Fat Guy With Burger I just got off a phone call.

I was making an overdue presentation to a friends list.

During the call i encouraged people to send me questions.

I saw one very disturbing pattern. No one was responsible for their plight in life.

It was their ex, their local politician, their partner, their dog, or their __________.

This didn’t upset me nearly as much as looking in the mirror after this phone call and realizing that I (Yes Me..Super Nerd) have been doing this very same thing for way to long.

I didn’t want to admit it but It was my ex’s fault or McDonald’s that I had my recent Heart Attack.

Although at the pace I’d devour a burger at times I promise you’d swear someone was helping somewhere…

This reminds me of a friend of mine who’s on his fifth marriage.

He thinks all women are evil and

is now convinced that marriage just isn’t for the human race.

I of course didn’t improve his attitude by suggesting that HE may be the X factor that he forgot to think about.

Here’s the question you need to be asking yourself.

Do you have something that keeps rearing it’s ugly head over and over again in your life.

You know. A PATTERN?

One that may be causing you pain, lost money, broken relationships, etc…?

Do you find yourself, like I did, going from one diet to the next only to declare the “newest” one to be the holy grail and that all the rest were just bad?

Or do you find yourself going from job to job only to find that same spiteful, mean, and just plain retarded boss again?

How bout going from one Guru course to the next with no results?

If you find yourself doing anything like this then you might, just maybe, want to question your STRATEGIES.

Let’s assume that you have now thought of a number of these Groundhog Day type situations popping up in your life.

What do you do?

Well….change your damn strategy.

or FIRE Yourself and get someone that can “Do” the dang stuff.

I mean aren’t you sick and tired of looking at the other internet marketing guru and thinking damn I’m better then him but he’s making 10, 20, 30 times what you are.

I’m not bashing anyone but a good example of this is a kid by the name of Jason Fladlien.

And for those of you that don’t know who he is. Well in my mind he’s the Pound for Pound Internet Marketing Champion right now. He’s the real deal. More value for your buck then anyone is giving in my opinion.

Jason’s had one of those Rags to Riches stories. Went from sitting at home (well he lived with his dad) to making over a half million dollars per year in just the past few years.

Recently I got an email from me where he signed his name “Mini Tony Robbins”.

Let me tell you something. I’ve worked very close with Tony and Jason’s no Tony.

But I’ll say this.

Jason Kicks my Ass in the department that matters. He has an undeniable belief in himself and he does the one thing that separates himself from all the rest.


I mean the guy’s putting out 3 – 5 products a month sometime. Not to mention consulting, coaching, JV’s, etc…

His stuff isn’t always the prettiest.

His stuff isn’t always perfect.

But he always over delivers and has a ton of raving fans.


Because he’s constantly showing his list that he WILL perform.

And guess what. From what I’ve read if he can’t do it or do it well he “Fires” himself and get’s someone that can.

No excuses, no blaming the neighbors, just takes action and makes things happen.

So back to what I was saying;

If you aren’t getting the results you want them find a different strategy.

Do something different.

Or find someone that can do it for you.

Dan Kennedy once told a story that goes like this.

Guy walks down street and falls into a hole.

Next day he walks down same street and falls into the same hole again and is pissed off at the hole.

Next day he hurries down the same street and tries to jump the hole only to miss and fall down again. This time extremely pissed at hole.

Next day he does the same damn thing again. This time breaking an ankle.

When he get’s his cast off and heads to the same location for work as before but takes a DIFFERENT street.

Lesson Here?

We don’t have control over the holes in life.

We do control our thinking, our strategies, behavior, and changes we CHOOSE to make to all or some.

So if you find yourself stuck in a pattern and you keep falling in the same hole then make some different choices.

After all this is what separates us from the Dogs, cats, lions, tigers, and bears.

For me it’s time to make some choices about my lifestyle so I don’t end up back in the hospital.

It’s bout time to look at the Ex through some new eyes (this one will be hard LOL) and find some things I do have control over.

I just had to have a “Money” talk with a partner because If i don’t I’ll find myself in an uncomfortable spot down the road if I don’t handle it now.

Yep uncomfortable choices that relieve stress and free you up to be more productive and happy.

Next time I’ll share some simple things to do that will enable you to make these strategic changes quicker and easier. But in the meantime let me know you enjoyed this conversation by saying so below. Just a quick comment please.

Thanks …Talk Soon