correct I was recently asked by a potential consulting client why his product wasn’t selling.

He had world class copy.

He had a great product.

He had multiple other components of what seemed to be a home run.

Yet he was missing the one key ingredient that drives sales.

And this ingredient is becoming more and more important in this New Social World we are living in.

Below is some notes I took from a recent Dan Kennedy/Bill Glazer Phone mastermind call.


  • You need to “Sell Money at a Discount” by providing Massive Value.

It’s important that you always be thinking about Value when you are going to sell something to your customers.

This doesn’t just start when your product is ready.

This starts with your emails, blog posts, and any other interaction.

Be known as the guy or girl in your market that provided massive value all the time.

  • The Proper Prospect and Customer (Your Herd)

When doing your lead generation, writing blog posts, and anything else you do to attract your potential customers remember to be authentic.

Make sure the prospect has a clear understanding of exactly what you do and maybe make it a little harder for them to be part of your Tribe.


Because the better qualified and connected your customers are to you and what you do the more they will buy.

Kennedy call this message to market to customer match.

Be clear in your marketing and positioning.

  • Develop and Deepen the Relationship.

The sell should be the start of the relationship.

Always be looking for ways to connect and bond with your customers.

We can do this through involvement mechanisms such as polls, surveys, contests, and blog commenting.

And never forget that the easiest way to have an instant relationship with someone is through transference.

Joint Ventures and Affiliate Marketing allows you to gain a relationship with someone overnight.

  • Be Influential

This is the “Secret” to being head and shoulders above everyone else.

Now that you have the relationship don’t just be another some.

Write and market in a way that influences your customers to think about their business and lives so that you become an expert in their minds.

More to come on how to do these things.

And I want to end by saying Thank You (my Nerd Nation Friends) for allowing me to share with you here on this blog.

Thank you for being my friends here in this Virtual World we hang out.

You Rock!!

Chief Nerd