1st Could The Chief Nerd Ever Wear This Shirt? I don’t think so….

Eben Pagan Perfect Shirt

This is why I can’t do Video!!! (Damn Eben)


2nd This was Eben’s Girlfriend (I think so)

david girlfriend

This is the Last Girl the Chief Nerd

Pulled…(I better get Eben’s Dating Course quick)

Nerd with blow up

3rd Eben Pagan Crowd!

Eben Pagan Crowd

The Nerd’s last seminar Crowd….

Nerd One Fan

O.K. so I think my point is clear.

Eben is just plain cooler then me.

I’m O.K with that.

Heck if I were a chick I’d be an Eben Groupie too.

(I’m kinda a Eben Groupie anyway)

Don’t tell him though.

So what’s the ONE Kick Ass Strategy that’s helping me to achiever more in less time then any other time in my life?

I’ve shared it before but as Anthony Robbins say’s; “Repetition is the mother of all skill”

Eben calls it the 50 – 50 – 30 Rule.

What is it?

It’s so damn simple it’s almost embarrassing to “Teach” it.

But it’s the single most powerful tactic I’ve ever used.

Powerful statement but true.

So here ya go!

Next time you sit down to work and for 30 days after try this.

  • Pick ONE single thing you are going to focus on.
  • Set your timer for 50 minutes and go to work.
  • When the timer goes off DISENGAGE for 10 minutes…meaning do something like walk, powernap, read a book, meditate, etc..
  • Set your timer for 50 Minutes again and go to work (remember focused single task work)
  • When the timer goes off now you DISENGAGE for 30 minutes.
  • Repeat cycle as many times as you need.

Once you do this for 30 days I promise your life will be different.

  • You will feel different about everything you do.
  • You will have accomplished more then you ever thought possible.
  • You will have deeper meaning and more connection to everything you do.

So there ya go…

Simple? YES….

Easy to do? YES..

Easier not to do? Heck Yes..

Make it happen

Talk Soon

The Chief Nerd @ MyNoteTakingNerd