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I’ve recently made an incredible offer to “the list” (you guys) about the MyNoteTakingNerd 33 Secrets program.

Boy i forgot some of the Kick Ass stuff I shared with the attendees of this program.

Today I’m going to share 9 of the 33 strategies in full.

Why? Simple if you like them maybe you’ll spend the ridiculous low price I’ve set for you to get the whole program. YOU CAN GET IT HERE..


1. I’ve spent the last 20 years of my life studying the self help or what I prefer to call the Inner Game industry and I’ve found that as Entrepreneurs we must “Think” differently.

We fill the void left behind by bureaucratic agencies and an outdated school system.

When I say Think differently I’m referring to:

  • How we React to Change
  • The willingness to learn new skill sets to set us apart
  • The ability to develop new habits which keep us more positive, responsive, and open during change.

The key to maintaining this attitude is always working on yourself more then you work on anything else.

If you do this you should never stop learning, growing, and achieving …

You want to see a constant increase in results.

To do this you must be constantly be looking at and changing your beliefs and concepts about everything you are doing.

When we get locked into our current level of thinking we are like Race Horses with blinders on. We can’t see what we need to move to the next level.

You overcome this by constantly learning and growing.

If you are holding yourself to this standard you will eventually have two unique attitudes.

  1. I will rely on my own abilities to create my economic security.
  2. I expect nothing in life unless I provide value for someone else.

This gives you autonomy and rids you of dependency.

So here are some Lessons:

  1. We are in a Waking Dream and we don’t know it.
  2. We live in a simulation of reality. Meaning we are coasting through life like robots literally. Doing the same thing over and over again without reason.
  3. We’ve created a myth or story which shapes our lives and we never take the time to question this story.
  4. We must overcome this with radical honesty. Most of us are unwilling to tell ourselves the truth. So we must …
  5. Set up a Inner Game Personal Development Plan for your life.
  6. This plan should be as structured as anything else you do.
  7. Constantly be asking yourself why you believe something and if you can’t come up with a good answer or realized it was given to you by an outside influence. Begin to look at those things in detail. This is where change happens.
  9. Quit believing in the idea of the Magic Pill – It doesn’t exist. Start asking yourself what can I do as a system that if I do on a daily basis I’ll Wake Up 60, 90, 120 days from now and be a new person?

2 & 3 So here’s something that’s uncomfortable for most people. I call it the Bullshit Dozer Theory. What is it?

We are habitual Liers!!

We delete, distort, and generalize Reality to survive.

Here is a definition of lying I got from Eben Pagan:

Lying is Consciously distorting actual perspectives to make ourselves feel better or intentionally misleading someone through false omission or addition of facts.

The worst kind of lie is the Omission – “Well I didn’t actually lie” – This is just B.S. we create so we don’t have to face reality.

Here’s another kind of lie that is detrimental to our success.

Pretending to know anything at all and staying attached to one perspective.

It’s my experience that the person with the most flexibility wins.

Anthony Robbins say’s “There’s always two sides no matter how thin you slice it”

No perspective is complete they are all partial with bias based on our own B.S. because we think we are right.

Being open leads to breakthroughs and learning. We may not change our perspective but we grow as human beings. We enable ourselves to connect with a broader range of people, places, and things.

What most people do is avoid things.



So What is Truth? Reporting ongoing experience as it’s happening without expectation that it’s going to stay that way.

Truth Changes Through Time.

Yes… There are some Truth’s that never change but those are the exceptions to the rule. Most things in life change and if we hold onto the age old adage of Timeless Truth’s on everything we are screwed.

So begin to look at the things in your life that you hold as Truth’s.

I promise you that many of those things are holding you back from experiencing a full life.

Right now you have a set of truth’s that create your reality.

The more truth’s or Rules you have about life and how to experience it the harder your life will be.

You will find yourself in a constant state of Judgment of other people to make yourself feel better about your own faults and perspectives in life.

Yes.. We actually create Truth’s to cover for our own inadequacies and fears.


The key is to become fully aware of your strengths, your weaknesses, and your demons. Many of us deflect seeing the truth about who we are and the things we are doing wrong. We don’t tell others and they don’t tell us. We just avoid the truth at all cost.

