How to write bullets

Maybe what you sell doesn’t have the raw, animalistic sex appeal of a Red Light District window but that doesn’t mean the potential your promises offer shouldn’t get the blood racing in your prospects

Hey you,

It’s #2.

A wise man once told me that “Men fall in love through their eyes and women fall in love through their ears.”

Today, you and I will focus on the topic of showing men pictures in their mind that cause them to lust for what you’re selling and simultaneously make love to a woman’s ear hole telling them what’s amazing about every facet of what you’re presenting to them, whether it’s information or a physical hard product… in as little as one sentence.

Sound good? Let’s proceed…

Here’s One Of Many Reasons Why You Should Be Anxious To See This…

What I’m showing you today is one of the keys to us churning all the copy we have had to that’s allowed us to go from zero, to almost $13,000.00 in sales in just a little over a month’s time in one of our businesses.

The strategy I’m revealing here is a blend of something I picked up from Eben Pagan and a fuckin’ genius named David Deida (of whom Eben is a student of). It’s revolves around “The Four Factors of Communication Mastery” and the drama that dominate the focus of men and women’s lives, which of course includes their buying decisions.

In David Deida’s perspective, the drama that men live  their lives out in is… “Am I succeeding or failing – Do I have enough yet (dick size, money in the bank, prestige in the company, etc.)?” and for women it’s… “He loves me, he loves me not.”

So by you using what I’ll be uncovering here, this means that from now on the promises you make to your customers about what you offer them will always speak to their heart’s desires and the conversation already dominating just about every one of their waking thoughts.

And you’ll never again waste breath or adspace or attention talking about shit that doesn’t matter to them or that confuses or blurs what you really bring to the table. Which really means that now, when you talk or write, people will listen and buy.

The Four Factors Of Communication and How To Use Them…

In Eben’s Guru Mastermind Live Summits he spent close to two-hours speaking about just this topic and having the audience do the exercises for it. (Side Note: If you want the full notes on what I consider to be one of the most detailed, in-depth, raw marketing seminars ever hosted, click this link and you’ll see the full details of what you get and how to get your hands on them)

Here are the Four factors in all of their simple gloriousness…

  • Specific
  • Concrete
  • Emotional
  • Connected to Result

Let’s saying you’re in the weight loss industry and you’ve got the hottest new weight loss supplement.

Now perhaps one of the reasons that your supplement is awesome is because tests have proven that you can lose weight fast by using it. That, in and of itself is a pretty good claim, “Lose weight fast.”

But watch and see how you turn this “boring” claim… into a promise that moves your ideal prospect to whip it out and let you bang their card on the spot using the 4 factors…


Anytime you make a promise to someone that’s just general, blah, generic like “Lose Weight Fast”, you leave people’s imaginations yearning for more. It almost begs the question of “How much weight? Is this one of those industrial strength supplements built for obese women or is made for the soccer mom who wants to lose a few pounds for the high school reunion coming up in 2 months?”

By being so broad, you leave people to their own conclusions and the thing to remember always when selling, is that a confused mind ALWAYS says no. And, you sound like ALL the other lazy retards in your market who don’t study like you, who think that just saying “lose weight fast” is good enough and that it should work.

So, one way to step this up is by adding specificity like this…

“Lose 15 pounds fast”

With only two words added, that’s already a massive improvement. Let’s what the next level of awesomeness is…


Concrete in this context means that you give someone an image or an idea that they can pin down as evidence that what you said would happen, happened. Here’s how you could use it in our example…

“Lose 15 Pounds in 90 Days”

Can you see how that plants the idea in your mind that in 90 days you could tell whether this is working or not? This is very different from “Lose Weight Fast” which begs the question; Is your “fast” different than mine?

You see, “fast” is relative. Methamphetamines are the rabbit and give you energy IMMEDIATELY. Exercise, is the tortoise. Over weeks, months, in comparison to meth, this is SLOW.

