istock_kingjames-300x299What I’m about to share with you has the power to radically change the way you think about your business and it’s future.

I’ve been profoundly impacted by the incredible intellect of Eben Pagan and his information.

Although It’s been a few years since he’s done His Flagship Program Get Altitude I still consider it to be his best.

A room full of people put up as much as $25,000 to learn what enabled him to take his business from zero to 20 million per year in Six Years.

I’m going to share with you a summary of the notes on a few of the Key Concepts I learned from this program.

Here’s what

I’ll call "The Nerd’s Hack To Get Altitude"

ALTITUDE OVERALL CONCEPT: You Must have a Business Success System

Business comes down to this Formula: You + Your Market + Your Marketing + Your People + Your Systems

7 Master Principles To Building a Business Empire

  1. Speed of Implementation (Time between you hear something and put it into action) = Key to Success. BECOME A MASTER IMPLEMENTAR. “GOOD ENOUGH IS GOOD ENOUGH”
  2. Put all your focus on the other person, Find out what they want and then create it and ask "do you want this" vs. ‘selling’, Let THEM (not you) be the smart one.
  3. Focus on one thing to completion vs. multitask, Do one thing way better than ‘well’ and have people do the other stuff vs. Do everything well, Let the opportunities go by and don’t get distracted vs. grabbing all opportunities.
  4. ARE YOU Preventing success? Emotional estimation (i.e. in hiring = costly, – ARE YOU HIRING BECAUSE YOU LIKE THE PERSON OR BECAUSE THEY ARE RIGHT FOR THE JOB? This is emotional estimation versus logically thinking something thru.
  6. Create a customer avatar – Create a business avatar – and then create a dialog/conversation between them with a timeline between when they meet and you script it out. THIS IS CRITICAL. YOUR CUSTOMER AVATAR SHOULD HAVE A NAME, DEMOGRAPHIC, AND YOU SHOULD LIST EVERYTHING YOU KNOW ABOUT THEM.
  7. Start with YOU then build System Thinking into your business. Everything should have a documents system!

What Really Is Your Money Maker?

Money making’ are the things usually on the outside of your business that actually get the money to come in, and typically there are very few of them…and the thing that makes the
money is the customer doing something and interacts (typically) with some system you’ve set up…it’s not a function of what happens inside the business.

And the purpose of "the business" is to support, protect, nurture, optimize the money making stuff. So the money making is kind of outside the business itself. IT’S THE STUFF THAT INTERACTS WITH THE CUSTOMERS AND GETS THE CUSTOMER TO TAKE OUT THE MONEY, WHICH ARE USUALLY SYSTEMS THAT HAVE BEEN DEVELOPED PREVIOUSLY.

Example: The inbound telemarketer working for your company with a script and customers call in and they upsell them and close the sale…THEY TRULY BELIEVE THEY ARE THE ‘MONEY MAKING’. The money making’ is actually the ad you’ve been testing for 5 years to get the calls coming in…the fact that you got an office set up, with a phone line coming in, and the person there with a script in front of them, and the product in the warehouse, and the upsell system, and the fulfilment, and you’ve got a profit model, and a bunch of people managing the business…

If you are interested in receiving the complete 103 Page Nerd Report on the Get Altitude Program Please GO HERE and learn exactly how Eben builds systems from the ground up, Hires superstars, Creates his customer avatar in detail, and the Key Stats He uses in his Company Dashboard…..PLUS TONS MORE.! – Dexter Abraham – Chief Nerd – MNTN