Could Learning to Solve Problems Be The Master Key To Wealth and Happiness?

When coming to market, it seems to me that most people can’t get out of their own head enough to focus entirely on what their ideal customers experience of life is. So all of what visitors to their sites witness what makes complete sense to the person marketing who is often far more advanced than their audience.

What’s easy and “duh” for the pro after their years of being in the trenches is revolutionary and “WOW” for their crowd. And what happens is the marketing, site design, content doesn’t connect with the conversation they’re already having with themselves.

But Tim’s got some of greatest coaches in the marketing universe on his side, Eben Pagan being one of them. So it comes as no surprise that all of Tim’s benefits spoke directly to the problems people want to solve or the desires people aspire to.

As far as I know, most of the content for this book is directly from his blog. What this allowed him to do was plumb the depths of his comments he was getting on his posts which let him get a pulse on how people felt about the topic.

I like the idea of never rolling out a product that hasn’t at least been tested before with a decent control group of your ideal prospects, which for him was his blog. With the way he put his book together, he got to only insert content he ALREADY knew people were excited about.

This would make the marketing a thousand times easier. There’s something to learn from how he launched this book and Solving Problems is surely the easiest and fastest way to your prospects hearts and ultimately pocket books.