Money and the hammer

(Classic scene from the movie Casino) “Alright, I’m gonna give you a choice. You can either have the money and the hammer or you can walk out of here. You can’t have both. Whaddya want?” This is the battle we fight in our minds every waking hour: to be drama-free or beat ourselves up. What do YOU want?

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Today I want to introduce you to a unique strategy that shows you how to become the boss of your mind in charge of kicking defeating thoughts in the balls, picking them up by the seat of their pants and then using their heads to open the door so you can toss their ass out of your mind and onto the street.

This vitally important because your thinking is the difference that makes the difference. Resourcefulness, not resources, are what give you an edge in any economy, especially a beat to shit one. Resourcefulness, which is nothing but a mindset,  is all about finding solutions to problems which lead to a better quality of problem, which keep you growing so  you can bask in happiness and fulfillment.

Just the other night I spent hours just reading and taking notes on the introduction to a book called “Happiness is Free” written by the creators of the Sedona Method and let me show you now, directly from the book, some of what absolutely kept me spell bound…

Happiness is you being you without the negativity. Not the limited self that you pretend to be, but your unlimited self.

The happiness that is you is totally independent of what you have or do not have. The happiness that is you is also independent of what you do or do not do, yet it makes your experience of whatever you do  or don’t do more enjoyable.

Happiness equates to your capacity to love rather than to be being loved. Things can shift for you if you direct all your thoughts and feelings in the direction from that of wanting to be loved, to that of loving.

I got an inkling that it was when I was loving that I had the highest feeling.

I remembered the moment when publicly this beautiful, charming girl told the world that she approved of Lester, she loved Lester – and I could feel that nice feeling of approval. I sensed this was not as great as loving, it wasn’t a lasting feeling. It was just for the moment. In order for me to have that feeling continuously, she had to continuously say that.

So this momentary ego approval was not as great as the feeling of loving her. As long as I was loving her, I felt so happy. But when she loved me, there were only moments of happiness when she gave me approval.

Her loving me was a momentary pleasure that needed constant showing and proving on her part, while my loving her was a constant happiness, as long as I was loving her.

I kept reviewing incidents from the past , and where I saw that I was not loving, I would change that feeling to loving that person. Instead of wanting them to do something for me, I would change it to wanting to do something for them. I kept this up until I couldn’t find anymore incidents to work on.

When I saw that everything that was happening to me had a thought of it before it happened, I realized that if I could grab hold of this, I could consciously determine everything that was happening to me.

Let go of all your non-loving thoughts

And above all, I saw that I was responsible for everything that had happened to me! This was a tremendous piece of freedom, to think that I was not a victim of this world, that it lay within my power to arrange the  world the way I wanted it to be rather than being at the effect of it.

So, I began digging further on how to extend this joy. I began further changing my attitudes on love. I would imagine the girl I wanted most, marrying one of my friends, or the guy I would want her to marry least, and then enjoy their enjoying each other. To me this was the extreme in loving, and if I could achieve it, it would give me more of this wonderful thing I was experiencing.

And so I worked on it. I took a particular fellow, Burt, and a particular girl, and I wouldn’t let go until I could really feel the joy of their enjoying each other.

Owning Happiness is Either Impossible or Simple

What if you could do this for your most ruthless competitor?

What if you could imagine them taking away your very best, most profitable clients and while doing so, let go of all the knots in your stomach and tension in your chest that come with seeing this in the theatre of your mind until you could actually feel joy at them enjoying their experience together?

It’s only my opinion, but I say that you’ll attract far more business operating from this mindset than if you were to wallow in a fearful, needy, paranoia that says everyone’s out to get you and that your customers are always looking for the best deal and will leave you if you don’t sell at the lowest price.

Eben Pagan spoke to this level of thinking in his Self Made Wealth program and he called it, “Bless that which you want.”

Imagine the worst case scenario, see it, hear it, feel it, smell it, taste it, and then here’s what’s important… YOU WELCOME WHATEVER FEELINGS SHOW THEIR ASS UP. Invite them to the party instead of pushing them down like you’re probably used to doing.

And as you’re feeling all the tension in your gut and chest imagine the feeling of relief you get when you’re hoisting a bunch of heavy ass grocery bags into the house from out in the car, your fingers and forearms screaming at you in pain and you get them inside to where you’re gonna unload them and you RELEASE your grip on them.

Can you identify with that sense of relief that you get when you do that?

You do the same thing with these feelings that are swirling around in your belly and chest… open up an imaginary door over both of them and let those feelings fall, drop, evaporate, disolve out of it. Looking down while doing this helps you because it allows your focus to center on the somatic mind/The Enteric Nervous System – the brain in your gut.

And now to take this to the next level and make this even more actionable for you, lets fuse this with a story and technique Eben Pagan told during his “Becoming Mr. Right” program where he talked about a Buddhist, Atisha, 1,000 years ago who had a great quote…

“The greatest meditation is a mind that lets go.”

