If you haven’t been hiding under a rock lately then you are probably aware that one of the newest Guru “Words” is Tribe.

What is this thing they call tribes?

To put it simply it’s our Niche. It’s the group of people who are just like us whom we want to do business with.

It’s our own little “Hells Angels” bicycle club.

However, until the last few years it wasn’t as easy to find people that were in the same Tribe we wanted to be in.

Today I’m going to share wit you a simple way to find as many people as you’d like to be in your little tribe.


Use Twitter….

Twitter has changed everything. Today, right now, you can have a conversation with just about anyone in the world through this little conversation tool.

It’s powerful if used correctly.

Here is a few tactics for start engaging people in your Niche and Tribe right now.

Go to Twitter Pulse and type in the keywords you are looking for.

If you are looking for Eskimos that have foot fetishes.

Well, type it in and I’m sure you’ll find some Friends to start chatting with right now.

Whatever Niche you are or want to service is just waiting for you to start talking with them.

Set it up so that you are notified when that keyword is mentioned.

Then start engaging and following those folks.

It’s an easy way to get “In” the conversation and start building a list.

Use Twitter Directories.

Directories like We follow and wallow are becoming very popular.

You can immediately go list yourself and start following people in your niche.

Begin to follow those people in your Niche that have large amounts of followers.

You can learn from what they are doing and you can also follow their followers.

So there you have it….

Get in the conversation in your market right now and begin to build your little Tribe as well.

Talk Soon.

Chief Nerd