9-30-10 post

Hey You,

It’s #2.

Have I mentioned to you that I ABSOLUTELY love women?

Well, in case I haven’t, I do. And seeing this video made me appreciate how powerful the feminine nature is. The leopard in the video below totally reminded me of my mom who actually beat the shit out of a guy in a bar with one of those trays the waitresses carry drinks on because he was bothering her.

What was crazier than that was when as a 16 year old kid I hit this 41 year old woman and gave her a black eye. Yeah, it was stupid. Yeah, there was a shit load of alcohol and drugs involved. Yeah, there’s no excuse for what happened. And that was the last time it ever did.

So, of course word gets back to this woman’s 260 pound brother and he ends up confronting me in the teeny hallway that was only a little more than 1 person wide, of our home. The hallway started at the front door and when I answered it I was meet by a foaming at the mouth drunk lunatic out for revenge.

He punched me and then as I was going back, he grabbed me and basically just used the momentum to push me down to my back. Well, I’m lucky this guy didn’t know how to fight because even though I couldn’t move, he never landed any more punches even though he was trying. I’m also lucky because my mom heard all the racket and came to the rescue. Hahaha

My mom was a warrior I’d a been proud to go to war with at anytime.

Most women might have just screamed and yelled at the guy hoping it would discourage him or give a token pull on his arm to try to get him off her boy and then race to call the cops. Not my mom. On one side of me was the wall and on the other was the washing

machine, so instinctively my mom looked for something to hit this guy with so she picked up the full tub of laundry detergent and starts laying into this guys head with it.

That slowed him down from punching me but it wasn’t getting him off of me. So, she ditched the detergent and full-on grabbed two fistfulls of hair and jerked as hard as her little 90 pound body would let her.

This REALLY got the dudes attention and stood him straight up onto his knees and when she let go and said she was calling the cops, he stood up and bolted out the door. He must’ve been a wanted man. Hahaha.

I wish I hadn’t put my mom in that situation but in the same light it made me love and appreciate her even more. And, I imagine she was proud of herself for stepping up and doing whatever it took to defend her cub.

While I’m gonna start screening out certain parts of my mom’s behavior that I didn’t like so much in women, I will always LOVE and insist on women owning both polarities; the beast AND the lover and everything in between.

See how this plays out in nature in this outstanding video here…