Let’s you and I have an experience of this…

With your feet flat on the floor, pointed straight ahead, breathe in for 4 and out for 8. So you’re breathing out half as fast as you’re breathing in. Feel the air where it’s touching the inside of your nose and feel down deep in your abdomen as the air enters your diaphragm.  Then also feel the air on the inside of your nose as you’re exhaling.

Get in touch with your body. Feel your feet, feel your hands, feel your head, and now reflect for a moment on what it means to you have a mind that lets go. What is a mind that lets go? What is a mind that holds onto? What is a mind that grasps? What is a mind that begins to loosen it’s grip? What is a mind that holds gently? What is a mind that lets go?

What if your mind let go continually?

What if instead of grabbing onto things and making meaning, connecting them to other things permanently, what if it saw perspectives, experienced experiences and then let… go?

I recently attended an art festival that’s called “Burning Man”.

And before I went, I’d considered going for several years. And as I researched this and had several friends say “You should check out this festival.” I saw some people saying, “Oh, it’s just a bunch of hippies that get together and take drugs and party and have sex.” Which part of me said, “That doesn’t sound too bad.”

But that’s not really my style. So I didn’t go for a few years and then finally a couple of friends talked me into it. And so I went a little bit of pilgrimage, driving hundreds of miles out into the desert to see what this thing was all about.

And I had a profound experience there seeing 50,000 people create a new community with a new ethic and a new way of relating to each other. Something I think we can learn from. And actually I saw very little of the hippies, drugs and sex.

But I did see a lot of profound things happening there. One of the most profound elements at the Burning Man festival is the theme of complete enjoyment and engagement, total contribution and complete receiving. And then, letting it all go.

The theme of ‘Burning Man’ is “Burning the Man”

The climax of the festival is when tens of thousands of people gather around the central figure that has acted as the compass and guide post for the entire city for a whole week and then they celebrate as it’s burned to the ground.

Then, many of the artists who have spent months or years of their life creating beautiful pieces of art set many of their art pieces on fire and burn them as well. And when I heard about this, I thought, “Those people must be crazy.”

But when I went and experienced it, I got it.

And I realized that these people were on to something that is profound. It’s the idea that full enjoyment, full contribution, full engagement, full receiving is not about holding onto things. And that holding on and grasping diminishes enjoyment.

Full enjoyment, full engagement is about releasing as we’re experiencing.

And the burning of the man is a symbol and one of the perspectives of this symbolic act is that the burning of the man is letting the old you die in the moment so that a new you can be born.

And so in the future when you contemplate, in those moments between being awake and being asleep, when you meditate on the idea, the concept of a mind that lets go, you might create an image of the old you being burned in the fire of creation so that you can let go of the old you every moment, realizing that by the time you sense anything, that it’s already gone, that that moment is already gone.

This  might allow you to get the point of a mind that lets go, which is, that there is no point. There’s only becoming more aware and more awake and the more that you can relax the mind that grasps, and you can open the mind that lets go, the more you can perceive, the more you can connect, the more that you can contribute, the more you can receive, and the more that you can help this world evolve and the more that you can create the better reality that you can see in your mind.

And when I finished at Burning Man, I got back in my vehicle and I took a long drive home, looking at the scenery, thinking about the experience that I had and remembering to let it go.

Remembering that the more you let it go, the more you can make space to have other amazing experiences like it

And you might notice that the more you let go, and the more that you fully involve yourself, the better your experiences can get and the more you can help yourself which will ultimately help others.

And that by helping others, and helping others help each other, that you will be helping us all.

In the end there is nothing more important than helping all of us to help all of life to survive.

As you reflect on a mind that lets go, now, you might choose a symbol, a picture, a shape, a form, that symbolizes a mind that lets go. And this shape, form or symbol might have a color and a texture. It might be moving, it might be still. It might have a temperature, or a smell or a taste. It might be multi-dimensional and have many of these combined.

But that symbol can be your own private anchor or reminder of this moment, of remembering, experiencing yourself, aware, alive, right now with a mind that lets go.  And you might also begin to think about the experiences that you’re going to have in the future with a very special client in your life and as you have those experiences, there will be times when you are interacting with them and challenges come up.

There will times when you feel strong emotions, when you feel conflict. There will be times when you are triggered and you’ve lost the ability to reason or to do what you know is right.

And you might just go out into your future and place that symbol, picture, or shape in those moments so that when those moments come, you remember your symbol and you close your eyes and you take a breath in for four and out for eight and you remember a mind that lets go so that you can remember to take their perspective, to relax into the moment and to help both of you become closer and more integrated through the experience.

And only as fast as you enjoyed going into your future and placing that symbol in all of those future experiences, and only as fast as you’ve integrated, fully letting go, I’d like you take a deep breath in, let it out, and come back  to now where you already were anyway.

So, there we are.

Simple but not easy but not impossible.

Do what you will with this and please know that I wish you an absolutely wonderful existence where you simply own happiness through a mind that lets go of defeating feelings and thoughts.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2