend.

May I learn and become a better person.

Remember, “In every adversity there lies the seed of an equivalent advantage. In every defeat is a lesson showing you how to win the victory next time.”


See ya next time

Chief Nerd

P.S. Talk to me by making a comment below. Peace Friends…