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Conan Obrien

Will You Be Ready For Tough Times?

Yep Times are tough out there. 

Today we are seeing more and more so called invincible companies fall to this depression.

Lehman Brothers, General Motors, Holiday Inns, “The United States”….

Some Gone…others reduced to a fraction of their former selves.

Why is this?

Because it’s during the tough times that our true characters are revealed.

You may be able to “Fake it Till You Make It” during the prosperous years but when the shit storm comes you’d better be prepared for it.

It’s important as business owners and niche leaders to determine whom we are, where we are going, how we are going to get there, and what we are all about.

Success during the good times gives us a sense of invincibility.

After all i’ve been getting away with that for how long?

Well, I’m here to be the bearer of bad news.

I’m a believer that this recession isn’t going to go away anytime soon.

So while we are stuck in this sideways economic condition I suggest you get to figuring out who, what, when, and how you are going to be in this market and then get to proving it.

Most importantly be who you say you are going to be.

The preacher that gives the Sunday Sermon but is out gambling and spending the week nights with hookers will eventually be “caught”.

We are no different.

Your customers and clients look to you for certain values and experience.

If you are not being transparent and true then eventually this too will catch you.

So today, as I am, I suggest you take a look at your positioning in the market.

Who are you? Who are you to your customers? What is your position in this niche you have chosen?

Set up your Strategic Cornerstones so that when the Winds of Recession come pounding down your door you stand tall and unmovable.

You become the Emergency Room for your customers and clients. Not joining them in the lobby.

Start looking at your systems, policies, structure, etc…

Do you just make money? Or…



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