Hello Nerd Fan,

This has been an amazing week.

A week with more lesson then most of my month’s.

As you know we got Hacked.

Thought we lost all of our content. And…YES..I was

in shock.

Truth is we will probably get hacked often. More then the

normal blogger or website owner.


Because we are renegade fighting against the Powers that be.

And with that always comes a set of responsibilities you just have to accept.

So here’s THE BIGGEST LESSON I was reminded of this week.

I teach this all the time to my consulting and mastermind clients.

As human we are innately  born with this unique character trait called


Couple that with the massive amounts of information coming our way and

the chaos that inherently creates we become frozen.

So we search for distraction and the "easy" thing to do.

Multi – Tasking is something that we suck at. Yet we all try to do it all the time.

So here is my lesson;


If you have a project with 77 action items just start with ONE and then

move to the next but only after the first is done.

I can’t tell you the profound impact this will have on you.

This week for me started with a full slate of 10 hour days scheduled.

After the hack…I was left, not knowing what or how I was going to

accomplish everything.

I had 2 mastermind groups presentations to prepare and deliver, 2 sales letters, 4 articles, 12 60 – 90 minute consultations, and much more PLUS THE HACK which took precedence over everything else.

So what did I do.

Truthfully I panicked. But then I gathered myself and started to just

focus on one thing at a time.

Get blog back up – CHECK

12 Consultations -  CHECK

2 sales letters – CHECK

4 articles – CHECK

2 mastermind calls – CHECK

Preparation for consults and mastermind modules – CHECK


Now I’m not going to claim it was easy nor am I going to say I’ve slept much.

And I can count the number of showers I’ve taken on 1/2 of my left foot. (poor number2)

But there is no way in H.E. Double Hockey Sticks I could have done this

without focusing on just one thing at a time.

Be on the lookout tomorrow for a super cool video I put together for my

Mastermind Groups where I share 2 incredibly powerful tactics for dealing

with focus.

Oh Guess what….

I completed one other thing I need to share with you.

We are in the middle of our complete Nerd Site 2.0 makeover and part

of that is creating video for every report and launch sequences.

One of my outcomes was to create ONE Informational Sales Page.

I only had 2 hours to get it done from start to finish.

What I completed is nothing short of a miracle.

Audio’s not exactly perfect and video has a few flubs.

I encourage you to go on over and check it out.

The first 7 minutes of the video is PURE CONTENT!

The report is top 7 business speeches of all time material.

I share some very specific ideas on Building and Developing a Character Avatar

for your business.

Powerful Stuff.

So please go check out the video RIGHT HERE

Talk Soon,


Chief Nerd – MyNoteTakingNerd

P.S. Get over to the blog and check out the latest post. And remember tomorrow I’m posting a killer video on 2 Super Awesome Strategies for taking control of your focus.

Go to today’s video here: