Ask and you shall receive…

Hey You,

It’s #2.

I may be crazy, but it’s my guess that your raving fans have soooo much more to offer you.

And no, I’m not referring to their ability to give you more of their money if you’d only present them with more offers, more frequently.

More money is nice, but the stories they have about how your product or service has enhanced their life can be soooo much more valuable long term and leverage wise, than any single additional sale you get from them.

People trust what others say about you, much more than what you say about you. Especially if those OTHERS are big wig famous dudes or dudettes who have  humongafied followings.

So if there’s so much power in the voice of your champions, it begs the question of…

Why are there so many shit testimonials or reviews out there in the market place… even for products or services that provide incredible, life enhancing experiences?


It’s because most people don’t know a quick, yet deep way to ask questions of their customers that open up their minds AND their hearts.

All most people know how to ask online or offline is the equivalent of this…


If you’re aiming to put the expression of a deer in the headlights on the face of most of your fans, put a blank form like this in front of them.

Why, if someone gets inspired enough to actually put their fingers to a keyboard to type a review or testimonial on your behalf or… gets on the phone or with you in person… would you want to gamble the outcome against people’s  improv/laziness/short attention span/fear of writing something dumb?

Stack the odds in your favor by taking all the risk of failure and embarrassment away. Give them an idiot proof path to follow that let’s them tap not just the intellectual reasons they bought, but also the emotional reasons.

Here are five ridiculously  simple questions you can ask  about a product/service you’re selling that lead to a compelling, transformational, “story” about a positive experience someone had with you vs. a blah, blanket statement.

To illustrate this for you,  I’ll demonstrate how I’d bear my testimony for the Droid phone if only Verizon would get on the horn and ask me these questions or put a form into an email and send it to my ass…

1. What happened?

This is the question that begins your journey inside another person’s experience.

One way you can adapt it is to your specific situation is to ask… “What happened when you got your ______________?” Or, “What happened after we worked together on your project?”

To get to the real answer, their true perspective, you may have to ask it a few times, especially if they’re space cadets who like to get off topic or… males who like to give one word answers or short single sentence responses, “I used it and it worked good.”

Here’s mine:

“Well, it all started with my account being eligible to get 1 Droid for free if I bought another.

For years I’d put off using any other cell phone except for the shit bird flip ones. Now I can safely say, I’ll never go back. I’d rather have no cell and use a greased up pay phone than go back to that primitive technology.

And I’m not even “Techno Guy”.  I just recognize a high quality user experience when it hits me.”

2. How are you feeling about it?

You want to get down to the emotion they have about your product or service. And remember, emotions are always valid, even if they aren’t justified.

Here’s how I feel about my Droid:

“I’m head over heels in love with this little black bastard!!!

I’m not the kind of guy who always needs to be accessible and who needs to be talking with someone if there’s any kind of quiet on the horizon. So back when I had “JUST” a phone, I didn’t even give a shit if I left the house with it or not, most of the time. With the Droid, I never leave the house without it.

And that’s because it’s sooo much more than phone…

I use mine for my 6 different gmail- email accounts, high quality texting that stays in conversation threads as per person unlike those flip turds that pile everyone’s text on top of each other… a book reader (Recently laughed my ass off reading Chelsea Handler’s full 176 page book  “Chelsea, Chelsea, Bang, Bang,” on it)…. an MP3 player (recently finished listening to Tony Robbins entire 9 hour course “The Path to Permanent Weight Loss” on it)… a full on navigation system and internet provider  (It recently not only sourced the locations of all of the Whole Foods stores in Las Vegas, Nevada, a city I’m a complete foreigner to, but it also took me turn by turn to the store.) and a it’s serves as my outstanding digital camera, 90% of the time (some of the shots I took with it might actually be showing up in Penthouse Magazine in the future *might tell this story later*). And oh yeah, it’s a FUCKING PHONE TOO that if I use FREE apps that I can easily find and download, I get to talk to people for FREE-ALL OVER THE PLANET using Skype or Vonage!!!

WHEWWW! And I only use about 20% of the phones capability. If I’d quit being lazy I’d find even more ways it could make my life better.

You ask how I feel about my Droid? I feel like if I don’t have it near, like I’m naked. Like I’m out of touch. Like I’m inadequately equipped.  Like I’m restricted.”

3. What did you learn?

This makes people look for the benefits you can then speak directly to in any of your ads or promotions…

“With my Droid, I learned that I never want to go without a computer in my pocket ever again. It’s too nice of a luxury to be without. Especially when it’s so affordable.

I’ve learned that I like the idea of all-in-one. I used to trek around with an mp3 player, a camera, AND a phone. Now, I just pack the Droid 95% of the time and I know I’m prepared.

I’ve also learned that I hate traditional texting, you know, punch the number 3 times to get to the last letter of the number. Fuck all that bullshit!”

4. What did you learn about yourself?

This is the question where people can express to you powerful feelings of how your product or service helped shape their identity and their future in a positive way. If that isn’t a core driver that leads to future sales, I don’t know what is…

“My Droid taught me that I don’t have to fear the wave of the future. This phone was a huge learning curve for me but I picked it up FAST!!! And that’s saying a lot because I’m not super technically proficient. Motorola made the phone knowing that if they were going to convert techno-phobes like me, that they have to make it simple to learn.”

5. How will this help you in the future?

These questions help frame this experience with your product or service as tool that has served them in their life… potentially forever.

“With the Droid popping my Smart Phone cherry I’ve seen what’s possible for the future. While the Droid isn’t perfect it’s helped me imagine a future where I have a pristine camera, a rockin’ mp3/video player, a mini computer and crystal clear phone all for waaaaay less than if I’d bought each individually.”


In my perception I just created one of the best personal user testimonials for a Droid on the planet. And I did it with ease. I never got hung up and you fuckin’ better believe that I, someone who writes daily, wouldn’t have come up with something this good with just a blank form in front of me.

And while it was easy, there was still some pauses because after all, I’m  talking about a stupid phone here.

Imagine what powerful testimonials/reviews these questions would unleash if used for  something that was more than just a luxury.

Try these 5 questions out for yourself. See what happens. And always feel free to report any miraculous results back to me here or at my email address. 🙂

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2