Dan Kennedy tells the story of how all of us have demons. He openly speaks of his alcoholism, bankruptcy, etc.. yet most people would never do that. They hide behind it and never speak of it. ……

Look yourself in the mirror and be truthful and fully aware of yourself. The more you face that, the better your life will become.



1. Jay Abraham teaches the Three Ways to Grow Your Business.

This should be posted in your office in multiple places.

Why? Because as business owners, entrepreneurs, or even if we are employed by another company we get caught up in the day to day operations and forget to focus on all three areas.

Most businesses only focus on gaining new customers. When’s the last time you heard from a car dealership, florist,  or restaurant you frequent. I’d venture to say not at all.

So In your business you should be focusing on:

  1. Getting more customers
  2. Having your current customers buy more frequently
  3. Offer the customers a chance to increase the size of purchase. Up – Sell & Cross – Sell

2. Strategically organizing your leads into a system for selling to them.

At the point of selling to the customer ask them either through an exit pop up online or question on the telephone or face to face.

If they are interested in your product or service and when would they be interested in purchasing.

Hot Cherries – They are ready to buy now just need  a push or more information but are high interested.

Green Cherries – Want the product or service but have a legitimate reason for not being able to buy now. They are giving you a specific date as to when they want to buy.

Info’s – They are not specific as to when they want to buy or for sure if they will but have a vague interest.

Screw You – These people have said I don’t want to speak with you and will probably never buy. Delete these leads from your list.

You can obtain this information through surveys etc.

Once you have the information you should have a system in place for each category of lead.

** I’ll be sending you a complete system I had for one of my businesses**

3. Business Is Not Common Sense. The Four Phases of Business and How to Get From One To Three Fast.

Fact – More Then 50% of Businesses Fail.

You have to view your business like you would a Baby – In the beginning you have to do all the work, but as the baby grows it takes on a life of its own and eventually doesn’t need you. What you do when the baby is small and growing will go on for a lifetime.

Your goal should be to build a salable business.

If you approach building your business the wrong way it becomes just another job you derive income from.

Your business should run on systems so that you can receive income without doing any work.

** I’m going to send you a one hour MP3 Recording I’m doing on the Three Phases of Business and how to grow as fast as possible**

The Four Phases:

Start – Up Phase: You are doing most of the work. You have maybe one or two products or services. Most of the innovation is coming from you. Before you are ready to move forward you have 3 – 6 months of operating costs in the bank from earnings.

Initial Growth Phase: Have a fully developed strategy and executable plan and first set of systems for winning in the marketplace.

Rapid Growth Phase: You have systems, policies, and procedures for everything in your business to keep your business growing and delivering on your promises.

Continuous Growth: Creating Spin – Offs, Leveraging your strengths, and buying other assets.

Right now begin to document every single thing you are doing in your business. You can put these things in a three ring binder, label them, and update them as you go.


1.The King of All Copy Strategies from Jay Abraham! And it has nothing to do with writing a single word.

Jay Abraham’s first concern is NOT about the clients he works for.

He considers his real client the consumer of what his client is selling.  Therefore he never sets forth to make the people who hired him any money.

He’s there to enrich the person who hires him only after he or she’s has fulfilled on their promise to give greater benefit, value, advantage, experience, enjoyment, protection –whatever the glorious outcome was supposed to be – to the end user.

This stems from his Strategy of Preeminence principle.

Here is where you radically transform your idea about who you’re writing to.  If you’re simply writing to customers, as Webster’s dictionary would define as; people who purchase commodities or services, you’re setting yourself up to write like a bum.

The dictionary definition of client is someone who’s under your care and protection.

Having a feeling of certainty that you can protect someone from danger is like having a superpower.

Look at this example.

I started training to box when I was six years old and went on to win x amount of x championships.

This meant that through my whole school career I was 100% confident that I could protect myself.  While this made my life easier, what was really intoxicating was being able to protect others.  My brothers, sisters, mom, girlfriends, friends, kids getting picked on.

I’ve come to the rescue of people in my life and I’m telling you there’s no feeling like it in the world.

