I’ve got a few words of wisdom I’d like to share with you today.

As I get older I constantly have to remind myself that I don’t “Know” anything.

The market is always the boss.

Common sense isn’t always right.

One of those little chunks of wisdom is to Remember Who Your Customer Is….

This first lesson hit me after I was bored

the other night at home and stumbled across an old DVD of Scary Movie.

Now If you don’t know what this movie is then it’s ok.

It just means you’re out of touch with Pre-Teens and Teenagers these last 10 years.

Before you think I know it all.

Let me remind you that I only put this movie in because I had just devoured everything else I had during my recovery period after my health scare.

Quickly; This movie is a spoof of the incredibly popular Teenage horror flicks that were coming out every 6 months the last 10 years.

They take exact scenes from other “Scary Movies” and remake them in a funny way.

Kid’s, I’m told, laugh their asses off at this stuff and go to see the movie on average of 2.2 times.

Take a look at this.

SCREAM #1 (source-IMDB)

Scream #1 Box Office

SCREAM #2 (source-IMDB)

Scream #2 Box Office

SCREAM #3 (source-IMDB)

Scream #3 Box Office

SCREAM #4 (source-IMDB)

Scream #4 Box Office

Four Movies and 400 Million Dollars Later…

I thought the movie was stupid…but who am I?


After watching this movie I went to IMDB.com and researched the old reviews.

Guess what I found?

Lot’s of this:

Los Angeles Times

Reviewed by: Jan Stuart


Isn’t it amazing to see just how low some people will stoop if you pay them enough?

When you think of Movie Reviewers what or whom do you think of?

My experience has been that they are a bunch of middle aged, educated, folk who don’t have a clue what the younger generation wants.

I’m guessing the producers of Scary Movie don’t give one shit about Jan’s review.

I’d say they are laughing all the way to the bank.



Teenagers and those in their early twenties get this humor.

Old fogies like me may not.

So next time YOU think you know your market don’t be so damn sure.

ASK your customers and clients.

Use polls, surveys, whatever it takes..


As a matter of fact I’ve been getting a few emails trickle in that have alerted me to the fact that I may not KNOW what you guys really want.

It turns out alot of you are getting fed up with the GURU’s and are now looking at those fringe “B” IM Players that are providing some Kick Ass Value at decent prices.

I’m going to listen and you’ll see me highlight some of those type programs real soon.

So their ya have it Nerd Fan’s ..

Another lesson that I hope you USE!

Don’t rest on your laurels and think you KNOW anything.

Stay curious and motivated. Let your customers know you care. Listen.

Go ahead and make a comment below.

Talk Soon

Chief Nerd