Authenticity Rocks!

Do this one thing with your customers and you will stand head and shoulders above the others in your Niche.


Because everyone craves true genuine connection.

Why do you think Facebook is so dang successful?

It’s also human nature to want to fit in.

When you stay centered and anchored to whom you are your customers and clients will bond with you in a way not possible without doing so.

Most people do not have the “Balls” to be real.

Share your Ups and Downs.

Tell the story of going broke. Not just the “I made a million” today story.

Tell the story of cheating on your diet. Not just the “I lost 32 pounds this month”.

Tell about fighting with your significant other. Not just the “I have the greatest relationship on earth” story.

Being this open, direct, and transparent will create a bond with your market that usually leads to more sales and prosperity.

  • When talking with your customers talk in First Person.

Be you….

Talk like you talk everyday.

Don’t be uptight and try to be perfect.

Not being you will ultimately lead to less connection.

  • Be Simplistic

Do not Talk Down to your market.

Don’t be academic unless that’s who you are and what your market wants to hear.

Make things as “Homer Simpson” as possible.

Speak and write in a way that does not require a Google Research session to understand what it is that you are teaching.

  • For Crying Out Loud….Be Useful!!

I hear this all the time!

“But if I give to much away then nobody will buy anything”


In my experience it’s the exact opposite.

Nothing will Brand you in your market more then making sure that whatever you write, product, and ultimately sell is USEFUL.

So next time before you hit the send button take a breath and make sure you aren’t holding anything back.

Give it to them.


Be Authentic!