Hey Just got this given to me by a friend.

Thought is was pretty cool! Enjoy – Chief Nerd

Pricing Guidelines

Never deal with underlings
Deal only with check writers and decision makers
Sell TOP DOWN not bottom up or middle up
If a committee is involved refuse to participate. Move on.
As soon as you detect the decision-maker is unreasonably cheap, move on.

Fee Presentation Mistakes

Talking about it too soon
Switching to sell mode

How To Get Paid

Per hour
Per term project / to an outcome
Per project
Per month/year (retainer)
Automatically renewing terms
In perpetuity / til forbid / continuity
From individuals for one on one delivery
From multiple individuals for group delivery
For delivery by you
For delivery by others

How To Get Paid MORE

Charge more
Selection of clientele
Pent-up or Continually ‘pipelined’ demand
Supply v demand
Bundled goods and services
Ascension ladder
Easy payment arrangements
Exclusivity / Area exclusivity / Industry exclusivity
Coaching to consulting / Other services
Never accept predetermined assignments
EXPAND assignments
Provide strategy
Deliver work product
Bundled services, deliverables (so evaluation by item or hour is impossible)
Find a way(s) for your services to be “free”
Create a series of “what’s nexts”

How To Escape ‘Billable Hours’

Sell projects, not time
Fees+other compensations*
Work product dollars
Materials in quantity dollars
Retained ownership, Multiple use
Money from referred vendors
Re-sale of good/services

Other Compensations
Performance Dollars -> Royalties / Percentage above base / “Per” something
Use Fees -> “Per” something / License fees / Renewable s

Retention Mistakes

  • Imposing what you find valuable and your values on others
  • One way vs cafeteria
  • Teaching too much, being boring
  • Delivering overly sophisticated or complex content
  • Delivering too much content
  • **Retention is based less on everything else and mostly on FEELING**

Correct ways to get retention via making people feel happy

Getting lots of stuff
Taking home stuff
Getting stuff in packages
New and interesting things to do
New toys
Being sent on goose chases and treasure hunts
Activity that feels like accomplishment
Good food and desserts
Positive Feelings

How to create Positive Feelings and why clients remain clients [how to retain clients

GOLD STARS -> Ego Stroking (recognition, opportunities to show off and teach, teachers pet status)
ACCEPTANCE -> Leader and Peer Support (recognition, encouragement, a creative environment)
FRATERNITY -> Being an Insider [and superior to others] (being your client needs to be a status symbol somewhere, getting preferential treatment, being confided in/knowing secrets/knowing things first)
WOMB -> Security/Optimism (protecting against unknown dangers, part of a group that triumphs no matter what, attachment to a person who will be there for them and cares about them)
FUTURISM -> Anticipation (something(s) to look forward to, unpredictability [‘what will he/we/they come up with next?’], left wanting more, goals/ascension)

DEPENDENCY – Make people dependent on you or Feel dependent on you

Frequency, so you are an addiction
Multiple Roles: adviser, confidante, therapist
Fulfill emotional needs – recognition, validation
Ego/self esteem damage…person will be thought less of by exist
Cannot just be about you…
You as conduit, as access to…
You as convenience, efficiency, shortcuts…
Must be pain of exit or disconnect, not just value of connection
Fraternity, society…cut off from, in exile
Exclusive services
You need interdependencies and relationships to unravel