It wasn't a big leap of logic for me to connect "Impregnating" with this awesome mask

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Today I wanted to share with you a blog comment of mine on this post that got rejected by the world famous site for any number of good reasons.

Maybe it got the chop because it had to do with naked strippers. Maybe it was because it was too long. Maybe it got bounced to spam and accidentally deleted because I put the link to our site in it.

I don’t know.

But because I’m an optimist, I’m going with the “too long” reason because who doesn’t enjoy naked strippers? Right? Right.

Well I spent almost 2 hours putting this damn comment together and after I was done with it I knew it was too precious to only expose to the Copyblogger universe. So, luckily I copied and pasted it into a text document and now I can give it to you.

The topic of the post revolved around the principle of “Cross Pollination”. Here’s a quick snippet from it that allows you to get the gist of this idea, just in case you’re new to it…

Birds do it, bees do it

The birds and the bees do this naturally, and we can, too. It’s called cross-pollination.

They fly from one flower to another, or one tree to the next, picking up bits of one plant and carrying it to the other.

The plant on the receiving end of this pollination is hardier and able to reproduce with greater variety. It meets environmental challenges more successfully because it’s genetically diverse.

In the same way, when you cross-pollinate ideas, you make your business stronger. You’ll be better able to weather the difficulties that every business and brand has to face to survive.

Keeping your eyes open to sources for ideas is the first step. Having a system for gathering and using these ideas is important, too. Really great ideas can be found where you least expect them.”


Here’s what my mind thought of when I was inspired by this concept….

Hey Pamela,

This article speaks directly to an idea I had to help promote a live production called “The Naughty Show” out of L.A.

It’s a combination of stand-up comedy (comedians from Chelsea Lately and the famous comedy clubs in L.A.), famous Olympic-caliber pole dancers workin’ their mojo, Porn stars making cameo appearances, and crowd members getting involved in skits on stage all themed around the topic of sex.

My cross pollination idea for the producer of the show was a way to take advantage of having a room filled with people who aren’t shy about the taboo subject of sex.

It’s my guess that 80+% of those people who paid to see “The Naughty Show”, would be also be fans of seeing gorgeous women naked. Maybe I’m stretching the percentage a bit here but I don’t think so. There’s about a jillion other comedy shows in L.A. that don’t have a primary theme of “Naughty” that they could have attended that night but they picked THIS one out all the options.

So, being that the majority of the tribe you’ve assembled has told you, just by showing up, that they aren’t squeamish about nudity, why not give them what they want?

I have Sonia Simone to thank for helping me with this. *Thanks Sonia ;-)* At Dan Kennedy’s latest Info-summit where she was a guest speaker, she shared with the audience what Sean D’ Souza coined “The Bikini Principle”.

It’s probably the topic of a post here on the site but if you haven’t seen or heard of it, the basic premise of ‘The Bikini Principle’ in reference to information marketing is that there’s always a segment of your audience who will pay to see the 10% that’s hidden. And that’s why giving away 90% of what you have to offer is such a marvelous idea.

Cross Pollination Concept Get’s Dropped In My Lap

One way I know for a business owner to transform ‘Customers’ into ‘Raving Fans’ is to turn a ‘Transaction’ into an ‘Experience’.

I’ve had it hammered into me by geniuses like Brian, Eben Pagan and Dan Kennedy that this is a key way to distinguish yourself by serving your tribe in a more complete fashion.

Here’s the story…

The naughty show offers no nudity. Well, except for the one show I went to where I had the famous porn star sign my balls, on stage, in front of the whole room. But that’s a whole different tale.

So here’s what I thought to do…

The producer of the show could approach a local strip club (Preferably close to the location of the event), and tell them about his show and how it’s been featured on TMZ, and say…

“I think I have a chance to help you out here. We both cater to the same audience and I see an opportunity for both of us to create an “Unbelievable Experience” for them.

My show is two hours long and during that time we get the entire room bursting at the seams with laughter with sex themed comedy. We can mosquito bite, but we can satisfy the urge for more because we aren’t in the business of scratching the itch. That’s where you come in.

I set ’em up, you knock ’em down.

My audience can leave my show drunk, happy and horny and take their money and spread it to any club, bar or strip joint around town. But if your club offers to extend the fun of their naughty evening, why should we let this momnetum be diluted by leaving them to their own devices; shit, some of them might limit their imagination to leaving my show and going directly home to wank it to the interwebz. :C

How boring would that be?

Here’s what I propose: I’m already doing promotions with radio stations, on Facebook and on Twitter to get people in the room. I can sell out shows just doing that. But why stop there?

