I just had this Question Posed to me….

I just checked out Ryan Deiss’s sales video for Ryan Deiss’ Video Sales Letter Formula
…He blatantly says that long copy’s dead – and that video is the only way to go these days.
He also throws out some figures saying once he ditched long form sales letters, his conversions
went from 2.1% to 6.9%, which he discovered from sending equal amounts of traffic to a
split test of video vs. long copy. What do you think? What’s your take on this?

Here was My Response!

My personal belief is that if you don’t offer both forms, written and video, of your sales presentation, you’re asking for less conversion than is possible.

The reason I say this is based on what I’ve learned/had reinforced by Eben Pagan who’s learned from Wyatt Woodsmall about different learning styles and how to appeal to them in all of your marketing and content.

Writing content, which in essence is one of the greatest marketing tools you can use, that appeals to the 4 different learning styles should communicate…

What the information is…

Why you should care about it…

How to accomplish the outcome…

And What to do Now to start on your path to profiting from the information you’re absorbing


all of these are appealed to in your sales/marketing material, you leave no one’s learning preference out.

BUUUUT… if you use the video salesletter/or marketing as the only option and you force people to learn at your pace, you risk alienating the people who know just want to know how to get the results they want because you’ve trapped it 15-25 minutes down the road.

If there were a print letter WITH the video that let’s these people who don’t have the time nor the patience to "Hang Out" with a promo, they can skim to the exact parts they need to see to be convinced and buy once they’re satisfied.

I know some people who HATE video salesletters. They won’t watch em. And it pisses them off that they’re forced to follow that path and that they can’t just GO to the parts they want to.

For me, it’s been quite a while since I watched a full marketing video or salesletter. I don’t hate em or love em’, I’m kinda "Eh" about em. When I wasn’t as pro-active with my business and looking for distractions to kill time, I used to go through a lot of that stuff.

Whenever one comes up, I always ask, "Do I have time to watch this incomplete but useful information for 25 minutes or is there some other important **** I need to do with this time?"

And since I’ve stopped wasting time, I skip the marketing and salesletters EVEN though I’m the ideal prospect for them.

Now, just a couple days ago, I can admit that I absorbed the entire argument that I needed to for Jason Fladlien’s February seminar that’s coming up. Took about 7 minutes of my time but that was all I needed to float down the page and decide this was something I wanted to participate in.

The analogy that comes to my naughty mind right now is porno that has the cheesy story line and dialogue woven into it… and porno that just gets down to the ****ing. Different strokes for different folks, right. 🙂

Not everyone needs a full blown production to get their rocks off.

For me it makes sense to address the 4 learning styles and let people buy the way the want, at the pace they want to, not the way you think is "cool" or think they should because you’re too lazy to provide both. Video with Written below makes the most sense for me.

And for those who say written is dead, if the argument above isn’t enough to convince you of the common sense that says otherwise, just know that NONE of the notetakingnerd sales material is on video… and we’re doing LAV-LAV-LOVELY numbers.

Let me know your Thoughts on this below?

Are Long Sales Letters Dead? What’s your experience?