When I was a teen I was rowdy and known as a bad ass so people who wanted to make a name for themselves would come at me.

I had activated the law of attraction in this area of my life.

I always held my own fighting one on one. Lots of people think they’re tough but once they get hit right in their face with a punch that’s got 212 pounds behind it rather than a 12 pound arm punch most guys hit with when flailing about in a fight, they instantly drop to ground and ask you to stop or because they’re knocked out

Do you have the power to protect your ideal client?

If you are genuinely coming to their rescue why would you let your copy sound like you’re some limp wristed punk with a tin cup held out at arms length begging for money from your client?  If you have the goods, shame on you for not standing up boldly and saying so.

Protect is an extremely powerful word and by constantly focusing on whether or not the person reading this would see you as their defender, you’ll never come across as a me-too.  You’ll always be seen as The most trusted advisor this specific individual could ask for.

You will NOT get this by falling in love with your product.  You will NOT get this by falling in love with being the fastest growing company.  You will NOT get this thinking about what peers in your industry will say about your ads.

You gotta connect with your client.

People will NOT trust you if they first don’t feel like you know their feelings, desires, frustrations, fears, goals, hopes and dreams.

This is why if you’ve been in the person’s shoes you’re trying to sell something to at one time in your life you have a major league advantage because you’ve experienced all of these at the gut level

Your story hits home with them.  You’ve been where they are and you’ve escaped. Now you’re offering to show them the way out of darkness and into the light.  And once they follow you they’ll be liberated.

Think about how powerful that word is.  LIBERATED.

Liberators go down in history.  Moses, Ghandi, Churchhill, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King and so on.  When you fall in love with the vision of seeing your clients free from their problems and all your actions congruently demonstrate you are on their side and are their leader, their protector, their liberator… shit, you’ll be unstoppable.

This is the place to write from.  This is where Jay writes from.  And is it no wonder that people have responded to his copywriting for decades now, by sending him 5, 15, and 25 thousand dollar checks.

2. Five Crucial Questions You Must Get RIGHT BEFORE The First Word of Ad Copy is Written:

  1. 1. What’s Your REAL Product? We buy emotionally and justify with logic.  Products are like onions… they have layers.

Features: Size, weight, color, design

Functional Benefits: How it does what it does.  The means to getting something done.

Practical Benefits: Saves you money, Saves you time, makes you healthier, produces wealth, enhances pleasure

Emotional Benefits: Excitement, relief, pride, peace of mind,

I dissected a J. Peterman ad for a weight driven wall clock. This is the ad copy for it…



A wealthy merchant’s home in Nuremburg or Amsterdam, ca. 1690.

Lot’s of rich silk and velvet fabrics, ornately carved furniture, glowing silver, all designed to impress.  But it is an amazingly advanced object like the ones you see here that make visitors’ jaws drop.

Over 300 years later, they still have that effect.

Antique mechanical clocks with iron frames and exposed brass works.  Fascinating to watch, to listen to – the slowly turning gears, the precise “tick-tock” sound and the clear chimes of the bells when struck on the hour.

People want to get close and touch them.

Look at how they masterfully transform before your eyes a mundane feature of this clock into an emotional benefit.

Feature: Exposed brass works.

Functional Benefit: You can see the smooth precise functioning of your clock.

Practical Benefit: Fascinating to watch the slowly turning gears.

Emotional Benefit: Objects like the ones you see here make visitors’ jaws drop.  People want to get close and touch them.

You can do this for every single one of the features of your products.

Don’t be like the idiots at Circuit city that let some ad agency run this copy for their T.V.,

Samsung 46” Series 5 LCD HDTV

• 1080p resolution

• HD tuner

• SRS TruSurround XT

• 2 HDMI inputs

• 5ms response time

• Picture-in-picture

I pulled this directly from their site.

This is all education I get before I’m asked to decide to punch in my credit card number and give them $1500 dollars of my money.

They ignorantly assume everyone knows what the jargon means.  And if you do, they leave it up to you to figure out it specifically impacts your life.

Don’t be stupid like Circuit City and victimize your clients and customers with an attempt at an ad like this.

Make it easy and fun to buy from you like J. Peterman does.

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