upturn If you master the material covered here, you will be among the top .01 percent of marketers and business executives today.

Chet calls “The Clutter Factor” your single greatest marketing challenge today!!! Just as consumers, we’re bombarded with over 30,000 marketing messages a year. And if you own a business, this number is even higher because vendors are always trying to sell you shit too. This section covers the single most effective way to rise out of the clutter.

“The Clutter Factor has actually tripled the cost of marketing.

Since 1989 the cost of advertising has tripled and the effectiveness has dropped. Back then it took on average, 4 attempts to get the attention of the buyer. Now it takes 8.4 attempts to get the same attention.

It’s costing you three times more to get half the results.

Strategy vs. Tactics

The Tactical response to this problem is the work harder. The strategic approach is

to work smarter. There’s three types of executives…

The Strategic Executive: This represents .8 percent, not even 1% of the population. These people are big thinkers who aren’t interested in the details.

The Tactical Executive: This represents 99% of the population of executives. This executive is really running most companies. An example of a tactical solution to “The Clutter Factor” is to have salespeople call twice as much.

The ULTIMATE: Strategic & Tactical Executive: This is the .02% of the population. The combination of the two; the strategist who comes up with the big ideas and the tactician who implements with precision. This is where this program is designed to take you.

What’s a Tactic?

Ads, a sales call, your website, email to prospects or clients, a trade show, an article written about you for PR purposes, your brochure, customer service, etc. These are all tactics.

What’s a Strategy?

The long-range goal, the overall impact you want to have. It’s the ultimate accomplishment, or ultimate position you want in the market. It’s the ultimate perception you would like your clients to have about your company.

Just by contemplating these outcomes for your company will force your tactics to change. Most people will never go through the exercise of asking how they can do this.

Take 2 minutes now and answer the two questions below…

  • What is the ultimate accomplishment, or ultimate position you want in the market? (Focused on you)

  • What is the ultimate perception you would like your clients to have about your company? (Focused on them)

  • How do your tactical efforts support and help you accomplish that position?

  • What are the strategic objectives of each tactical effort?

  • How many strategic objectives can you accomplish per tactic? Wouldn’t it be nice to get 9 times the results from tactics you’re already deploying? Keep paying attention…

If you were asked What’s the strategic outcome you want to achieve in a sales call? A sale? Is that it? What about these…

  • What would make you more trusted?

  • Respected?

  • Have deep credibility?

  • Be perceived as an expert?

  • Get more brand loyalty?

  • Pre-emptive positioning? (Not buy from anyone else)

  • Pricing comparison dealt with?

  • Referrals?

  • Motivate action now?

Will thinking through on how to achieve all these outcomes, improve your sales call or your ads? Yes. The strategist says, “How can I maximize every single resource at my disposal?”

Sell Your Company

What could you say about your company every time you interact with a client?

Your salespeople can do this by asking the question of “Is this your first time ___________ with us?” And even if they answer “No”, they still can give a brief history of the company, why you’re experts in the industry and maybe your USP inserted in a sentence.

Take a minute and answer this question and the following…

Where would you put that in your communication process?

The Stadium Pitch

Stadium Pitch: If you could gather 50,000 of your clients and potential clients you have in a stadium and you had the opportunity to present to all of them at once, what would you say?

  • What would you want to accomplish?

  • What would be your strategic objectives for an opportunity like this?

  • LIVE WORKSHOP: Write the title of your stadium pitch, “Ladies and Gentleman, today I’m here to talk about _________________…

  • The title of your stadium pitch should be focused on THEM, not you
  • It should be something that rivets their attention

Define Your Audience

At any given time, there’s gonna be 3% of your audience who’s buying now. 7% are open to the idea of buying in the near future. 30% aren’t thinking about buying. 30% think they aren’t interested. 30% are definitely not interested.

The majority of your ideal prospects/clients don’t feel like they need what you have to offer. So, the strategic thing to do here is to think of a title you could write that would even suck in a person who categorized themselves as definitely not interested?

Now if someone told the audience, right before you walked on stage, that they had to come but that they don’t have to stay? What could you offer that would keep everyone in the room?

Again, this needs to be focused on THEM, not you.

Education-Based Marketing – People will come to you way faster and stay longer to learn something (of value to them) than they will ever come to you to be sold to.”

Your title can never imply that you’re showing up to take something from me.

This is a strategy for both attracting clients faster and in greater numbers and keeping their attention longer. It’s also highly effective in many other strategic objectives.

LIVE WORKSHOP: What business are you in?

In 1907 the four wealthiest companies in America were railroad companies. In the same year Henry Ford built the first 700 trucks. Anyone of those companies could’ve bought every truck he had but they thought they were in the railroad business instead of the transportation business.

Back then 80% of shipping was done by rail. Today 80% is done by truck. Kinda missed the opportunity, eh?

Define your business in the broadest possible sense. What could be the ultimate benefit from doing business with you.


Example: Sell Exercise Equipment – These guys run the radio ad that blares on about how such and such piece is 30% of today. They’re only appealing to 3% of their audience.


Example: Exercise consultant – This gives you more power because it gives you opportunity to teach me things I don’t know. This guy might offer a free report about how the 5 best reasons to exercise.

Broadest Possible View:

Example: Health & Fitness Expert – Much broader scope. This guy offers the free report that tells you the one thing you can do everyday to slash any chance of getting a disease in half.

To get to this, take your basic expression and ask, “What’s the benefit of that?”, “What’s the Benefit of that?”, What’s the benefit of that?”

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