Use these Self Made Wealth secrets revealed here to get George Lucas-Star Wars Franchise Rich

Hey You,

It’s #2.

Maybe you were one of the people who got all lathered up last week about Eben Pagan’s “Self Made Wealth” launch.  And so I thought I’d share some of the notes I have on this course with you. Enjoy discovering what Eben revealed in his first 5 Fast Start Sessions…

Self-Made Wealth – Fast-Start Session #1

Go to a blank page and write down everything you worry about due money
& finance

Successful people focus on the things they want to happen – not the
things they don’t want to happen
– By focusing on the positive outcomes, we move towards that

Look at the list and put a star beside the 3 or 5 things you worry about

Positively frame each statement in to a “How”…
– How do I make…..
– How to……
– Consciously redirect your mind towards the things you want to happen

Self-Made Wealth – Fast-Start Session #2

What’s your story with money?
– We think in stories

If a story happens to us enough that becomes the way we live
– What did I hear when I was growing up
– My earliest experiences with money
– What happened in my family with money

Our story act as a mental magic glasses for our whole lives
– Money is just an accelerator pedal that propels us to where we think we should be

Reflect on your story and ask how it relates to your current situation
– Write down 10 ways how your current financial situation is connected
to your early story

Self-Made Wealth – Fast-Start Session #3

Talk about how you feel about wealthy and successful people
– Write down all your feelings about wealthy people and success
– When you think about wealthy people what kind of people do you think
they are?
– How do you feel when someone else gets success or wealth?
– What thoughts does that trigger?

Really successful people are very generous and are great people and give
away a lot of stuff

The more successful people become, the more generous they become

When someone else gets wealth we feel like we lost something

We are never gonna get wealth when we look negatively on wealthy
people and are jealous of others’ success

T. Harv Eker – Bless that which you want (Hawaiian Huna Saying)
– Wealthy people have what you want
– Every time you see or read someone wealthy send them good wishes
and bless them
– List 5 or 10 people that you know or heard of that have financial
success and close your eyes and bless them and feel happy doing it

Self-Made Wealth – Fast-Start Session #4

Wish list exercise

– Write a list of everything you would do or buy if you had a million
dollars right in front of you

Look at your list and look for things that are assets and would grow in value
and throw off cash flow
– What is the percentage?

Notice that our programming isn’t geared toward the golden goose – it’s on the eggs
– We need to change this focus
– We need to stop thinking about how we get rid of the money
– We need to think about the golden goose

Make another list – how would we use the million to get golden geese?

Self-Made Wealth – Fast-Start Session #5

Make a list of obstacles that are stopping or preventing you from
becoming wealthy
– List 10 to 20 things

Look at the list and what percentage of the items are things that are
external or outside of you

Look at the list and what percentage of the items are things that are
internal or inside of you

The core of the problem is the victim mindset
– Learned helplessness
– Take 100% responsibility for all the results we have in our lives
– Our choices have got must to where we are at this moment in time

Learn to take calculated risks and take responsibility for it
– There is a lot of wealth in taking the risk for other people

The first commitment is “I am not going to take payment or money again if I
have not first created value!”
– I am going to create more value than I expect to get back
– Never take money until you have earned it
– Keep putting timber on the fire