I've Got The Keys To Your Internet Marketing

If you’ve been following along here at the Blog for any amount of time then you know that it is  my goal is truly provide a place for you to Learn, Grow, and provide the tools for you to take action.

I’ve been on quite the Learning curve getting the NEW blog up and running.

I’ve learned so much while doing this and researching for our new “How To Build A Kick Ass Social Blog That Keeps Em Coming Back Over and Over Again” ….and I wanted to share some of the Kick Ass tools I’ve come across while on this journey.

My aim with this website is to be as transparent as I can in everything that I do, so today I want to take you through all of the tools and programs that help me to get things done. As with everything I share, I’m not saying that you have to use these, but if something looks useful or like a better alternative to what you’re currently using, then add it to your internet marketing arsenal.

Warning! These tools will help you. However, I’m too lazy to organize by category so these are just random tools with full explanation on how to use them. Enjoy..

Google Analytics

Before Google Analytics came along there weren’t that many decent tracking tools available.

It’s completely FREE and incredibly powerful. If you’ve got a blog or website you must have this.

Get Clicky

Yep…I love “Getting Click With It”…

This is another free tool that reports Analytics in REAL – Time…

This is one cool tool and I’m not sure why it’s still free but it is so go check it out.



If you have a blog I’m sure you are aware of of Feedburner.

If not you are missing out. (I was for a long time..so don’t kick yourself if you don’t use it YET)

You can see how many people are subscribing to your RSS feed and from which sources, and if you use the new Google Analytics integration, you can see how many clicks each individual post is getting from feed readers.

Other cool features include allowing people to subscribe to your blog via email, and being able to add email and social bookmarking links to the bottom of your posts.

Google Keyword Tool

If you need to know (which you do) the size of any market this is a great FREE tool to find that answer out.

WordTracker FREE Keywords

Wordtracker has a paid version but this will do the job for 90% of you. Yes there are courses that tell you that you need a $199 a month Super Secret Tool but truth is it’s usually overkill and you’ll be fine with this FREE tool.

Scrapbook Firefox or Chrome Extension

Did i mention I LOVE THIS TOOL!

As a Internet Marketer one of the most valuable assets you’ll ever obtain is a great Swipe File of good ads and campaigns.

Well Scrapbook allows you to capture every single image and video on the page.

So if you notice a great Launch or website just hit the scrapbook button and it’s saved for eternity to use later on.


If you’re using Twitter then Tweetdeck will help you to be organized and in another way I’m going to share with you below.

I like to keep Six Columns…

  • @ replies from people talking to me or people mentioning mynotetakignnerd
  • Direct Messages
  • My private twitter list (people I’m following)
  • And Three extra columns for following the Hot Product Launches or Guru’s of the day.

Hey here’s a Shameless plug…follow me on twitter if you’re not already. LOL



Now Here’s That Bonus I promised!!

    1. Here’s a Secret Formula for driving ton’s of traffic to your site from Twitter…
    2. Create a Special landing page for Twitter Followers only offering a FREE Report or gift.
    3. Create a folder in Firefox or your browser with the following tabs…mashable, digg, tweetme, Google, and your site..Now save all those tabs to that folder and call it Daily Twitter blocks.
    4. Now open a FREE account with socialoomph.com to auto post your Tweets in advance.
    5. Once per day or once per week post Three Blocks of Tweets.
    6. Each tweet block should contain 5 separate Tweets that include one directing them to a post on your blog, three directing them to something Trendy and Newsworthy you grabbed off of tweetme, mashable, or digg, and finally one directing them to the download page for Twitter Peeps only!
    7. Again, make three of these blocks per day. (Maybe 6:00 A.M., 2:00 I.M., and 7:00 P.M.) and remember you can pre-schedule in socialoomph) …Takes about 30 minutes to do this every morning or you can schedule an entire week in about 3 hours.
    8. I’ll be covering strategy and more in my new Blogging course I’m producing now.


    This tool Kick Some Serious Nerd Ass …

    Why? Well to begin with the FREE version is all you need.

    Second it automates your tweeting so that you can organize your tweets on a daily or weekly basis in campaign format. Simply put you can now have a system for sending out your tweets controlling the EXACT time you send them out.

    social oomph


    Alexa is a tool which gives you a estimation of how much traffic yours or anyone else’s website gets.

    alexa sparkyIt gives you a quick few on the toolbar you install that allows you to immediately know if a certain website is relatively popular or not.

    Grab this little critter …It comes in handy.


    Never wonder what your readers want.

    This little FREE tool installs a Killer tab to the far right of your blog or website screen.

    It simply says “suggestions”.

    Scribit You can see it at our new blog ..just look to the right when you get there.

    It’s easy to install and the interface is Reader friendly.

    You can use it to get your subscribers and readers interacting with you.

    Awesome tool…


    If you do any work with graphics or just get intrigued sometimes by a certain color of text this little tool is a lifesaver.

    All you have to do is click on the part of a page that you are interested in and it give you the exact Hexadecimal value for the color.

    Again a very simple little tool but sure saves time long term and gives you options that you may not of used in the past.


    So there you have it…

    11 useful tools that I hope help you

    Remember that I’ll be sharing exact steps, strategies, and over a hundred of these tools in my new Kick Ass Internet Marketing Social Blog Course and you save over 50% right now by ordering.


    Please leave comments below if you liked this post.

    I’ll post another 11 ASAP if you guys let me know you enjoy this type of stuff.

    C Ya Soon..

    Chief Nerd