Never piss away another dollar on a bad salesperson hire ever again!

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Maybe you know what makes a super star salesperson, maybe you don’t.

If you hire salespeople now, or want to grow your business using them in the future (which Chet Holmes highly recommends because person to person contact/connection has the most impact on selling), you’ll definitely want to read this.

What I’m giving you today is a hunk of notes from the “Hiring Talent – The key that makes (or costs) you millions” section of the Ultimate Business Mastery Program.

Enjoy, and know there’s a fuck load more where this came from, just on this topic alone. Get the full set of notes if mastering this topic sings to you.

Here we go with the five traits of the best of the best star salespeople…

Empathy – Sincere interest in helping clients succeed.

Ego Strength (rejection armor)/Ego Drive (Ambition) – These people don’t get blown out for the day just because you turned them down. These people have to achieve.

Superior Skills Set (Highly productive) – They write a great letter, they manage their time, they’re on top of it.

Market Knowledge – Most stars want to be knowledgeable beyond product knowledge. Core stories (market research and data that makes clients say “Wow”) make this easy for them to adapt to your way of doing business. They love that you’ve done this for them.

Training – Constant personal and business improvement. You cannot check a superstars ipod or trunk and not find some kind of extra curricular training they’re going through at the moment.

Because Chet knows this, one of the questions asks in an interview is, “What’s the latest personal development or business training have you gone through?”

Beyond The Resume

You really can’t hire a superstar from a resume. He used the example of Gary Vaynerchuk and all of his wild experience that looks like shit on a traditional resume of an employee but in actuality, you put him in front of something he believes in, like wine, and that muthafucker is gonna crush it.

Age and background are almost irrelevant. He’s had a nineteen year olds tear shit up before and a 73 year old who was fantastic.

Psychological profile is everything.

Chet only got into sales after someone told him he would probably be good in sales. At the time he was a movie film projectionist. He started with a furniture store while he had a weeks worth of vacation. The quota for the month was $20 K. He sold $18,000.00 worth of furniture in one week. Super star.

What about the 52 year old milkshake machine salesman Ray Kroc, the man who founded McDonalds?

Background isn’t relevant. It’s who they are, more than what they’ve done.

Get them while you can…

These people are often frustrated in most companies so they go out and form their own company and become extremely successful. Most people don’t understand them, recognize their brilliance, won’t give them room to swing the bat, and they won’t give them enough room to blossom in their environment.

You want to learn to shop for salespeople

You’re strolling through the grocery store, the mall, out to eat and you spot these people whose life you can change through giving them the opportunity to maximize their natural talents/personality/make up.

Get them while they’re young and keep challenging them and paying them and you can keep them a LONG time. Chet has a dozen level 10 salesmen working for him because of what he’s teaching here.

The Ad That Attracts These People To You…

The ad must challenge them. It must scare away the unsure. Weeds them out. It does not ask for resumes. None of Chet’s ads ask for resumes.

Example: Mock Print Ad

Superstars Only, $50K to $250K

Average will earn $50K, stars will earn $250K. (For this line you have to put the varying range because the 19 year old projectionist might not be able to grasp on to the idea of hauling in $250K and just not respond to the ad. And it allows you to snag the guys who’ve already made that kind of money before)

Don’t even call unless you are truly awesome salesperson. (Only superstars and dreamers feel bold enough to respond to an ad that begins this way) You have a burning desire to succeed, are extremely client oriented, highly motivated and never say die. You develop deep and meaningful rapport with your clients, and communicate with piercing persuasiveness. You believe you can be the best at almost everything you do, and can prove it. Don’t call unless you fit this bill. Excellent salary and commission structure, and great opportunity for upward mobility. Build an empire within out fine progressive company. (Type of business here) (This is a great line because it appeals to the part of superstars that loves challenge) We don’t hire backgrounds, we hire top producers. (A lot of superstars don’t fit into the traditional background. If you want to hire someone who’s really stable, hire an accountant. The average accountant holds onto a job for 9.5 years. This won’t be the case with salespeople. Especially superstars who don’t fit in.

Call Susan Marktin at (Phone number)

Call only between (You may want to limit the hours)

Beware: In addition to superstars, this ad can attract weirdos with clown porn fetishes.

Personally Phone Screen All Applicants

At this point in the process forget resumes. They line up all the candidates to do them all at once – 5 minutes a piece. This is made possible by including the line in the ad of “Call between such and such time”.

This is the process of deciding who you DON’T want to interview. He gets on the phone and says, “Look, we’ve got 50 candidates, why do we want to interview you?” 9 out of 10 people will tell him, “Well, can you tell me a little about the job?” He says, “That’s a long conversation. The ad said don’t even call if you aren’t the best, so why do we even want to interview you?” Chet is obnoxious. Then you get 9 out of 10 who will say, “Well let’s see, I like people, my mom says I’m good at selling, and if I believe in it, I believe I can sell it.” And no matter what they say he always comes back with, “I’m really not hearing top producer.” “You’re not?” “No.” “Well, well, okay.” “OK” “Guess you would know.” “Yeah, I do.” “Well, thanks.” “Thanks” “Bye.” “Bye.”

In a HR friendly environment, you would’ve hired that guy and Chet can predict what would happen to him the first time he got rejected.

He’s also had someone respond to “I’m not really hearing top producer,” with, “Well maybe you’re deaf.” And then he starts rolling into what results he’s produced with other companies. Top producers will come back at you. Why? Because now they’re the product. Their sense of self won’t allow you to tell them, they can’t do the job.

Phone Screening Techniques

In the very first call:

Act busy, be gruff and to the point. Ask, “So tell me why you think you’re a superstar?” Make them sell you. Remember, you can’t intimidate the self esteem of a superstar.

If you can chew them up and spit them out over the phone; Don’t even bother interviewing them. If they can’t talk their way into an interview, what makes you think they’ll be able to talk their way into an appointment with prospects?


That’s a wrap for today.

Even though I didn’t overwhelm you with the full load on this subject, just having the ad and the screen over the phone tactics in your arsenal put you light years ahead of 99% of your competitors. Have fun shaving your drama to almost zero by using this. 🙂

There’s probably 20-25 more pages covering  just this topic. And it’s all gold. I would never hire another salesperson ever, without running them through this gauntlet. And I wouldn’t recommend you to either. Get the notes if you don’t have them already.

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