One of the programs I’ve taken notes on was Stompernet’s “Formula 5? course that was conducted by the genius Paul Lemberg.

One of the 5 elements in “Formula 5? had to with organization of time, resources, assets.

In this section he talked about how to create processes and what a business should have systems for. Below is a small section of my notes I thought might be useful to a couple of people here who are serious about systematizing their office work

Steps to Create a System:

1. Decide on the purpose
2. Figure out the steps
3. Graphically Illustrate it
4. Build a Checklist / Worksheet
5. Add Clarifications
6. Add Tools
7. Create Metrics
8. Test
9. Train
10. Tweak

3 Situations That Need Systems:

Situation 1) A well-known procedure that isn’t documented.

You know how to do it or somebody in your business does but there isn’t a list of
steps recorded. This should be easiest of all.

Situation 2) A procedure you don’t know well and you don’t have anyone in your business who’s an expert at it enough to document it. This is where you find someone outside the company who’d be willing to share it.

Situation 3) A brand new procedure to your company so there’s no existing procedure here or any where that you know of. So, you get to invent it from scratch.

4 Ways to Figure Out The Steps:

Catch Someone in the Act

This is simply observation & capturing a useful level of detail

Things to Capture

o Process
o How they do it broken into discreet steps
o Conversations can be turned into scripts
o Actions (Physical/procedural
o Documentation
o Mindset stuff
o Why they do what they do

Tools for capturing this stuff


Best way to do this…


Screen capturing/Camtasia

Story boards…
Can be the fastest way to absorb the process

Interview Someone Who Knows What They’re Doing…

Can be someone on your team who you can’t observe or a consultant, outside expert or non-competitor in the same field. Highly recommended

Seminars, conferences & training programs…
Interview multiple experts there because someone may shine light on something in a way that really makes it easiest to understand

Adapt Something That Works…
Carry over something that’s working in another field and drop it into your

Invent It From Scratch


Survey Experts…
Ask them how they’d go about doing it. People pay Paul all the time to conceive processes for them.

Trial & Error…

When you do this make sure to document what you’re doing so you don’t repeat what doesn’t work. Conceive, draft, and document. Refine & test, refine & test