Recently I was asked this question with there answer first…

What do you think of “Weasel Speak”?

Ever read something like this?

“Dramatic Technology helps clients build value by leveraging digital assets. We use our unique skill set to integrate technology and human processes for great results.”

Uh, what?

I’m terrible about this. I’ve written entire pages of text that could apply equally well (or poorly) to fresh fruit or bicycle frames.

The fix. Write the paragraph. Show it to someone else. Ask them what you’re writing about. If you’re describing a car and they say “Um, a peanut farm?” you need to rethink.

Here was my answer! Let me know what ya think…

This is one of the mistakes I believe deflates the majority of marketing messages. I love how you covered two mistakes with one, the concept of using jargon in your copy AND trying to inspire action with zombified sentences.

The BEST fix that I’ve found to date to solve this problem is a four part formula I learned from Eben Pagan.

Anytime I’m making a claim about what something I’m offering does, I run it through this short check list…



SPECIFIC: Is “Lose weight fast” better than “Lose 15 pounds fast?” No. Axe the first in favor of specificity.

CONCRETE: Is “Lose 15 pounds fast” more compelling than “Lose 15 pounds in 90 days”? No. Chop the previous in favor of giving someone a deadline as to when they can expect to see the result the want realized.

EMOTIONAL: Is “Lose 15 pounds in 90 days” tugging at heart strings? Nope. So, we enhance it by saying… “Lose 15 pounds of that muffin top belly fat in 90 days”.

CONNECTED TO RESULT: Now is “Lose 15 pounds of belly fat in 90 days” getting to the core of what this prospect wants? Yes and no. We can make it better by helping her make a picture of what’s possible by saying… “Lose 15 pounds of muffin top belly fat in 90 days so that you can fit into your skinny jeans.”

This system of refining a claim through demanding it meets these 4 Factors of Communication Mastery has radically transformed how I present an idea to someone.

Hopefully it can serve someone here too.