I get asked this question probably more then anything else.

What’s the difference between those that succeed and those that don’t.

I’ve searched for 20 years to the “Secret”.

I’m a bit embarrassed that the answer was staring me in the face all along.

It’s not much of a secret at all.

Do you really think Frank Kern or any other Guru  is 10,000 times smarter then you?

I highly doubt it.

Yes, he’s a genius in some areas.

But in the end there is ONE SECRET that stands out above all else.

It’s not

a NEW tool or technology.

It’s not a magic potion.

It’s not a Guru Product.

Yet it’s still responsible, in my opinion, for 100% of the success of all those I see succeeding on a high level.

I’ve seen guys that have their Daily To Do List on napkins succeed in their chosen niche or profession as well or better then the guy who has every single “productivity” tool available to man.

So that isn’t the answer.

The answer to our success lies in our ability to get out of our own way.

The answer to your success is your ability to just “Do” rather then wait for the perfect system, ultimate lead generation system, new gadget, or until you have the perfect sales pitch or copy.

Here is the Nerd’s Ultimate Success Formula.

  • Make a decision you are going to do XX (this could be anything)
  • Set a deadline for researching X (exact amount of time you are going to allocate)
  • Break the process down into steps and set a specific time deadline for each step.
  • When each time segment deadline is reached then you use what you have. No more.

Rigorous, anal, and no compromising commitment to your deadlines regardless of not being perfect is the answer.

Entrepreneurs whom succeed all have this one trait in common.

They make things happen.

They set deadlines and do not miss them.

They know that if something is 50% of what it could be but out in the market it’s much better then the “Perfect” product on the shelf waiting for the finishing touches that never makes it anywhere.

I have a close friend whom is an absolute Genius at what he does.

Yet he rarely accomplishes anything near his potential because he has so many rules for how things “MUST” be in order for his product to get out the door.

His rules stop him from actually accomplishing anything.

Yet his talent level is 5 – 10 times that of 99% of those that do exactly what he does.

So from now on give yourself permission to just be “OK”.

You do not need to be perfect.

You do not have to have THE BEST strategy.

Decide to do something.

Set Deadlines.

Take Action.

Do this over and over again and you will eve naturally have all the success you want.

Or you can continue to wait for the RIGHT answer and achieve nothing.

That’s it for my Rant today.

Go do something and share some stories below.