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Cosmo, just say the word you and everyone else is thinking! “Freaking?” Come. The Fuck. On.



“There Are No Dirty Words; Only Dirty People” Dr. Richard Bandler – Co-Creator of Neuro Linguistic Programming

Hey you,

It’s #2.

Why is swearing “Bad”?

Look at that Cosmo header above. They know exactly what they’re trying to hammer home with the word “Freaking” as the sentence without it would’ve stood alone. Yet they pulled the punch. Why?

Because they know most Americans are scared, repressed, pussies.

In the privacy of their own homes people indulge in boat loads of porn and R-Rated movies and music that cusses in their cars or ipods but then when they’re in public they make people wrong who aren’t ashamed of the fact that they like porn and cussing. What the What?

In Cosmopolitan’s infinite wisdom and keen pulse on the market, they know what people behind closed doors dig. I mean look at Natalie Portman winning the Golden Globe for her role as the psychotic, lesbo fantasizing, ballerina in the movie “Black Swan”.

The numbers don’t lie. People love sex. People love cussing. Otherwise why would Sex and

“Freaking” be included on the cover sales copy of this magazine?

And I’d venture to say that most of those people who love sex and cussing, aren’t “dirty” people. And even the word “Dirty” is relative. “Dirty” upon who’s standards?

It’s my belief that the universe is a friendly place. Yeah, there’s some douchebags living here but you get to determine who you surround yourself with and the energy you put out either attracts them to, or repels them away from you.

And if swearing is so bad…

Why Would A Prominent, Do-Gooder, Public Figure Like Tony Robbins Use The Word “Fuck” During His Seminars?

If you’re a Tony Robbins fan you know he’s gotten past any kind of shame of using cuss words to bring out the real juice behind what someone is feeling so that they can break through to the bullshit story they’re telling themselves and move on towards their own personal success.

David Deida is the same way but his sole focus is on masculine and feminine relationships.

These two guys’ message are two of the most loving messages I’ve ever experienced.

I say more loving than the bible because they don’t tell you you’re going to hell for not believing what they say. They actually tell you NOT to believe them and to step into the common sense part of your mind, see if it checks out there, and then to go test what they teach in the moment, make the world a better place to live and  judge the results for yourself.

No blind faith required. Try before you buy.

Yet both of these guys use words like pussy, cunt, fuck, fucking, shit, any other word they can to help someone get out of their funk. And every time they use those words, you get the sense that it’s coming from a loving place. Never without purpose, never with malice, never with disrespect to anyone, man or woman.

This is what I strive for in being a man free from the political correctness police who want to tell me how to express myself.

“Do What I Say, Believe What I Believe or You’re The Devil!!!”

What is love to you? How would you describe it?

I appreciate how Larry Crane , the guy who runs “The Release Technique” and the author of “Love  Yourself: And let the other person have it your way”, puts it…

Love is not what most people think it is.

Let’s take a look at what love really is. Knowing what love really is helps us to be loving.

Love is misunderstood. Love is a thing the world sings about, writes about, has movies about, and knows very little about. Movies portray people winning each other over. All that is human love.

Human love is selfish. Divine love is completely selfless. Real love is winning the universe, not just one person but every person, every being. Real love, divine love, is a constant, persistent acceptance of all the beings in the universe.

Almost all people mistake ego approval for love. Because it is not love, it is not satisfying. Consequently, one continuously needs and demands it. And, this produces only frustration.

The best definition of love is a feeling of giving with no expectation of receiving anything for the giving. Love is giving with no strings attached.

Love is Giving

When you are loving, you are giving. It’s a very free giving. The giving may be giving of things, but it’s much higher if your givingness is an attitude. Your attitude is, you want the other person to have what the other person wants. The best example of this is the mother who will sacrifice everything for the child without considering herself.

Most people who give are not giving lovingly. They are giving because of the recognition they think they will get from giving, ‘Look at me. I’m doing good,’ or ‘I may get my name in the paper,’ or something like that. That kind of so-called love will get you in trouble. People will drain you because you’re looking for something in return. You’re looking to put yourself up in the process and therefore they’ll pull you down.

Love Is a Constant Attitude

Love is an attitude that is constant. It doesn’t vary.

Love is an attitude that requires no action. The love we are talking about is love you apply to everyone. You love strangers as much as you love your family, when you’re being loving according to what love really is. You love those who oppose you as much as you love those who agree with you.

Love is a constant attitude that evolves in you when you develop it. You should practice love. First on your family. Try to love your family more and more. Grant each family member their own beingness, if you can. It’s difficult to do, especially with children.

Recognize each family member, including a child, as a whole, complete, infinite individual of god. If you can’t do it, keep trying until you can. Then apply the same attitude to friends, then strangers, then everyone.

People need each other and think it’s love. The concept of possession, of holding onto, of fencing in, is the opposite of the meaning of love. The way the world looks at love is not about sharing love but about gaining personal satisfaction, fulfilling some need of the ego. Real love the love we’re talking about, wants nothing more but to share its love, and the more it is shared, the more joyous it is.

Acceptance is another good definition of love.

When you love people, you accept them the way they are. You don’t try to change them. You grant them their beingness. In other words, you let them be the way they want to be rather than trying to change them to be the way you want them to be.

Love has a sense of freeing those you love. When you are loving, you love the other one because of the way they are.

When there is full love you feel yourself as the other person. You treat the other person like you would your very own self.

I Hope You Get The Sense That What I Write Here, I Write From Love…

We haven’t hit the big times yet. No 5 jillion comments per post. And yet, I spend hours, today it’s going on 5 hours, putting together posts for you.

And there’s no instant gratification pay off in it for me, except for the fact that I feel like I’m sharing my love of giving you strategies and tactics for how to make making money easier for you.

I’m not perfect, yet.

As you can well imagine, my last post titled “Are you fucking the world open so that she gives you everything you desire?” was EXTREMELY well received by my die hard fans here. And I’m so grateful for the feedback that poured in!

Even the feedback saying I was Lucifer for quoting David Deida’s in saying…  “Money actually is a good indicator of a man’s purpose. It doesn’t have to be but it is. In other words, the world is a big woman and your capacity to make money, is your capacity to fuck that big woman open to God. They’re the same thing.

To make her happy, to make her juice, to get her wet. Money.”

Some people let mine and David’s choice of language offend them, not the message, and they opted to get off of our list.

That’s AWESOME! I wish them well and as my buddy, The Oatmeal would say, I hope that a squadron of beautiful vaginas lands in their lap.

These people wouldn’t allow themselves to see that my whole message was wrapped in love. But guess who’s fault that is? MINE!!!

Long ago I accepted the truth that “The meaning of communication is the response that you get.” Not what you intended. Not what you hoped for. What you got. So I take the full blame for pushing buttons that infuriated some people.

And, I want to express gratitude to you, if for some reason, you did find offense in my language, and yet were still able to appreciate the core depth of what I was sharing. Thank you for being such an evolved loving human.

And a huge Thanks to  everyone who loves the swearing me just the way I am!!!


Talk soon,

Note Taking Nerd #2