If you can help it, don’t leave people room to wonder anything but pleasant thoughts about your claims. Which leads us to the next level of enhancement…


“Lose 15 Pounds in 90 Days,” isn’t very juicy.

Yeah, it’s specific and concrete but it isn’t very charged. It’s a “just the facts, maam,” statement.

So, in order to tap into that part of the mind where anger, enthusiasm, rage, and bliss live, we have to speak to an emotional picture someone can make in their mind. Like this…

“Lose 15 Pounds of Disgusting Muffin-Top Belly Fat in 90 Days”

If you know women, you know that fat anywhere else BUT their belly is secondary in concern. Muffin-top is their arch-nemesis! Especially for women who only need to lose 15 pounds to get back into prime condition.

In this claim you’re stirring up the emotion of disgust AND relief that someone’s finally speaking to directly to your worries.

What this emotional element mixed with the concrete and the specific also implies is that there’s some science and evidence behind this product. Why else could they say 15 pounds, 90 days and disgusting muffin top belly fat? This shit MUST be scientifically engineered just for my predicament.

Can you see how that’s not all that hard of a conclusion to come to? Even if you haven’t made that claim? That’s what you’re gunning for, especially if you have the proof to back it up buried in the copy of your ad. Now for the coup de grace…

Connected to a Result:

What would happen if a woman lost 15 pounds of disgusting muffin-top belly fat? A bunch of boring health stuff would happen like her heart would have less strain, her chances of getting a disease might be lowered, or she might have more energy, but all that shit is BORING!!!

Here’s the grabber…

“Lose 15 Pounds of Disgusting Muffin-Top Belly Fat In 90 Days So That You Can Fit Into Your Skinny Jeans”

That’s the money-shot. That’s what’s gonna motivate. That’s what’s gonna get action.

For the majority of women, all the other perks that come with losing weight, play second fiddle to this vision in their mind.

All benefits about your product, whatever it is, offer a specific “Money-Shot” pay off. All that’s required for you is to run every benefit through this checklist of… Specific, Concrete, Emotional, and Concrete.

What to do the very moment you finish reading this so that you can’t start getting more sales from the same effort, space or time spent doing a presentation…

If you look at the cover of men’s magazines, like FHM or Maxim, and look at the covers of women’s magazines like Marie Claire or Cosmopolitan, and read the promises on the front, you’ll see for yourself these are the siren calls that speak directly to the drama’s that the majority of men and women live their lives under the spell of.

They connect to the parts of us humans that is drawn to status, sex and money.

And as you may or may not know, the people who write those little nuggets are some of he highest paid writers on the planet. They make more than the guys and gals writing the content because the company knows that those damn promises  are responsible for selling the magazine in the first place!

Don’t Re-Invent The Wheel. Just Steal.

If you go to and type in “Cosmopolitan Magazine Covers” you’ll have page after page after page of promises that you can adapt to what you sell so that when you go write about what your product promises, you’ll never start with a blank slate.

I can hear you saying now, “What if I don’t sell to women? How are promises about sex, beauty tips and weight loss supposed to help me if I sell paper?”

I get it. But guess what? To sell the notes for Eben Pagan’s Guru Live Summits, for every single one of the bullets/promises, I used nothing but bullets off of the covers of Cosmopolitan Magazine as a jumping off point. Click here to go see for yourself.

Why Fight Human Nature When You Can Roll With It?

In my perspective, the secret to why using the roots of these bullets can be so incredibly powerful is because they’re entirely based in the raw emotions that move people to action ALL DAY, EVERY DAY!!!

David Deida believes that our attraction to sex &  money is the only reason we re-incarnated here as humans. Otherwise we’d have shown up as stink bugs, armadillos or spider monkeys.  Now whether you believe in re-incarnation or not, it’s hard to argue that the consciousness of our society revolves around the themes of success and love.

So go forth and prosper using “The Four Factors Of Communication Mastery” combined with the bullet formulas that top magazines have used for decades to sell over a jillion dollars of magazines so that you can get your prospect’s blood racing so fast they’ll be excited about handing you their money.

Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2