I’m assuming you are reading this because you are frustrated.

Maybe things aren’t as good as you’d like.

Let me tell ya something. If your looking for the Easy Steps To making Money On The Net…THIS ISN’T YOUR PLACE.

I don’t believe that exist.

Or maybe you were looking for Bestiality Porn and came across one of the weird ass pictures that Nerd#2 uses and added it to your collection.

Either way here we go…

Find the SWEET SPOT in your niche business and spend most your time their.

I, like many, used to believe in the Fairy Tale B.SO. that all you had to do was “Find Your Passion” and the money will follow.

As Dan Kennedy would say; “I could be as passionate as I want about being a NBA Basketball Player but it aint happening”

Doesn’t mean that you can’t do what your passionate about.

It just means that you will probably have to do some STUFF that you don’t want to do along the way.

I do, however, believe you can do your best to spend the majority of your time doing those things within your business that you Like doing.

For instance,

Nerd#2 is a Rock star Copywriter.

The Kid simply Kicks F’n Ass when it comes to the written word.

He’s Creative, He’s Weird (Jesus..he has a pink hairclip in the patch of hair he left on the front of his head), and he likes to write.

Public Wimpy Apology: I have to admit I don’t “get” Nerd#2 sometimes and I take my old school Mafioso mindset out on him sometimes. Truth is I wish I had the nuts to be as cool as this kid. So for those of you out their that have geniuses like this working for you maybe we should let the noose lose a bit and let them do their thing. They are good because they are rebels. They don’t conform to societies rules. So Pink Barrette, patch of hair, and whatever else I’m going to try and be more understanding. Sorry buddy…be yourself, and maybe I’ll do something crazy here pretty soon too. lol

So with that in mind I’m doing my best to get this machine called Nerd Nation to the point that he spend the majority of his time doing just that.

Sitting in office, pink hairclip, painted toe nails, crazy thoughts, just pounding away at the keyboard with Killer Stuff for you guys.

Guess what….that’s attainable.

But in the meantime he’s going to have to do some shit he hates.

It’s just a fact for all of us. Me Too.

So Find that sweet spot in your business you love doing and try to spend as much time as you can their.

But realize that the other “Dirty Crap” has to be done too. Passionate or not.


Jam your head so full of The Stuff  you are going to share with the world that you’d make the International Debate Team cry and leave the stage when it came to your topic of choice.

Get everything you can get your hands on and master what it is you are going to share with the world.

You want to teach people how to cross breed Donkeys and Pit bulls and properly raise Donkey Bulls then learn everything you can about it.

Be the “Man”…The go to person.

We no longer live in a society where we have to go to “School” and get the degree.

We can anoint ourselves as experts.


For us it’s being the Rebels that give the Finger to the Guru’s and bring you their info to you in a way we believe to be better and much more affordable.

For you it might be “The Cross Dressing Internet Marketer”

Maybe you show up on video teaching amazing shit in your Pink Bra and Underwear everyday.

Probably not everyone’s cup of tea but I guarantee you that you’ll stand out.

I bet you’d get a lot more hits on YouTube then most. LOL

Work as if Your Family is being held hostage by Al-Qaida and if you don’t succeed they DIE!!

How long?

Until you succeed.

If you know the market is there. You’ve done your research. You can succeed.

Yes, some will say “But some courses say i can be number one in Google in 24 seconds and dominate the world”

That’s complete and total Bullish………..

Nobody knows how long it will take for sure.

But if you keep plugging along even though it seems as though your writing for yourself or selling to the invisible man then you WILL succeed.

That’s the simple yet powerful key to success.

The difference between those of us that are Rock Stars but linger backstage and those of us that Take  Action and Kick Ass Front and Center….

And finally remember this.

Be genuine, real, and giving always. Regardless of the results. Because if at any point you get jaded or hold back you are screwed.

Talk soon.

Chief Nerd