Hey You,

I recently joined in on a conversation at a popular I.M. Forum on the concept of believability.

What came out of that is something I’d like to share with you.

Jaba M Post

What Does This Guy Really Believe?

While it is critical for people to believe the words that you say, I believe that’s only one of your hurdles.

Even if you’re able to explain someone’s problem/situation BETTER than they can, and people believe that because you know this pain/situation so well, that naturally you know how to solve it, and they see you’ve got proof six ways to Sunday demonstrating you’ve solved this specific problem before AND that you guarantee your results… that isn’t enough.

All of the above is what’s included in

a "good" sales presentation but what makes a "Great" argument is helping the specific person you’re talking to, believe that it’s possible for THEM. Them being the person who always buy **** and never uses it. Them, the person who is scared of risk. Them, the person who fears looking stupid. Them, the person who’s firmly welded to comfort at the moment with the devil they know.

Helping a person see your product or a service as a vehicle that helps them ascend to the proudest version of themselves, despite themselves, is what allows maximum sales.

Think about it. Why do you think those "Flabber-size, vibrating, weight-loss belts" that supposed to magically jiggle away the lard sold so well? It wasn’t the guarantee. It wasn’t the scientific data proving the technology worked. It wasn’t the price or offer.

The reason it sold so well was because the person watching the commercial could go inside and say, "****, even I CAN wear a belt for 30 minutes a day while laying here on the couch. Let’s give it whirl and if worse comes to worse and I cave on wearing the belt, I’m only out $40 bucks. Where’s the phone?"

Whether it’s a scammy product or the next version of Mother Teresa askin’ for a million-dollar donation to put towards the elimination of a disease… this a universal concern that needs to be addressed.

The way a Mother Teresa gets the money is the person responsible for the gift get’s to go inside and say, "Me, helping rid the world of this disease, becoming famous for my generosity and I don’t even have to leave the couch to do so? I’M IN. SIGN ME UP."

You gotta help people believe in the most important person in the world; themselves. You do that and you’re gonna crush it.