We shouldn’t.

I have no problem sharing my customers with you. Sharing the wealth in essence.

If you sponsor the show (investment disclosed upon our speaking on the phone), what we can do is turn you into a hero for our crowd by creating “The Greatest Free Offer Ever”.

Here’s how it works: We’ll schedule the show on a night that’s usually dead for you so that your experiment isn’t cannibalizing a hot night’s profits.

How we make you “The Man,” is by letting you tell my audience that you’re buying their tickets for them. What you’ve done is arranged for them to be able to use their ticket stubs from the show that evening, and that evening only, to not only get in the door to your gentleman’s club FREE ($10.00 value), but also to have 2 drinks ON YOU ($20.00 value)… AND one lap dance per ticket ($20.00 value) with any lovely lady of their choice.

Of course, the fire marshal is looking out for your safety so you can only have so many people in the club at one time. But what you’ve done is set up a two hour window after the show to where when you show up, you get VIP treatment and let in before anyone else.

Both of us know you’re not coming out of pocket for any of this. But that if these people were full paying customers… all of this would cost them $50. and that’s the honest to goodness value they’re getting.

What’s cranks this experience up another notch is if we get the porn star who came to my show, to strip at your club for the audience, thus satisfying the urge to see “The Hidden 10%”… LIVE AND IN PERSON.

Now, it’s no leap of logic to think that what money the customer see’s they saved, will only be seen in their eyes as MORE MONEY THEY CAN USE TO BUY STUFF FROM YOU. Yeah, some people may come in and not spend a dime but I’d bet that’s gonna be a teensy percentage. Especially when I’ve primed their pump and your free stuff primes it even more.

People like to waste found money and your offer is giving them the chance to do that. They’ll be able to have an even better experience because they got more money to play with.

If people show up you win. If they don’t show up you also win because you don’t have to fulfill on your offer AND you got to ride on all of my promotion for the show and have free advertising for your club throughout my entire campaign. You got advertising in places you aren’t already using or are able to go to like radio shows.

Can you see how this is a win-win situation for everyone involved, you, me, the customers?

As you know, there’s a number of guys you compete with in the area who can reap similar rewards from this collaboration. If you want to take advantage of it, that’s cool. If you don’t, that’s also cool. You’ve gotta hurry up though because I’ve mailed this same letter to all these guys (list of other strip club owners here) at the exact same moment I mailed yours.

Call me at 123-345-6789 to let me know you want to be our primary sponsor.

And get on the horn quick because as the Highlander dorks would say… “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE!”


We’ll see what happens. See if this guy will let himself take advantage of this opportunity.

I’ve hogged up enough of this thread for today.

Thanks Pamela for the inspiration to use this time tested principle.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2


After reading this again, maybe the part about me getting my balls autographed by a porn star was the reason it got axed? Who knows. Anyways, I have a question for you…

How can you use the example above to help you think of a way that you can take the service/product you own to impregnate another business and give birth to a beautiful opportunity/creation/result for both you and your partner?

Before you tell me that you can’t because you don’t deal in the stripper/sex trade, think again.

As I was typing this, I couldn’t help think of the “Influence” section of the notes for Tony Robbin’s  “Ultimate Business Mastery System”. Here’s a snippet from the notes that directly ties to you getting a huge bang for you buck out of this post…

Next, become a master of influence by asking the right questions.

Questions are the answer.

If you’re not getting through to someone the answer is not to talk more, but to ask more. To influence other people as well as yourself, you go deep. You’ve got to understand what already influences them. If I tell you something, you can doubt it but if you tell me by my asking you questions, and then you tell me how it is, it’s true.

This is the basis of influence. This is fastest way to influence; is through questions. Questions are the answer.

If you want to give yourself or someone else a gift, ask the right question. We don’t experience life. We experience our association to whatever we’re stimulated by. If I start telling you a story about my senior year in high school and this girl I had a crush on, you’re not experiencing my story. You’re going back to your high school as soon as I start to tell it.

You’re experiencing someone you were interested in. You’re going for a reference point you can relate to.

If I want you to think about your mother, all I’ve gotta do is talk about mine because the only the way you understand things is by references. And questions cause you to go inside and reference things.


So please trust that I’ve planted the seed of opportunity with my stripper/porn star story. Trust in what Tony calls, “Utilization”, the skill/mindset of seeing everything that shows up as an asset. It’s only a matter of time before I find out how I can use this to my benefit. At this place everything in life plays to you.

Once again, I’ll ask, How do you get to use this “Impregnation” principle in your business?

As always feel free to behead or bedazzle me in the comments section below.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2