Dex (Chief Nerd) Here…

Recently I’ve wrote a time or two about he trials and tribulations here at Nerd Headquarters.

Well, It seems that Life’s challenge to me to overcome, keep focus, and stick to my mission was just taken to an entirely new level.

I’m sad to say that Tomorrow Nerd Nation Rocks’ TeleSeminar will have to be postponed for a few days.

Why? Simply put I had a Heart Attack.

It was Friday night…

image I was sitting at my computer when I suddenly had what seemed like a really bad case of Indigestion.

I never get this so It was a strange feeling but I continued to type away.

Suddenly I had a massive headache.

My Chest felt as though a 300 Pound Bodybuilder was grabbing and squeezing me.

I was having a hard time breathing and had a sharp pain

in the middle of my back.

As many of you may know I’m an Old Time Boxer with a champions mindset.

I’m a bit stubborn.

I decided that maybe I could “rest” this one off so I wondered into my room and tried laying down.

Things progressively got worse over the next few minutes and I tried walking around my room.

Then my arm began to go numb.

Being stubborn and some might call Dumb, I proceeded to self diagnose myself on the internet and decided that maybe I was just having a bad case of Acid Reflux.

After about 5 minutes I knew that something was wrong with Old Chief Nerd.

I wondered down the hallway and knocked on the door of Nerd#2 and said something’s wrong buddy I need you to take me to the hospital.

Here’s the deal…

I’m in my late 30’s and have went to the doctor a grand total of two times.

Nerd#2 knew this and immediately got up and we headed out the door.

Along, the way Nerd#2 decided that I had been drinking too many diet soda’s and that I’d be just fine. LOL

Gotta love my little buddy, trying to find the answer that would get me out of my predicament the quickest.

Always trying to find the right answer. I love this little guy.

But as we drove I was getting shorter and shorter on breath and I knew that something wasn’t right.

It’s funny because, as human beings, we tend to take just about everything for granted in life. We forget how fragile we are.

Earlier in the day I had seen Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps and Michael Douglas’s character said that while he was in jail he realized that we could trade money and just about everything else in life BUT one thing.

OUR TIME. A commodity that is finite. We only get a certain amount. Some more then others. But when spent it’s gone.

As I was getting closer to the hospital I began to ask that ever present energy in Life to teach me the lesson but give me more time.

We arrived at the hospital within 10 minutes and I rapidly went into the Emergency lobby.

The nurse at the counter was busy with some paperwork.

I said I need to see a doctor NOW.

She said “Sir..wait your turn and I’ll get with you ASAP”

I snapped back…"Mam..I think I may be having a Heart Attack”

She immediately had the gentleman she was helping leave the area …

They rushed me to the back and within 45 Seconds had me hooked up to a EKG machine.

I could see by the look on the Tech’s face that things weren’t looking good.

Next thing I knew that told me not to move.

Three fairly big guys grabbed me and hoisted me onto a gurney and they rushed me into the adjoining area.

Within minutes there was at least 7 – 10 doctors surrounding me.

I was attached to 5 different machines.

And …I was scared shitless.

I looked at the Doc and said hey doc am I going to be O.K.?

He said don’t worry we are going to take care of you ..just relax.

I said, “Doc..I have a 4 year old daughter I’m not ready to leave yet”

All I could think about was my little girl.

Would she remember The Old Nerd when she got older?

Why hadn’t I done so may things?

Why Why Why?

The Doc then came over and stood over me saying that I had nothing to worry about and that If he had anything to do with it I would be going home soon.

Through the frantic action I could see Nerd2 sitting behind everyone looking on.

I looked at him told him I loved him and that I wanted him to call certain people if anything were to happen to me.

I then had him try and call my Ex so that I could tell me little girl how much she meant to Daddy.

We spoke on speaker for a moment but the phone wouldn’t keep reception so I was only able to get out a few words.

They then rushed me back to the Catheter lab where they would insert a balloon into my arteries (I had a blockage in the front side of my heart), open them up, and then decide where to put a stint.

This was frankly, the scariest ride of my life.

Nerd2 followed as far as he could and was then ushered off to the waiting area.

I felt as though I was the “Last Man Standing” walking to what might be my intement end.

Of course I kept telling myself that I was going to make it through this.

I thought of you guys (Yep I did). I’m a true entrepreneur and want to fulfill my mission here at this little blog.

I love what I do and I’m not afraid to admit it for fear of looking like a fool.

In the end I had visions of my little girl’s smiling face and for some reason I had a sense of peace.

At about this time they injected me with some kind of drug that (as they explained to me later) “made me forget about the pain.

They had the machines moving rabidly above me. All around. Trying to figure out where the exact points of blockage were.

Here’s the good news: The Chief Is Still Here!

The Bad News?

Well, as I lay here, going between bouts of feeling good to feeling horrible, I have vision of pulling my own Michael Jordan game 7 Miracle.

image For those of you that don’t know. He had an extreme case of the flu and could barely walk. Played anyway, had the game of his life, and sank an amazing shot as the clocked ticked down to win the game.

Here’s the truth friends.

Michael knew what he had that night.

I believe his self awareness might of been as good as any sports Idol in the history of sports.

I too believe I have a very good sense of self awareness.

And although I could probably deliver something that would be “good” I just know I’m not in the mental state nor have the physical energy to perform as I want to.

I don’t want to cheat you guys.

I want to perform and give you much more then you thought possible.

So I’m making the tough decision to pull the plug and do this later in the week.

I’ll keep you informed and I ask for you understanding.

I promise that when The Nerd Nation Rocks call takes place it will be something to remember.

There are some lesson’s here.

I’m, for the most part, an open book to you guys.

I want you to learn from the good and the bad.

Over the past month I’ve experienced the following:

  • Thought I was going to lose my daughter when she was diagnosed with childhood onset diabetes.
  • Had three major computer crashes and a network virus that almost set back the Nerd site for an entirely unacceptable amount of time.
  • And now this Major Health Issue.

I’m a different human being because of it.

I didn’t see angels, experience bliss, or anything like that.

But I have had life nail me in the side of the head and let me know that I’d better not lose focus on what’s important.

I now want to be a better friend, father, partner, and enjoy life to a much greater degree.

That doesn’t mean I won’t work any harder on this Blog or my other passions in life.

I love what I do and am ignited to bring a much bigger, brighter, and compelling message to you guys in the future.

More notes, more experiences, and a higher calling to help you guys reach the dreams and desires you have in business and hopefully share some things along the way that make us better human beings.

You will see some new posts, cool tools, etc… from Nerd2 and I over the next few days.

Times have changed a bit.

You can now use your phone and computer in the hospital and YEAH!! they even have Wi-Fi.

But I just don’t have 16 hour days in me.

The type of day it would take me to perform up to my expectations tomorrow.

I’m extremely grateful that I have an audience to share with everyday.

Thank you for gifting me with what Gordon Gekko calls “YUR MOST IMPORTANT COMODITY”….TIME!!

Nerd Nation got stronger today.

You’ll be hearing from me in the next few days and I expect our call to take place this week sometime.

Maybe some of you have had similar experiences or can share some words of wisdom.

Comment below.

Thank you my friends…

Talk Soon.

Dexter Abraham


P.S. For those of you that have a customer service issue we may be a day behind but we will get to you ASAP…Thank you for any patience.